Time After Time: The Past 1.2Mature

“Intruder alert?” Bruce asked no one in particular. It prompted the four to leave the room and make their way to the bridge and control room. On their way there, they all noticed that someone was in the armory.

“Think we found our intruder…” Tabitha pointed out. There was a thin man in what appeared to be a jumpsuit stealing Bruce’s utility belt, “Hey; you couldn’t wait ‘til after lunch to steal, ya thief!!” her voice startled him. Instead of dropping everything and simply fleeing, he simply looked at the four and put on goggles as a portal opened in front of him.

“Oh…” Diana’s eyes widened.

“What the hell…” Tabitha voiced her opinion. Bruce narrowed his eyes at the intruder as he went through and immediately followed him, “H-Hey; wait!” Tabitha yelled after the two. She knew that they had to make a decision quick as the portal started to close. The three followed their colleague through the portal, catching up to Bruce. John used the power of his green ring to form a protective bubble around the four.

“What is this?” Diana asked.

“Time traveling…”

“Why am I surprised that it exists?” Tabitha mumbled to herself.

“I have no idea where we’ll end up. Let’s just be on our toes when we do land.” John continued. They stayed silent as they waited out the ride through the wormhole. Moments later, they finally landed in the middle of what seemed to be a desert. Tabitha looked around along with the others.

“The west?” she asked no one in particular. There was no way to tell what time era they were in until a group of masked men on horses approached them.

“… Looks like the old west…” Bruce confirmed.

“Well, would you look at them fancy clothes!” one of the men noticed, aiming his gun at the four.

“Don’t look now but… I think we’re getting robbed…” Diana smirked at Tabitha.

“Shut your mouth, woman!” another man’s remark made both women raise their eyebrows at him. He nodded to one of his accomplices, “Take care of the women, first!” he continued to bark.

“You’re gonna pay for telling her to shut up…” Tabitha smirked at the three men who dismounted their horses. She concentrated and threw out four thin streaks of lightning towards the guns, knocking them out of their hands. She charged up as the men looked at her and shook her head slowly as they tried to flee, “Don’t make me hit you…” she threatened.

“Well… that’ll be the last time they’ll underestimate a woman!” Diana thought aloud with a smile on her face. The other League members wasted no time in tying the would-be robbers. Bruce looked at their clothes.

“They’re right; we stick out with our outfits on.” he realized. He studied the four masked men, “Well… at least it’s four of them…” he noted. Tabitha switched glances from the robbers to Bruce.

“… We’re gonna take their clothes…?”

“We have no other choice. It’s not the most pleasurable idea but how else are we going to explore the town?” John stood by Bruce’s decision.

After taking the clothes and trying them on, the three founding members mounted their horses. Tabitha just looked at hers.

“Tabitha…?” Diana noticed.

“What’s the matter?” John asked. She slowly shook her head.

“I’ve… never ridden a horse before…” she admitted. Bruce smirked, getting off his horse and helping her mount hers.

“Don’t worry; it’s almost like riding a bike…” he assured, giving her the reins. She continued to look at her horse.

“… So… what if I told you I never rode a bike, either?” she asked seriously. The three members laughed.

“Impossible!” John laughed.

“You’re telling me that you can drive a car but can’t ride a bike?! Okay, okay…” Bruce gave in as Tabitha gave him a look, “I’ll ride beside you and we’ll go slow…” he decided. The four rode through the desert until they came upon a sign: Elkhorn. The four found a hitching post near the saloon. Tabitha lit up as she looked around.

“Oh! We should definitely hit up the saloon!”

“Why there?” Diana asked.

“Seriously?! You’ve never watched any westerns, have you?”

“Um, Tabitha…” Bruce tried.

“Everything always goes down at the saloon in the movies! The showdowns are agreed on in there…”

“I really don’t think it’s how it went in real life…” John tried to interrupt the woman.

“The bad guys always go in there… looking for information…” she eyed the men.

“We’re playing the bad guys, now?” Bruce smirked at her. She huffed but Diana nodded.

“It wouldn’t hurt to go in there first.” she shrugged and walked towards the saloon. The others followed suit and entered the building. A few pairs of eyes looked at the quartet for a moment but continued with whatever they were doing. John looked at Tabitha.

“Seen enough movies to know where to go from here…?” he lowly asked her. She smiled and nodded towards the bar.

“Bartenders know a lot…”

“Yes; let’s go ask him if he’s seen a time-traveling thief…” Bruce couldn’t help but to roll his eyes. Tabitha narrowed her eyes at him but her attention wandered towards one of the tables where a few men were gambling. Poker, she realized; had it not been for her best friend’s husband, she would have not known what they were playing.

The End

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