Time After Time: The Future 1.3Mature

The older Bruce looked at the younger Bruce, almost studying him as he made calculations on the computer.

“Has she already started dating J’onn?” he asked lowly. Younger Bruce nodded as the elder shook his head, “You should’ve told her how you felt a long time ago…”

“I take it we still have feelings for her.” younger Bruce commented. They both looked as Tabitha and her son appeared, talking to Virgil, John and Diana. The elderly man smiled as he watched her.

“Some things are harder to let go than others. Letting go of Batman or Tabitha? I’d chose Batman every single time…” he continued to look at her as they all made their way towards the two. Virgil looked at Tabitha and T’ony.

“We found out some things while you were away. Chronos is making things very unstable around here.”

“We saw. There was a white energy covering the sky when we left.” T’ony informed.

“That isn’t good. We’ve got to stop him from going back and forth through time; convince him to go back to his time period.”

“How do we do that though? We got no idea where he is…” Tabitha pointed out.

“His goons, the Jokerz would know.” Rex said.

“Okay… how is this gonna work? It was eight against five… seven…” Tabitha remembered that the female twins split into two, “and we still were about to get whooped!”

“We’ll have to separate them; get the weakest one to talk…”[1] the younger Bruce said. Terry looked at him in curiosity.

“Get the weakest one to talk? Is he serious?!”[2]

“Knowing him like we do, that would be a yes!” Diana smiled.

“Sometimes the old ways are best.”[3] younger Bruce shrugged.

“It’s not going to work, whatever you’re thinking about. You don’t know your way around here. Things have changed.”[4] Terry told him. The younger Bruce looked at the older Bruce.

“Are criminals still superstitious and cowardly…?”[5]


“Good enough for me…”[7]

“So, what’s the plan? How we gonna find the weakest link?”

“We’ll need… your son’s help for that. You have all the powers your dad had?” younger Bruce looked at T’ony.


“Shape shifting?”

“Most definitely.” T’ony smiled. Tabitha looked at the two and suddenly widened her eyes.

“No… I don’t want him involved in this.”


“Mom; I can take care of myself!” T’ony slightly rolled his eyes, “You really are my mother!” he sighed out, gaining slight laughter from the others. John put his hand on Tabitha’s shoulder.

“You, um… you do realize that he’s J’onn’s son as well… right?” he smirked. She blushed and smiled a little.


“Okay; well, the timeline is degrading rapidly; there’s no telling what will happen or how much time we actually have left.” Virgil cleared his throat and looked at T’ony, “You know what to do?”

“Pose as a rogue, find the snitch out the group…” he nodded and was about to leave until Tabitha grabbed him by his arms. He huffed, “Mom! Stop it; I’ll be fine!” he narrowed his eyes at her, apparently embarrassed. She reluctantly let go and slightly smiled.

“J-Just wanted to tell you good luck…”

“Martians don’t need luck; we have skills…” he retaliated, making her raise her eyebrows. He turned to look at her as he was leaving, “That’s what you always told me…”

“… Oh…” she smiled. Suddenly he approached her and gave her a huge hug and left. She turned to look at the others, “W-What?!”

“Motherly instinct?” Terry asked. Her cheeks ached at his words; she had never expected that she would end up a mother… to two children… fathered by none other than Martian Manhunter, himself!

“You do know that you have a lot of explaining to do when this is over!” Diana winked at her. Before she could open her mouth, the Amazon disappeared into thin air.

“Oh; what… the hell just happened?! Diana!!”

“No… it’s a time shift. We need to hurry…” younger Bruce realized.

After receiving word from T’ony, the group found themselves on top of an abandoned building, waiting on one of the Jokerz to appear. Tabitha crouched behind an air duct, knees pulled up to her chest, going over everything that happened to her. John joined her.

“Seriously… anything you want to say about all this?”

“… Not really… no. There’s nothing really to say. Well… I’m shocked as all hell!” she slowly shook her head, fighting off her blush. He studied his own son and smirked.

“That makes the two of us…”

“Company!” younger Bruce lowly hissed. The group jumped out of their hiding spots and were facing two of the villains from the Jokerz group; Ghoul and Bonk.

“Looks like we hit the jackpot, Bonk!” Ghoul smiled.

“Wow… guess the plan didn’t work…” Terry shot a look at the younger Bruce. Bonk started to approach the members and smiled.

“Actually… it did…” he mentioned and immediately transformed into T’ony. He looked towards Ghoul who tried to escape but threw a warning stream of lightning towards him, stopping him dead in his tracks. As he stumbled over his own feet, the younger Bruce approached him, grabbed him by the leg and dangled him over the ledge of the building.

“If you don’t tell us what we need to know, I’ll drop you…”[8] he actually threatened, causing Tabitha to widen her eyes.

“Whoa… think I like this Bruce…” she smirked. The elder one shook his head and approached the two.

“I can’t believe I was ever that green. Step aside; this is how you interrogate someone!”[9] he mentioned, throwing Ghoul away from the ledge. He raised his cane above his head, getting ready to strike.

“Okay, okay! W-What do you want to know?”

“Everything about Lord Chronos.”

“H-He can travel through time, backwards and forwards! He has this belt that lets him do it! He brings stuff back with him; that’s how we were able to kill off the majority of the League! He says that… he’s a wanted man so he hardly stays here in this time period. And, that’s everything I really know!”[10]

“Everything?”[11] younger Bruce eyed him. Ghoul shook slightly in fear.

“… I wet the bed until I was fourteen!”[12]

“Losing my patience…”[13] older Bruce raised his cane once more.

“You know, I can’t keep my friend held back much longer if you don’t start giving us some useful information…”[14] younger Bruce threatened.

“Huh! Batman playing ‘good cop’?”[15]

“Tell me about it! Where’s the popcorn when you need it?!” Tabitha said to Virgil.

“Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait… uh… I know where he’s got his wife prisoner at…?” Ghoul tried. Tabitha eyed the three.

“That weirdo has a wife?!”

“… Maybe she didn’t have a choice…?” Rex asked, producing a snicker from the lightning woman.

“She’s in the pyramid; you can’t miss it! Enid Clinton!”


[1]-[15] Dialogue taken from Justice League Unlimited episode: "The Once and Future Thing, Part II"

The End

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