A Helping Hand 1.1Mature

“Tabs!!” the suddenness of the professor’s voice entering her brain startled her immensely. J’onn noticed and looked at her.

“Is everything fine?”

“No! This damn idiot is trying to bust my eardrum out!” she had to take the communicator out to rub at her sore ear, “Wait… how are you on this channel?!” it was her turn to attempt to deafen her best friend.

“… Ow…”

“I’m sorry I didn’t mention it to you earlier; I gave Dr. Lindsey a communicator. She’s just as a reliable asset as any of the Justice League members, now.” the Martian told her. Seeing that she was his girlfriend’s best friend, he knew that if he didn’t know where she was, the professor would more than likely know. The idea came to him during a very confusing moment; he could not make any contact with either her, Bruce, John or Diana whatsoever. The four were nonresponsive for almost an hour however neither wanted to say for sure where they had been. When he made an attempt to go through their minds, he received no answers except for Tabitha’s concern for the Lindsey family. He had to shrug it off; whatever happened between the four, they wanted to keep it amongst themselves and he wouldn’t pry any further.

“You hear that; I’m Justice League material!”

“That does not make you a member! What do you want; I’m busy!” J’onn chuckled at the fact that she was smiling when she said it; he knew that she was always willing to talk to the professor.

“Whatever! I’m requesting entry onto Watchtower; got a special visitor for you…” she informed. Tabitha looked at J’onn and he gave her a small smile.

“I’ll let you make the decision… as well as do the honors…” he motioned towards the control panel. It made her heart warm up that he was letting her take control; she had seen him handle the controls of Watchtower so many times and figured that she knew what to do. She couldn’t help but to have a wide grin plastered on her face.

The Martian looked on with a sense of proudness as she accurately put in the channel the professor was using and retrieved her coordinates. She didn’t look over at him for help; he knew that she was more than ready to become the Monitor if he ever made the decision to step down.

“Alright; coordinates are set: prepare for transport.” Tabitha informed and ended transmission. She looked over at J’onn, “You’ve got to stop keeping things from me…” she said with a more serious face.

“Believe me, it was not intentional… but, I do apologize.” he looked at her with an equally serious face, “I just assumed that since she is someone you trust fully, I should do the same…” he finished. She couldn’t help but to soften her look at him; he was sincere about everything. She gave out a sigh and gave him a quick hug. She made sure that she kissed the cheek facing away from the others.

“Thank you…” she smiled and continued the teleport process.

“Any idea who this ‘special visitor’ is?”

“None. I thought it would be the triplets but I think she would’ve just straight out told me that they were coming. Maybe it’s…” her thoughts were interrupted when two figures appeared on the teleportation pads. She waited until both no longer looked as though they were dizzy to approach them, “P; buddy!!” she reacted and gave him a huge hug. Peter gave out a laugh and hugged her back.

“It’s really nice to see you, again, Tabby Cat…” his words made her flush a shade of red, prompting J’onn and Jamila to laugh.

“Don’t call me that!” she mumbled. Peter threw his head back in laughter.

“You’ve been Tabby Cat since day one; I’m not about to stop calling you that!” he gleamed at her. His glance switched from the embarrassed woman to the Martian who approached the three. He appeared menacing to Peter, although J’onn had a small smile on his face. Peter immediately stuck his hand out, “J’onn J’onzz…?”

“Yes. And you must be Peter Parker. She’s talked so much about you.” he said, shaking his hand.

“Funny… she hasn’t said much about you… or to me, for that matter…” Peter gave her a look. She tried to shy away from his look, locking her arm around her best friend’s arm.

“I’ll leave you three to catch up, then. You can give Peter a tour of Watchtower if you like… Tabby Cat…” he gave his girlfriend a small smile. She flushed even more as he turned to tend to the controls of Watchtower. She scoffed as she took the two away from the control room and down the hallway towards the cafeteria.

“Gaddamn Martian…” she mumbled.

I can still hear you, by the way…” his voice inside her head made her wince. Jamila took noticed and laughed.

“He heard ya…?”

“Yeah…” she sighed and the two women laughed, “So… you brought him here to lecture me about not staying in contact…?”

“The conversation came up…” Peter slightly smiled, “It would’ve been nice to have known where you actually were.”

“I didn’t want you coming after me, trying to talk me into coming back to New York.”

“All you had to do was tell me that you didn’t want to come back. But… it looks like you’re in good hands…”

“Yep; nice, big and green hands…” Jamila smiled at Tabitha. Her eyes widened at her best friend as Peter looked at the two.

“What… you and J’onn J’onzz are…”

“… Having Martian sex!” Jamila answered for Tabitha. She covered her friend’s mouth, interrupting her lewd dance.

“W-W-What is wrong with you?! We’ve had this conversation before about him reading minds, right?! A-A-And… why are you so excited about this?! God, you’re like a child!”

“Aw, come on, Tabs; tell me it ain’t sexy thinking about it!” her words made the young woman flustered.

“Hmm… thinking about it… it is kind of… hot…” Peter joined in. Tabitha swung around and gave him a surprised look.

“Two words, Peter: shape… shifter…” Jamila waggled her eyebrows.

“Oh… now that is interesting!”

“Oh… my fucking… God… would you two pervs stop talking about my sex life?! Why?!?!”

“Because it’s too easy to get you to turn so many shades of red!” Jamila laughed. Tabitha sighed and continued to blush as her two friends laughed.

“I really, really hope he’s listening to you two… anyway; so, you two just wanted to visit?”

“Not really. I wanted to ask you for a favor.”

“Wait… we ain’t seen each other in, what, two years and you want a favor from me?”

“Seeing that you ran away from me…”

“I did not run away…”

“… Whatever makes you sleep better at night…” Peter smirked at Tabitha. She gave him a light jab on his shoulder, “I think that you owe me something!” he laughed lightly.

“Fine; I’m listening!”

“I have an acquaintance who may need a little help with a… well, let’s just call it a project of his. I promised him that if I could find you, you might be willing to help out.”

“You know I don’t know nothing but wires and stuff…”

“Which makes you the perfect candidate. His name is Tony Stark and…”

“Whoa, whoa, whoa… Tony Stark? The Tony Stark?!”

“… Who’s Tony Stark…?” Tabitha looked at Jamila. Her brown eyes widened at her young friend.

“Wow, you really need to spend more time down on Earth! Tony Stark is a brilliant engineer and he owns Stark Industries…”

“… Stark Industries… kinda rings a bell…”

“They were top suppliers to the military for weapons and high-tech gadgets. Let’s put it this way: whatever Bruce Wayne doesn’t own, Tony Stark does! Oh; and he’s Iron Man!” Jamila continued to rant. Tabitha looked at Peter, who nodded in agreement.

“Another superhero. So, he has all this access to technology and he’s a genius; what the hell would he need me for?”

“He’s overworking himself. He needs some help upgrading his suits.” Peter tried to explain. Tabitha nodded slightly but suddenly looked over at Jamila, who sighed.

“He uses a metal suit when he’s Iron Man. I heard that he has a lot of prototypes for it, too…”

“You know… you know a lot about this guy…”

“He’s a top engineer and one of the best damn physicists known; I make it my duty to know about him! Plus… he’s quite handsome…”

“Geez… how did I know?! Why are you even married if ya gonna look at other men?!”

“Remember; look but don’t touch…” Jamila noted and the three laughed. Tabitha leaned against the wall and thought for a moment.

“So… he’s gonna need some upgrades to all of ‘em…?”

“I think so but I’m not sure.” Peter answered.

“How many does he have so far?”

“… Ten?” his answer made her blink a couple of times at him.

“Think I’m gonna need some help…” she said and looked dead at Jamila. It was her turn to blink a few times at her friend.

“Who… me? Oh, trust me, I’m honored and all but…”

“Not you; you’d probably rape the guy! Ramil and Ashley! I don’t know if their powers would come handy… but I’m gonna need all the manpower I can get! Talk to Mr. Stark about letting me have a small crew and we gotta deal!”

The End

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