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He knew that he had to keep his word; a deal was a deal. As much as he wanted to, J’onn did not go into Tabitha’s mind. He admitted that he actually missed it; he enjoyed hearing her thoughts. Her thought process was unique to him; one thought always connected to another: before she knew it, she would be thinking about an entirely different subject a few moments after the original thought! He found out that there was a selfless reason for almost everything she did. Her work around Watchtower was something that she really took pride in; those thoughts almost always led to her thinking about getting back to her sculpting (he found himself looking forward to seeing one of her art pieces). She wanted to do a sculpture for Clark; although she wasn’t as close to him as she was with Bruce, Wally and J’onn, Tabitha got a kick out of his nickname as “The Man of Steel”: it played perfectly into what she had in mind for him!

J’onn even admired that she acquired a quick bond with Wally and Diana, always looking forward to going on missions with either one or simply hanging out with Wally. While she never asked, Tabitha actually wanted to meet the gods that Diana knew. She enjoyed spending time with Wally for two reasons: they always had fun together and she could see that he was just as thrilled about the two hanging out as she was. Had the two not reminded him of two teenage boys always wanting to pull pranks, J’onn would have thought the two would make the perfect couple!

Her other thoughts surrounded her family. She had considered Dr. Lindsey a part of her family, as well as her husband and children; especially the children. He knew that at times they made her feel a bit uncomfortable, which was common for someone who wasn’t used to being around children that young. However, she saw that they quickly bonded with her and she loved them just as their parents did.

J’onn knew that she hadn’t seen her own family since she obtained the mutant DNA strand and figured that it was time for her to make a visit. She gave him a slight smile as her door slid open.

“J’onn… you gonna cheat and let me win, again?” her smile widened. He laughed.

“You don’t give yourself enough credit, as always. You won fair and square…”

“Uh huh…”

“Besides, I didn’t come visit to play a rematch. I have a special mission for you.”

“Wait… what? Really?” she lit up; he had forgotten that she didn’t go on many missions. He kept his smile as he entered her room. Her room was simple, just as his was. Her bed was neatly made save for the spot he assumed she was laying on before he came to visit. There were no pictures anywhere, not even of the professor or the children; J’onn wanted to change that or at least help change that.

“Yes. I want you to go visit your family.” he surprised her. When the thought finally registered, she widened her eyes but sat down on her bed.

“I think it’s… too early…” she looked down at her feet. He slightly sighed and sat down beside her.

“Tabitha, when was the last time you actually saw them?” he knew that she wasn’t going to answer right away. He already knew how long it had been: four years, “Regardless of how you look, regardless of what you are now, I think they deserve to see you. It’s been far too long.”

“… I don’t know…”

“If your family is anything like you… I believe they will be willing to accept you. Take Dr. Lindsey and her children with you; they seem to always calm you down in situations like this.” he realized. Tabitha slowly nodded; he was right: whenever Jamila was with her, she felt more confident about things. For this special “mission”, she would need all the courage and confidence in the world, “Will it put you more at ease if I came along as well?” his next question surprised her. She looked at him and slightly smirked.

“What about Watchtower?”

“I am a world class telepathic; I am always connected to Watchtower wherever I go.” she found it funny that it sounded as if he was actually bragging. Looking him over made her blush and turn away.

“Well… if you’re coming with us, you’re gonna have to… shape shift or something! At least into some more clothes!” she motioned towards his outfit. He looked down at his attire and back at her.

“What is wrong with what I have on? No one has ever complained before…”

“We’re gonna go see doc and the trips… first off, you know what type of thoughts go on in that perv’s mind!”

“Which would remain regardless of what I have on.”

“… True… but, the triplets? Yeah… it may be best to just shape shift altogether; they won’t leave you alone if you went like… that…”

“I believe I’m capable of handling a trio of eight year olds!”

“… Okay…”

It was very rare that J’onn J’onzz was wrong about anything; this was an entirely different exception! As the two stood inside the Lindsey household, the children silently and blatantly stared at the tall green Martian. Tabitha gave her best friend a warning glare as she pursed her lips, attempting to hold her laughter in.

“Um…” Albert tried but Tabitha solemnly shook her head.

“I tried to talk him out of it…” she hoped she answered his potential question. Jamil finally got the nerve to tug at J’onn’s cape.

“Excuse me. Is this a costume?”

“A costume? We’re going to a costume party?!” A.C. switched excited glances between the Martian and his brother.

“All we got are our old Halloween costumes… are we gonna go buy new costumes for the party?!” Jamil looked at his parents, his hands still on the cape. It was Solonia’s turn to touch the cape. She looked up at J’onn, studying him.

“Are you a real alien?”

“… He’s a real alien?!”

“COOL!!! Are you a superhero like Superman?!?!” A.C. looked up at J’onn. He was about to answer, despite the muffled snorts from the adults.

“Can you fly? Are you really from another planet? Do you fight crime? Do you fight crime on your planet? Why are you here? Are we in trouble? You come to save us?”

“You really know Superman? And Batman?! And Spider-Man?!?! And, and, and…”

“… Are you a villain…?” the questions bombarded him all at once. He bent down, becoming eye-to-eye with the three and held his hands up. The Lindsey parents were shocked that it immediately silenced the children. J’onn sighed a bit and smiled. He looked at Jamil first.

“This is not a costume. Yes, I can fly. I am from Mars. Yes, I fight crime but not on Mars. As far as I know, you three are not in trouble.” he turned his attention to the next child in line, “I am indeed a superhero like Superman and Batman… and I know both personally. I have yet to meet Spider-Man but I have heard good things about him…” he slyly glanced at Tabitha and then looked at Solonia, “I am not considered an alien but a Martian… and I am very real…”

“What’s the difference between a Martian and an alien? Ain’t they the same…?” Tabitha’s question drew slight glares from both J’onn and Jamila.

“Really?” Jamila asked. Tabitha threw her hands up.

“No offense but they’re all from a different planet!”

“You’re so gonna be in the doghouse after this…” Jamila mumbled, shaking her head.

“Martians are from Mars, aliens are elsewhere. I hope that I have answered all of your questions…” J’onn put his attention back to the children. They nodded enthusiastically.

“Can we tell everyone that we met a superhero Martian?!”


“You certainly may not! Just… go upstairs and put your shoes on! We’re going on a trip and I want total silence from all of you!” Jamila lectured. The three moaned and headed upstairs.

“… Are we flying there?” Jamil asked, causing the three to giggle.

BOY!!” Albert took a menacing step towards the three and they bolted upstairs. Tabitha snorted and giggled, ignoring the warning glares from the parents. Jamila sighed and looked at the Martian.

“I hope you’re happy with yourself, getting my kids all riled up like that! They’re gonna want to go up to Watchtower and meet everyone now!”

The End

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