Time After Time: The Future 1.5Mature

She couldn’t help reliving the secret mission over and over again. She had hoped that everything was back to normal for that time era. However, what did it mean, she wondered. If David Clinton was stuck in a time loop in his own era that meant the Justice League members were still alive. But, did it mean that the civil dispute wouldn’t happen? Would Albert and Jamila Lindsey still meet their untimely deaths that day? She didn’t want to think about that; she had put her focus on what was really important: her son… their son… their children.

According to that future, the Martian and the lightning woman had formed a family. She thought about what she had told the men; that the future could be changed. Did she really want that? Did she want to alter the fact that she would become Mrs. J’onzz and have two Martian children with him? She couldn’t allow herself to think that far ahead and made the decision that if it happened… it just happened.

Another thing that slightly puzzled her; T’ony J’onzz’s abilities. He possessed her lightning ability, saying that he was born with it. When she thought about it, she knew exactly what that meant; according to that timeline… she was never cured. She had accepted the fact and passed the gene on to her children, or at least to her son; it made her slightly irritated that she hadn’t gotten more details about her daughter. Tabitha knew that her window of opportunity may had already closed as far as getting cured however she was coasting on the hope that the mutant strand was still in the process of trying to merge. It made her realize that there was one person she most definitely needed to talk to.

Jamila was surprised to see Tabitha and Bruce standing on her porch as she opened the door. She gave them a huge smile, moving so that the two could go inside.

“Tabs, Mr. Wayne! This is a definite… surprise; okay, what’s with the looks?” she immediately noticed the mood change when she closed the door. They both received her hugs regardless, “Something wrong?”

“Doc… has that mutant strand already fused with me?” Tabitha had decided that the only way was to blurt out the question. The professor let out a slight gasp but shot a look at Bruce.

“You told her? I thought I had asked you two to let me tell her!” she started to scold. When she saw that her best friend also shot a look at him, she knew that she had said a bit too much.

“Wait… you already knew…?” she tried to control her anger. Bruce sighed.

“Might as well get all of this out in the open” Dr. Lindsey was supposed to tell you when we found out. I know she can tell you why it took her so long but… I don’t think any of us would’ve predicted that we would go on that mission before she could…” he tried to explain. Her hands slightly clenched, Tabitha looked down at the hardwood floor that made up the hallway.

“You said… ‘we’… and you said ‘two’… who else kn…” she closed her eyes tightly when she put two and two together, “J’onn. J’onn… knew… and none of you wanted to tell me…?” she opened her eyes and glared at the two.

“How could we? I didn’t have the heart to…”

“Oh; so, the plan was to just say ‘fuck it’ and let me keep hoping for a cure?! ‘Don’t worry about it; she wants her powers, now’!!”

“Tabs, you know it wasn’t like that!” Jamila tried. Tabitha stormed into the kitchen and slumped down into a chair, trying her best to calm down. She couldn’t believe that the three that she had trusted the most would keep this from her.

“When? When did it fuse? Was it when I got to Watchtower…?” she tried to control her breathing. Jamila bit her lip and looked over at Bruce, who gave her a solemn look. She put her attention back to her best friend.

“… No. T-There was a reason… why Dr. Castillo’s antidote didn’t work…” she reluctantly told her, tears threatening to run down to her cheeks. Tabitha stopped breathing and slowly looked up at the professor.

“Back… back in… New York…? You mean to tell me that…” she started back to breathing, trying not to show her own tears, “So… that’s that, huh? No cure for me…” she almost whispered.

“I’m so sorry, Tabitha! You weren’t supposed to use your powers; it sped up the process! I didn’t find out until you went to Watchtower for your treatments…” Jamila’s voice quivered.

“Why… why didn’t you just fucking tell me, then…? I would’ve at least known…” Tabitha ran her shaky hands through her hair. Jamila let out a sob.

“I’m so sorry! I… was gonna tell you… I just… didn’t know how…” she cried. Tabitha pulled at her hair slightly but immediately got up. She hugged her best friend.

“Would you stop it with the waterworks?!”

“This is all my fault!!”

“It’s not… and you know that. Look… it’s over with. What’s done is done. Bridge over the water…”

“… That’s water under the bridge…” she sniffed. Tabitha narrowed her eyes at the woman and suddenly yanked on one of her dreads, “Ow! Bitch!” her sudden outburst put a small smile on Tabitha’s face.

“That’s for keeping shit from me… and correcting me all the damn time! I’m still pissed at you…” Tabitha glanced towards Bruce, “And you… and I’ll have a talk with that damn Martian later! Just… stop treating me like some damn teenager! I’m grown… and I can take bad news! I kinda figured I was stuck, anyway…”

“Works out for the best?” Bruce asked. Tabitha thought about it for a moment. If it wasn’t for her powers, she would have never been able to weld or make things indestructible. She wouldn’t have met Peter and became his sidekick. She wouldn’t have met Bruce and became his sidekick! And furthermore… she would have never went aboard Watchtower and met J’onn.

“I guess it does…” she realized. The front door suddenly opening drew everyone’s attention. Jamila wiped at her eyes as rapid footsteps and sounds of book bags dropping on the floor were heard.

“We’re home!!” Solonia yelled. Jamil ran into the kitchen and his smile widened.

“Miss Tabitha!!” he yelled and immediately hugged her. On cue, the other two Lindsey children ran in and did the same. It made Tabitha smile even more and hug them back, thinking back to when she had seen them in the future. That thought made her heart begin to race slightly.

“Hey, guys! How’s school?”

“We got all As; even A.C.!” Solonia beamed, waving a paper in her face. She laughed when the boys did the same even though A.C. slightly glared at his sister.

“That is so awesome! Tell you what; let me talk to your mom for a minute and if it’s okay with her, I’ll treat you guys to something special…”



“Are we gonna go meet Superman?!”

“Pick up those book bags and straighten your rooms; we’ll think about it…” Jamila took their report cards as the three bolted out of the kitchen. Tabitha looked at her best friend and immediately hugged her again, “W-What…? I stopped crying…”

“Doc, promise me one thing…” she made the decision that she had to tell her something; even if it meant tampering with a future timeline that was supposedly set in stone, “If a civil war breaks out between the Justice League… promise to stay in the house…”

“… What…?” Jamila wanted to look at her. Bruce gave her a confused look as well but Tabitha hugged her tighter.

“Promise that you and Albert stay with the kids…”

“Tabs… I don’t understand…”

“Just… promise me! Please…” her voice cracked as a tear forced its way out. She reluctantly hugged her friend back.

“Alright… I promise…”

The End

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