Time After Time: The Future 1.1Mature

“Save the family reunion for later; we have work to do!” the older Virgil said and the new additions focused their attention on the villains. The others followed suit, seeing that they had the advantage in numbers. Tabitha went after the two females in the group, throwing her lightning at them. She was amazed when they split into two, making it four against one. They all threw their whips at her, sending a powerful voltage throughout her body. She collapsed in pain.

“Aw; she’s no fun! Let’s go play with the cute Green Lantern!” one of them said and left Tabitha there.

“…… Ouch!” she replied weakly. She gathered her senses and got back into the fight. She was amazed to see that even though they had one more than the villains, they were getting overwhelmed. What amazed her even more was as she went over to help the new Batman, she saw that her “son” was throwing lightning at the clown group, “He… he has my powers…?” she asked no one in particular.

“Looks like the Jokerz have advancements; there’s no way we’ll be able to beat them right now. Retreat!” the all black Batman informed the others.

“I’ll hold them off a bit; go ahead!” John told them as he formed a huge maze around the Jokerz. The others ran around the corner but was attacked but yet another group. Virgil sighed heavily.

“Just what we needed; the Linz trio! Let’s make this quick, then…” he was about to attack the three. Tabitha stepped between the two groups.

“Hold up! Linz…” she looked at the three dressed in black. Their faces weren’t covered, giving her a way to actually study the three, “… trips?!” she gave them a half smile. It was them alright, she knew for a fact. Solonia now looked like an even mixture of the professor and her husband while the boys… men, were mirror images of each other; there was no way to tell A.C. from Jamil but they both looked like their mother.

“… Miss Tabitha…?” Solonia mused. One of the young men approached her slowly, studying her face.

“It is her but she’s… younger…”

“Miss Tabitha!” she knew that it was Jamil when he immediately hugged her.

“Okay… what the hell is going on here?”

“We don’t have time for this!” the new Batman actually growled, “Let’s just take them prisoner and get out of here!”

The End

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