Mastermind 1.1Mature

He studied the still frame photo, his eyes more on the white-haired woman in the scene than on the others.

“Hmm… this is someone new…” Lex Luthor stated as he put more focus on the woman. Who was she and why was this the first time he had took notice of her? He, of course, recognized in condescension the rest of the superheroes: Batman, Martian Manhunter, Flash and Superman. A new member, he pondered to himself. He had a sudden urge to know more about the new member; the only place that he knew where to start would be Cadmus headquarters.

It was an actual government project starting off; Cadmus was created as a safety measure just in case the Justice League ever decided to go rogue. When Superman had become brainwashed by Darkseid, a god monarch of the planet Apokolips, to invade Earth, quite a few civilians supported the reason for the project’s existence. Initially, the project was to come into effect if the Man of Steel was to go rogue once more however it was extended to the rest of the Justice League, mainly the founding members. The project turned establishment was founded and heavily funded by Lex Luthor, himself however none of the superheroes had any reason to believe that Cadmus existed outside of light rumors.

To avoid any speculations and criticism, Luthor appointed Amanda Waller director of the project; she was mainly responsible for obtaining any and all information about anyone with mutant powers. As he simply showed her the photo, pointing to the woman with the snow white hair, she went to one of the computers in the research lab.

“Why don’t I know who she is…” he asked with a hint of anger brewing on the tip of his tongue.

“We don’t have much information on her. She’s one of the newest members. What we’ve seen so far is that her ability is lightning-based…”

“Tell me this isn’t the first time she’s been seen out and about.” he was curious still as to why it was the first time she was brought to his attention.

“She doesn’t come out often. Looks like whenever she does, the Martian puts her with a few of the main seven.”

“So… either he doesn’t trust her or he’s being overly protective of her…”

“And, if he didn’t trust her, she wouldn’t be there.”

“Hmm… either way, there must be something about her. Do you at least have a name?”

“Some witnesses have heard them call her Tabitha…”

He knew that his research using only the name Tabitha would lead him nowhere. Instead, he narrowed his search to super heroines with lightning powers and white hair. He came up with two possible leads but nixed the one about the mutant who could control all of the weather elements. That left him with an interesting story based out of New York; a group of white-haired teenagers were terrorizing the city with their lightning abilities. Their leader, Alpha was apprehended by Spider-Man and sentenced to serve time in Bellevue. There were quite a few pictures of the webbed crusader, however, only one sparked Luther’s interest: the one with him posing with the white-haired woman. Her outfit was different but he knew she was the “Tabitha” he was searching for. On a whim, he immediately booked the next flight out to New York.

The End

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