Time After Time: The Past 1.3Mature

She caught the game towards the end of the hand as one man called; another man sitting across from him smiled evilly and showed his hand: four kings with an ace. The other guy studied his hand and raised an eyebrow.

“Either you’re cheatin’ or we’ve been playing with a crooked deck…”[1] he smiled and showed off his four of a kind with aces. Tabitha quickly tapped Bruce on his arm, making him pay attention to the card game.

“Something ain’t right…” she whispered. Bruce studied both hands and slowly nodded. The caller’s aces had their symbols in the upper left and lower right corners while the other man’s ace was the opposite. The accused cheater stood up from the table and aimed his gun at the other man, “This won’t end well…” Tabitha murmured. She also noticed that the man standing wore a badge; he was the sheriff of the town.

“No one calls me a cheat! You’ll hang for that!”[2] the sheriff proclaimed. The other man raised his hands with a slight smirk.

“Now, wait a minute! Seems like a waste of a good sized pot; how ‘bout we split it and both walk away…?”[3] the card player asked. Bruce’s and Tabitha’s eyes widened as the sheriff’s pistol extended, exposing six extra barrels.

“How ‘bout I keep it all?”[4]

“… Sounds fair the way you explain it…”[5]

“Don’t think that gun’s from this period…”[6] Bruce noticed. Tabitha smirked slightly; the weapon wasn’t even from their century, she realized. The sheriff’s men immediately grabbed the man and the group left the saloon. Diana looked at the scene and then looked at the other League members.

“We have to help that man.”[7]

“I second that…” Tabitha backed Diana up.

“That’s not what we’re here for. Obviously, someone’s tampering with history; the stakes are much higher than the life of one card shark.”[8] Bruce stated calmly. Tabitha sighed at him.

“Information…” she almost sang out, “Did you not see that gun the sheriff had? He clearly has something to do with that weirdo thief!”

“It’s settled; we’ll break him out after sundown.”[9] Diana said. John snickered and looked at Bruce.

“Never argue with a woman…”[10]


[1]-10] Taken from Justice League Unlimited episode, "The Once and Future Thing Part 1". 

The End

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