Time After Time: The Past 1.5Mature

As the group was making their way out of the jail, they were ambushed by Tobias and his men. The Justice League members prepared to fight the group until a trio of men joined them. They learned that the trio was with Lash: Jonah Hex, El Diablo and Ohiyesa Smith, the former sheriff of Elkhorn. Seeing that they were outnumbered, the new sheriff gave an order to retreat, riding back to their ranch. The League members and their new allies gave chase on their horses and were told the full story of how Manning came into power: the “change” was when David Clinton suddenly appeared and was quickly ambushed by Tobias and his men.

“Gonna need to be careful; there are some of the strangest things down at that ranch…”[1] Smith tried to warn the League members. Tabitha held in her laughter as John looked at him.

“Don’t worry; we got a lot of experie…” he was about to say until they all heard a screech from above. Looking up, they saw a pterodactyl flying towards them, “I’m sorry… what were you saying…?”[2]

“This has got to be the weirdest shit I’ve ever seen…” Tabitha’s eyes were fixated on the prehistoric bird coming near them. Diana immediately grabbed it by its neck and flung it away from the others. As it landed, its neck snapped in half, exposing wires and circuits, “Huh… a machine… yep; weirdest shit I’ve ever seen!”

As the group neared the ranch, they were greeted by other bizarre futuristic weapons. The League members jumped off of their horses and started attacking the various robotic dinosaurs, androids and military tanks.

“We’ll take care of this; the rest of you go after Tobias!” John ordered but looked at Tabitha. She nodded at him, hiding her smile and charged up, making quick work of the weapons. Before long, John was using the power of his ring to clear up the mess of mangled and malfunctioning robots and joined the others who were closing in on Tobias and his men. Tobias drew his weapon on the six but Tabitha smiled and shook her head.

“Let’s even this out!” she said and sent a small streak of lightning towards him, shocking the gun out of his hand. Ohiyesa approached him and punched him in the face. Before his men could retaliate, Tabitha charged up yet again, “I’ve been dying to shock someone… you really gonna test me…?” she asked. Defeated, they let Lash’s men take them into custody.

“I’ll say that’s a job well done. Now… to our little thief…” Bruce mentioned. Tabitha turned and saw that David was running inside of the ranch.

“Aw, fuck!” she yelled as the four League members went after him. Inside, Bruce found his utility belt while David grabbed his own belt, quickly activating it. Tabitha was about to shock him until she saw another portal open and David going through it. Just like before, they gave chase with John forming the protective bubble around them. Tabitha sighed and shook her head, “My bad… that was… my fault…”

“It’s okay. You had to fight alongside with us.” Bruce tried to comfort her.

“When this is all over, we’re going to have a talk with J’onn about your lack of experience…” Diana looked forward.

“No… I’ve gotten used to it; it’s no biggie…”

“You’re actually fine with staying on Watchtower all the time?” John eyed her. She shrugged.

“I’m more useful there than anywhere else…” she left it at that. She knew that the two had a point; they actually wanted to see her in action more. However, they didn’t know that there was a deeper reason for her not going on major missions; a reason that always made her smile.

Moments later, the group reached their destination and looked around. Tabitha and Bruce looked around for a moment and then looked at each other.

“Are we… back in the present…?”

“This is Gotham but… something’s different…” Bruce told Tabitha. Before they could say anything else, a group of fiendish clown-like villains confronted them. The League members readied themselves to fight.

“Five against four… not good odds but I’ll take ‘em!” Tabitha smiled, letting electricity flow over her body.

“Look, Dee; she has lightning powers like that Martian man!” one of the females in the group noticed. Tabitha gave her a confused look.

“Wha…” she was about to wonder until she saw a black figure come out of the sky. Others appeared and she studied the four, “Whoa… um… Batman? Someone’s taken your style… and made it better!” she half-smiled at the all-black outfitted Batman. Unlike the man he was emulating, this Batman’s face was completely covered with the black mask, white slits in place for his eyes and mouth. His Batman symbol was red as well and instead of a cape, he donned red wings. The others that were with him came into clear view as they stood beside the League members: a man in steel armor whose wings resembled Shayera’s, a much older Virgil and a Martian. His attire was completely different: a dark blue bodysuit instead of the simple blue trunks. The red straps remained however his massive blue cape was replaced with a flowing dark blue hooded cloak; Tabitha knew who it was, “… J’onn…?” she wanted to make sure; there was something about him that was a bit off to her.

He stared at her for a moment, just as the hawk man did at John. He removed the hood and his eyes lit up while the hawk man gave John a surprised look.

“… Mom…?” the Martian asked. Diana, Bruce and John looked at Tabitha with widened eyes.

“‘Mom’?!?!” they all reacted. She, on the other hand was absolutely speechless, staring in disbelief.

“Dad?” the hawk man continued to look at John. All of the attention left Tabitha and went straight to the Green Lantern who in turn was just as shocked and speechless as the lightning woman.


[1]-[2] Dialogue taken from Justice League Unlimited episode, "The Once and Future Thing, Part 1".

The End

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