Time After Time: The Future 1.4Mature

The group walked inside the Egyptian pyramid and were immediately greeted by robotic guards. Tabitha held her hands out, stopping the others from attacking.

“No; ain’t no one taking this from me: I got this…” she cracked her fingers and immediately shocked them. One went crashing through a tomb door.

“Showoff…” Virgil mumbled.

“If we come across some mummies, then I’ll let you handle ‘em; let me shine for a moment!” she eyed him with a hint of a smile. The members went through the destroyed door and saw a woman dressed as an Egyptian goddess. She was lying in bed, watching TV and eating snacks. Before they could approach her, John immediately transformed into someone else, a Caucasian man with dark blond hair. The group immediately looked at him.

“Umm…” Tabitha slightly raised her hand. He turned to look at the group.


“… John?” Virgil tried.

“Hal Jordan. Another time shift. I’m up to speed; carry on…”[1]

“You know what… maybe I don’t wanna go on anymore missions…”

“This is just proof of how much the timeline is being altered. Because of these time shifts, any one of us could cease to exist or transform into someone else.” younger Bruce explained.

“Wait; so you’re telling me that when Diana disappeared… she was erased from history? Period?!” Tabitha asked.

“A possibility. Either she never existed or she never left Themyscira…”

“Yeah… we need to hurry this up! Enid Clinton…” Tabitha approached the woman. She looked up at the group and slightly nodded.

“Where is your husband?” Hal Jordan asked her. She huffed slightly.

“Now that you got rid of those guards, I can show you exactly where he is; he sleeps in the same place every night!” she got up from the bed.

“This could be a trap…” Tabitha eyed her. T’ony laid a gentle hand on his mother’s shoulder and stared at Enid. He shook his head.

“She’s telling the truth.” he nodded. Tabitha looked up at him and smirked.

“You really are your father’s son…”

The group was led to a roman coliseum where inside was the Elkhorn jail. As Hal scanned the building with the power of his green ring, he immediately turned back into John.

“Would you make up your mind?!”[2] Terry threw his hands up.

“No traps detected…” John assured.

“Okay. This is the last thing I’m gonna question in this weird ass place: why in the hell would he sleep in a jail cell; the same one he was in for twenty years?!” Tabitha questioned. Enid huffed and started to go inside.

“A loser with a kingdom is still a loser!”[3]

“Lady, I’m not gonna pretend to understand the meaning behind that but… oh, fuck it; it does make sense!” Tabitha said. Just when the group was going to apprehend Lord Chronos, his wife shook him awoke. Tabitha widened her eyes and threw her hands up in amusement, “Why?! Why would you do that and make things complicated?!”

“Seems as though stealth is not a quality of hers…” T’ony pointed out. As soon as Lord Chronos opened his eyes, he opened up a portal, letting the Jokerz appear.

“We have to get to him before everything is destroyed!” the younger Bruce said.

“Wait; what was the plan?” Tabitha asked. He pulled out a small disc.

“Downloading this into his belt…”

“Alright; not gonna ask for the details… we’ll handle the Jokerz…” she made the decision. He grabbed her hand, remembering what his older self told him.

“Tabitha… be careful…”

“No worries; I got my son to back me up! You just install that disc! Come on, Martian Lyght; I see some twins with our names on ‘em!”

“Just like old times…” T’ony slightly smiled, putting on his hood.

“No… I got those two; you take care of the others.” Terry said and immediately approached Dee Dee, the twins with the electric whips. Tabitha and Tony went after Bonk while Virgil and Rex went after Ghoul and Woof. As John and Bruce tried to contain Lord Chronos, the other battles spread to outside the jail cell. Virgil looked at T’ony and Tabitha.

“If we combine our powers, I think we can wipe them all out!” he called over to them.

“Sounds like a plan to me!” Tabitha smiled. Before they could join him, a time rift opened beside Virgil and sucked him inside. Tabitha looked on in fear.

“Virgil; no!!”

“This is bad. Time is degrading faster. We can do this; don’t lose focus, mom!” T’ony said and went after Ghoul.

“I won’t…son…” she smiled and threw lightning along with him, aiming towards Bonk. The two Jokerz tried to rally together to defeat the two however with a quick nod to each other, they did a simultaneous Lighting Cloud, landing behind the backs of Ghoul and Bonk. The two charged up with all of their might, placed their hands on their backs and released all of their power, sending the two Jokerz flying across the other side of the coliseum, “Nice!”

“I learned from the best…” he winked at her. He looked over and saw that the Dee Dee twins split into four, “Let’s help Terry out…”

“Yeah… I owe them a taste of their own medicine…” she looked over with an evil grin. The two were about to make their way over until another time rift opened, bringing a wooly mammoth and French revolutionary soldiers into the arena, “Not gonna question it, not gonna question it…” she mumbled. The soldiers looked around at their surroundings confusedly but decided to aim their muskets towards Terry. T’ony and Tabitha pushed the soldiers out of the way, their weapons firing into the air. It was enough to distract Terry for a moment, long enough for the Dee Dee quartet to corner him and hit him with their whips. Before anyone could come to his rescue, the electrical currents coursed through all four whips, electrocuting Terry to death.

“No…” T’ony half whispered; his mother had nearly frozen in place. He suddenly saw that the wooly mammoth was charging towards her; he grabbed her and did a quick Lightning Cloud out of harm’s way. It continued its stampede however towards Rex.

“Watch out!” Tabitha finally found her voice. Before she could get him out of the way, the mammoth was emerged by a green bubble and carried away from the battles. Tabitha looked towards John who sighed for relief. Looking up, he saw the white energy wave that T’ony and Tabitha had seen on the outskirts of town; it was closing in on the coliseum. He looked towards Lord Chronos.

“Don’t you see what you’ve done? Can’t you see that this isn’t normal? Look up and see for yourself; time is unraveling!” he tried to argue. Lord Chronos finally looked up and saw the white wave which was closing in on them at a steady rate and sighed.

“If you don’t use that belt of yours to stop this, there’ll be nothing for you to take over!” Tabitha had joined John and Bruce. Lord Chronos thought about her words and finally nodded.

“You’re right. I’m the only one who has the power to stop this… to fix this…”

“Yes!” Bruce agreed.

“That means… it’s all up to me. If I can… if I can go back to the beginning of time… why, I can undo it all… and become a god!”

“Wait… what?! I don’t think… he understood what we were really trying to say! You fucking loony toon; that’s not what we meant!!” Tabitha yelled at him. He went over to his wife, kissed her and opened up a portal. The three present League members prepared to follow him yet again, with Tabitha grabbing her son’s hand. When he didn’t move, she looked back at him, “What are you doing? Let’s go before the portal closes…”

“No. I can’t. This is my time era; I can’t go back with you.”


“Mom… it’ll be okay. If you stop him, don’t worry; I’ll be around. I love you, mom. Now, go!” he said and pushed her inside the portal with Bruce and John. As John enclosed the bubble around the three, Tabitha looked back and watched as the portal closed. John looked at her and nodded.

“He’s right. Once we stop him, the timeline will return to normal for them.” he tried to comfort her. She sighed and reluctantly turned around, nodding a little. Lord Chronos was right in front of them and soon they saw what looked like a hand at the end of the warp tunnel.

“Um… what the hell is that…?”

“The Dawn of Time. The Green Lanterns have a legend: no one can see the beginning of time. It’s a universal law.”[4] John explained. Bruce slightly smirked.

“Hmph; write him a ticket!”[5]

“If he reaches that… he could change everything ever known. We gotta catch up to him; can’t you make this go faster?”

“What do you think I’m doing?” John grunted as he pushed the power of his ring, “Almost there…” he saw that they were finally within arm’s length of Lord Chronos. Using his other arm, John reached out for him and pulled him inside the bubble. Bruce quickly inserted the disc into his belt.

“No! What are you doing?! You said I was the only one who can fix this!!”

“Sorry…” Tabitha said as he started to disappear. Once he was gone, she sighed but saw that they were having another problem, “Um, John… you can slow down now…”

“I’m… trying…” he grunted out. With all of his might, he tried to slow down as they drew closer and closer to the giant hand swirling with cosmic energy. She knew that they wouldn’t be able to stop and closed her eyes, bracing herself for whatever was going to happen to the three. There was a moment of complete silence and then she heard noises. When she opened her eyes, she saw that… she was in the cafeteria. John and Bruce were sitting down in front of her with their trays just as they were before they all heard the intruder alarm. All three blinked at each other, slightly taking in their surroundings.

“Do… you two remember a time traveling mission…?” John tried. Tabitha slowly nodded.

“… Yeah…”

“It’s like… we never left…” Bruce noticed. Tabitha saw Diana approaching the table with her tray and she smiled at the three.

“Tabitha! Glad you’re here; I have a re… ooh, what happened to your head, John?” she asked, examining a scar on the top of his head. He gave her a strange look but ran his fingers across it, wincing slightly; he must have gotten it during the last battle, he realized.

Tabitha cocked her head towards Diana and wondered why she didn’t remember the time traveling trip. She then realized that Diana had disappeared before they had a chance to confront David Clinton. She remembered what Bruce had said and wondered if her disappearing altered the fact that she was even with them throughout the entire “mission”.

Tabitha put on a sheepish smile.

“That was my bad; me and John were training…” she covered. The two men eyed her strangely as Diana shrugged.

“Don’t let her catch you off guard next time!” she continued to smile. Before Diana could sit down, someone grabbed her attention from across the way, “I’ll be back to talk to you shortly, Tabitha…” she said and made her way across the cafeteria. Bruce leaned towards Tabitha.

“Why did you lie to her?”

“She don’t remember it; probably none of it. I don’t know how much time traveling you guys do but I had a feeling that she wouldn’t have taken it too seriously…”

“She’s right. It’s probably best if we just kept this amongst each other, then.” John agreed.

“It makes me wonder, though; what if that wacko comes back?” Tabitha asked. Bruce slightly smiled.

“You don’t have to worry about that. The program I downloaded will keep him stuck in a loop if he tries to use the belt again!” the idea made the three laugh. Bruce looked at Tabitha and reflected on what they had just went through. Going by that future, it looked as though the lightning woman and the Martian were meant to be; or at least they would have a child together, “I think that there are other things that we have to worry about… well, at least the two of you do…” he decided to say it. Tabitha lightly blushed as the two men had their eyes on her.

“So… you and J’onn are…”

“N-No…we’re not. I was just… overwhelmed that of all people fate would put me with… it would be… him…” she felt her cheeks ache at the thought. She had never thought about how long term their relationship would be; she was just taking things one day at a time, “A-Anyway… that don’t mean nothing…”

“Really? You’re saying that what we witnessed wasn’t real?” Bruce tried to hide his smirk. She shrugged.

“Not saying that. I’m just saying that the future can be changed. John and Shayera ain’t together no more but they had a son, too, right?” she was glad to have switched the pressure back to him. He stiffened slightly at her words, looking as Shayera put her tray away and walked out of the cafeteria.

“So, neither one of you will say anything to them?”

“… Tabitha has a point. Besides… I don’t think it would change anything…” John realized.


[1]-[5] Dialogue taken from Justice League Unlimited episode: "The Once and Future Thing, Part II"

The End

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