Elements 1.4Mature

As soon as the two were safely in her room on Watchtower, J’onn embraced her and kissed her on the forehead.

“I am so relieved that you’re safe…”

“… You still got a lot of explaining to do…”

“I know.” he led her to the edge of the bed where they both sat down, “Yes; Ma’alefa’ak was my twin brother. By Martian standards, twins are uncommon so the two of us were unique from the start. However, he was born a mutant.”

“So, it’s just him that can’t read minds…”

“Correct. He was able to do any and everything else. A Martian’s telepathic mind is almost as important as breathing, itself; it is just that second nature. A Martian who can’t use telepathy is a true outcast… and my brother was the only one…”

“Wow… must’ve really sucked…” she mumbled. J’onn nodded.

“As we grew older, he started to resent the others. He didn’t take too kindly to being shunned; he created a virus that affected anyone who used their telepathy. It was… highly contagious…” he painfully remembered. She could only stare at him and wrap her arms around him, holding him as tight as she could. She then remembered the small conversation they had when he confessed his attraction to her; how he had lost his wife and child and couldn’t stop it.

“Oh, J’onn… your family…”

“How I was the only one out of our entire race strong enough to not use telepathy haunts me still.”

“I’m so sorry…” her eyes misted over. He took notice and gently wiped at them, “That stuff in the vial… that was the virus?” she asked. He slowly nodded, “You think it would’ve… killed me…”

“I have no idea… but I didn’t want to risk it. Tabitha… there was no way I was going to let him… or anyone else take you away from me.” he stressed. It warmed her that she meant that much to him and easily accepted his kiss. As the kiss got deeper, the Martian laid her on the bed. Her thoughts about what happened between herself and his twin brother started to disappear as she wrapped her arms around his neck. She no longer thought about the questions she wanted to ask him, learning more about the family he once had; her thoughts turned to a different subject as she actually felt the mood change suddenly. Her heart started to pound heavily as she noticed that his hands were on her waist, his cool lips traveled from her lips to her neck. She was on the verge of hyperventilating upon realizing the inevitable.

He couldn’t help that his passion for her had released so suddenly; that particular urge had been locked away for so long. Something stopped him however, as he felt her heart rate quicken, her trying to catch her breath. He looked up at her and saw something in her eyes: nervousness. It confused him at first; he was used to her being slightly awkward in his presence however that was when they were first getting used to each other. Once it dawned on him, the Martian couldn’t help but to slightly smile… as well as show a bit of surprise.

“Tabitha… are you… inexperienced…?” his question made her extremely flustered.

“You putting it that way makes me feel better about it…”

“How is this even possible?” he didn’t mean to offend her. However, he did as her eyes widened at him.

“Tryna say that I’m easy or something?!”

“N-No! It’s just that… your last relationship. Surely, you two…” he cut himself off as she turned away slightly, still blushing furiously.

“H-He… was fine waiting… until I was ready…” it embarrassed her to remember when Ethan had stumbled onto the fact as well.

“… I apologize for assuming… if it makes you feel better… I feel the same.” he started to lift off of her. J’onn J’onzz would have never guessed that Tabitha Lyght was a virgin, especially given her demeanor. He was told by Bruce that she had quickly jumped into the relationship with Ethan Bennett; he didn’t think that was how inexperienced women acted. He had to remind himself that not all humans acted the same… and that she was definitely a unique case.

Even as he attempted to get up, she kept her arms locked around his neck, her blush never leaving.

“J-J’onn…” it seemed as if it was the only thing that wanted to escape her mouth. He kept his red eyes on her, waiting on her to finish her sentence. He gave her a surprised look when she wouldn’t… but kept her embrace on him.

“Are you sure…?” he wanted to make sure. This was something not to take lightly and he wanted to make absolutely sure that she was indeed ready. She kept his gaze and nodded; she didn’t feel rushed and despite her nervousness she felt that she was ready: she had no doubt that she wanted to give herself to the Martian.

The End

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