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In the comfort of Tony’s labs, J’onn examined Tabitha, paying close attention to her bruises. He shape shifted back to his normal form, making Tony blink a few times.

“Hmm… not what I was expecting for you to look.” he commented. J’onn ignored him as he ran a finger gently across a bruise on Tabitha’s forehead, making her completely flustered, “Oh… is it happening now? Like, right now…?” Tony’s question drew their attention.

“… What…”

“The Martian sex; are you two getting nasty right in front of me?” his question made her turn completely red as well as gape at him. She was too stunned to notice that J’onn only lightly chuckled.

“I assure you that we’re not having sex right now. I prefer physical contact…” he gave her a wry smile as she shot a look his way.

“C-C-Can we just… change the subject?!”

“Yes. Tell me what happened to you…” J’onn grabbed her arm and studied the bruises that ran along it. She sighed and glanced over at Tony.

“Kinda got rammed through a wall… followed by a metal suit…”

“Which I would like to formally apologize for, if I haven’t done so…” Tony quickly added as the Martian slowly glared at him. His look softened as he felt her hand on his chest.

“It’s alright… kinda. I miscalculated; I was tryna stop him and his buddy from tearing up the house... even more. Oh! Mr. Stark… James turned in your grey and black armor…”

“The Mark II. I’m not too worried about it; it was his suit…”

“I knew it…” she beamed, “Look; I’m fine. A bit banged up but it’s okay. I just wanted to know one thing and then we’ll leave: don’t all that drinking affect that thing in your chest…?” she asked him, seriously. Although she was still upset at James for turning in the armor, the one thing that she agreed with him on was that Tony was out of control. The man shrugged slightly as he went through a chest.

“Before, I didn’t care…”

“… Why?”

“… I was dying. The core of the arc reactor is made of palladium…”

“Oh, God; science…”

“Which, from your reaction, you have no idea what it is! It was poisoning me…”


“Still is; it’s just been slowed down drastically so that I can find a replacement element. I found out a lot of things from Nick Fury today. This…” he motioned towards the chest, “Is all that S.H.I.E.L.D. has on my father. He thinks that it’ll help me come up with a solution to my problem.”

“Why not just tell you…?”

“Because Nick Fury is an idiot! I think he knows… but he doesn’t… if that makes sense…”


“Maybe we could be of some assistance…” J’onn volunteered.

“See, when he said ‘we’, he really meant him cuz I have no clue on this stuff!”

“J.A.R.V.I.S., you don’t mind if the Martian helps us?”

“The more, the merrier, sir…”

“Clever; you named your A.I.”

That’s what’s been talking to us this whole time?!” Tabitha smiled.

“Clearly, you didn’t fall for her because of her brain…”

“She is intelligent in other aspects…”

“Um… right here, guys… and I can hear you!”

The three sifted through the various documents the director of S.H.I.E.L.D. had given to Tony. They found out that his father, Howard Stark, was actually the founding member of the organization and that a lot of his creations just needed to wait for technology to catch up. A clue in one of the old film reels led to Tony and J’onn creating a diorama of the 1974 Stark Expo. After getting some rest, Tabitha made her way back down into the lab.

“You’re supposed to be resting…” the Martian mentioned, still studying the diorama. She shrugged.

“I’ve worked on less sleep… which I see that there’s no more work to do…” she looked at the small scaled model, “You should be telling your lab partner to get some sleep…”

“I have tried; he will not listen…”

“We’re not out of the red, yet…” Tony yawned. He studied the model along with the Martian, “There’s something here. Don’t need to rest until I find out…” he continued. She took a seat across the way and idly looked along with the two; she had no idea what they would be looking for in the first place.

“Hmm… maybe if you could get a digital picture of this; could flip it all kinds of ways to see stuff better…” she shrugged. She knew that science was beyond her and was waiting for one of the men to brush her idea aside. However, she became startled when Tony suddenly clasped his hands together.

“You heard the lady!” he announced. J.A.R.V.I.S. scanned the model, producing a holographic image, “Dawling, I would kiss you… if I knew I would live afterwards…” he added when J’onn shot him a look.

“… ‘Dawling’…?”

“Don’t ask…” she huffed. Her exasperation turned into amazement as she watched Tony lift up the hologram away from the model. He turned it a few times and stood it upright, backing away to study it. J’onn followed suit.

“You see that?”

“Yes… I do. An atomic structure…” J’onn noticed. The two took turns analyzing their findings, “Do you have the means to synthesize…?”

“… I can make do. Dawling… you feel up to breaking walls down the right way?”

“Cocked, locked and ready to rock!”

After reconstructing a portion of his home, Tabitha and J’onn helped Tony build a modified particle accelerator, synthesizing the new element in a triangular case. Tony carefully removed the case and placed it inside of a spare arc reactor. Moments later, a confirmation was made that the element was accepted as the core of the reactor.

“I will run diagnostic tests now, sir.”[1] J.A.R.V.I.S. informed. After the tests were ran, Tony grabbed the new arc reactor and looked at Tabitha.

“I would ask if you would like to do the honors but…”

“… I’d be honored…”

“Really? I thought all this ‘science stuff’ was beyond you…”

“I’m good at making things work; not good at explaining how it works: I’ll leave that to you and J’onn!”

“I’ll talk you through it, then…”

“Am I gonna be dealing with a lot of wires and stuff?”

“Highly possible.”

“Then… I can make sure that they never fray on you. Seeing that it’s keeping that shrapnel away from your heart… I think you’d like that peace of mind…”

“Actually… I would. Work your magic, dawling!”


[1] Taken from Iron Man 2 motion picture.

The End

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