Time After Time: The Past 1.4Mature

They waited until sundown to approach the small jail. Talking to the bartender (and Bruce knew that Tabitha wouldn’t let him live it down because she was absolutely right), they learned that the cheating sheriff was Tobias Manning and the other gambler was Bartholomew Aloysius Lash, better known as Bat Lash. The only other thing that the bartender was willing to tell was that everything was normal in the town for the longest however something “changed” and Tobias was the new sheriff.

The four League members casually walked inside the jail. As a deputy got up from his seat, Tabitha flashed him a smile, placing her hand on his shoulder.

“Excuse me but…” she finished her sentence with a small jolt, knocking the man unconscious. They went to the back where the cells were and spotted Bat Lash and an older man in one of the cells. Tabitha pointed at the older man.

“Heey… it’s him; it’s the thief!” she realized. Bruce approached the cell and glared at the thief. It was the man that they chased through the portal however he seemed much older.

“Who are you? And, where’s my belt?” he almost growled, making the man smile nervously.

“And, what happened to you? We’ve only been here for, what, half a day? You look… older…” Tabitha noticed. The man scoffed.

“Do you realize what you’ve caused by going through the time portal with me? I’ve been stuck here for twenty-two years!” he explained. Tabitha gave him a confused look and shook her head.

“I’m not even gonna try to figure that one out; I’ll just take your word for it!” her words made the man scoff louder.

“Anyway! That, that, that… idiot took my belt and has been going into the future, bringing weapons and other things back to this time!”

“Must be talking about the sheriff… which would explain the gun…” Bruce commented.

“And, how that weasel took over the town. Ran the real sheriff off with all those fancy weapons. Took over this town and it’s been…”

“Hell in a hand basket?” Tabitha finished for Bat Lash. He gave her a smile and a tip of his hat.

“Couldn’t have said it any better, myself! Bat Lash.” he introduced himself, “Now… any of you know how to get us outta here?” he kept his smile. Tabitha smiled back and gave a show of cracking her knuckles. Before she could do anything, Diana grabbed the cell door and pulled it off with ease.

“You’re with us.”[1] she said to Bat Lash.

“… That’s a healthy gal…”[2] Lash mused.

“Yeah… a heroic moment stealing gal!” Tabitha yelled at Diana. Bruce approached the thief.

“You’re coming with us, too. Once we get my belt back, I’m throwing you back in here!”

“B-But… what about…” the thief tried. Tabitha grabbed him by the shirt and charged up, making sure that he saw the electrical currents flowing around her clenched fist.

“Let’s try this again; who are you…?”

“D-D-David. David Clinton.”

“Good, David Clinton! Now, you listen and you listen good! Number one: I don’t wanna hear a peep outta you! Number two: you’re using that belt and sending us back to where we belong. And, number three: fuck up on rules one or two and I’ll shock you back to your time period! We clear?”

“… C-C-Crystal…”

“I like her…” Lash raised his eyebrows at Tabitha. Diana smiled.

“And, that’s her calm!”


[1]-[2] Dialogue taken from Justice League Unlimited episode, "The Once and Future Thing, Part 1".

The End

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