Elements 1.5Mature

He looked over at her and slightly smiled.

“… W-Wow…” she breathed, making him lightly chuckle.

“My thoughts exactly… I hope I was gentle enough…”

“…… wow…”

“And I believe that answered the second question I had in mind!” he slightly laughed and gently laid on top of her. She surprised him with a loving kiss, making him smile even more. As they looked into each other’s eyes, she tried to think of what to say or even talk about. The obvious was how she had felt at that moment however she had a feeling that he already knew; she had no regrets.

“… I hope you know that… Ramil didn’t mean to kill your brother…” she knew that it was sudden as well as a bit weird but it was the only other thing she could think about; the events from earlier that day. It only made J’onn nod slightly.

“I understand completely. How was he to know our weakness?” he confirmed. She nodded.

“So you were afraid of the fire…”

“Only because I know what it can do. I will admit that I’ve adapted a slight tolerance against it; the potency Ramil used was enough to make me powerless.” he explained, “While we’re on the subject, I have to know; how did he appear to you?”

“… ‘He’…?”

“My brother…”

“Oh! He was… you. To the tee… until he kissed me…” it made her blush to admit it, “I knew then something wasn’t right…”

“How could you tell?” he was curious. She gave him a smile and a light kiss.

“No one has the same kiss as someone else. They can mimic you all they want. But your kiss? That’s something no one can copy!” she explained and it made him warm up to the fact. She couldn’t help thinking about it now that they were on the subject and glanced at him, “J’onn… what’s your true form?”

“Only the other founding members have seen my true form…” he slightly smiled but immediately transformed. She had expected to see the monstrous form that had her paralyzed with fear but was relieved that he had transformed into the figure his brother had at the beginning of their encounter, “Do you prefer for me to stay in this form?” she paid close attention to his mouth and noticed that he didn’t have the razor sharp teeth as well.

“It’s… it’s up to you…”

“You’re not afraid of my true form, are you?”

“It’s not that. You ain’t holding back are you?” her question puzzled him slightly.

“Of course not. Did my brother say otherwise? He… frightened you…” he realized when her eyes flashed with fear. She knew that if she said nothing, he would only go through her mind and find out; instead, she slowly nodded.

“I… I’ve never been scared like that before…” she admitted. She took a deep breath, trying to swallow back her fear as he transformed back to his human form, “He said that it was your true form…”

“What did he show you? How did he look?” he asked, seriously. Of course, the image replayed over and over in her head however she couldn’t move her lips to describe it. When she slightly trembled, he knew that she was too afraid to tell him and automatically went through her mind. He saw the entire fight and immediately held her tight when he saw the form that had her frozen in horror. He kissed her forehead lovingly, “I’m sorry…” he whispered. The Martian felt that he had no other choice; he didn’t want that image haunting her for the rest of her life… for as long as they were together. He knew that even though she now knew that it wasn’t a Martian’s true form, it wouldn’t stop her from thinking that he had the prospect of transforming to that form; J’onn used his ability and wiped the horrible image from her mind. The fear that was in her eyes suddenly disappeared and she looked at him with a slightly blank stare, half smirking.

“… Sorry for what?”

“That you had to go through that ordeal.”

The End

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