A Helping Hand 1.8Mature

Tony and J’onn shook hands while Tabitha and Pepper did the same.

“To be honest with you… I don’t know how to thank you two.”

“I’m just relieved that the poison’s gone. Maybe you won’t be so reckless, now?” Tabitha eyed Tony, who smirked.

“Me, reckless? When did that ever happen…?” he asked and the women chuckled.

“You know… deep down, I guess you’re an okay guy, Tee…”


“If ya gonna call me dawling all the damn time, I get to call you Tee!”

“Fair enough…” he agreed. Tony handed her a glass case that contained his old arc reactor and an envelope. She narrowed her eyes at the paper.

“Is this money? Cuz, if it is, I ain’t accepting it…”

“What? No! It’s a card…”


“A thank you note! For God’s sake; take it and get out of here! I’m pretty sure you have some Martian sex to catch up to…”

“Oh… my… God…”

She waited until she was back on Watchtower to open the envelope. Just as she had suspected, there was a check inside of the envelope. What she didn’t expected to see was the amount; a quarter of a million dollars! She shook her head at the check and pulled out the note that came with it; at least he didn’t lie to her, she figured:


Thanks for your help, again, “darling”! I know that I got a bit carried away at my party and just wanted to let you know that I never meant to put you in any physical danger. Give the Martian my thanks as well (I have no clue on how to spell his name…). Whenever Rhodey decides to come around and start speaking to me, again, I’ll let you know. If there’s anything you ever need, don’t hesitate to call me. And, by the way… deposit the damn check: you deserve every penny of that and then some! 

The End

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