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Bruce had informed J’onn of everything that had happened. The Martian just looked straight ahead as the two made their way to her room.

“That’s why she hasn’t been able to concentrate.” he finally had the answer. He had known that something drastic had happened two weeks ago; something that distracted her from her training. She had barely completed the mandatory training sessions however because her thoughts were jumping all over the place, making her unable to fully focus, he wanted to put her through more training.

“I was wondering… maybe she should be kept off a few missions. Just until she’s able to fully concentrate.”

“Who is to say how long that will be? What if she never recovers from her heartache?”

“I know Tabitha; she’ll recover. She just needs a little time to collect her thoughts.”

“I guess we could assign her to minor missions. Maybe put her on crowd control and cleanup…” J’onn thought. Bruce slightly smiled.

“She’s also an outstanding electrical technician…” he pointed out.

“Let’s talk to her about it. It would be nice; having another one of our own taking care of Watchtower…”

“Maybe you should start trusting humans more…”

“Once you do the same, I will follow in your footsteps…” he smirked at Bruce.

She didn’t know what she would’ve done with herself if Bruce didn’t take the time to check up on her after the ordeal with Ethan. Despite what happened that day, Bruce still stood up for Ethan during his trial and the former detective was put on probation.

Tabitha couldn’t help but to replay the incident over and over in her head; it painfully reminded her of how she would lose it. She finally saw firsthand how rage affected others; he had no idea that he was hurting her… and he wasn’t stopping. It scared her enough to make the decision that she was not coming back to Gotham… or Ethan Bennett. It was painful; many days, she just wanted to pack her clothes and go back to him: he sure did need the support at the moment. However, how was she to live with the fact that although his probation included that he not transform into anything, he could still lose it and snap? She couldn’t; neither could he: they both made the mutual agreement to break up.

She got up from her bed to open her door. When she saw that Bruce was being accompanied by J’onn, she automatically tried to make her mind go blank. It was a hard task seeing that she loved to think to herself. However, she knew that the Martian had enough on his hands; he didn’t need to worry about some heartbroken newbie.

She put on a faint smile as she let the two in. She slightly warmed up as Bruce sat down beside her on the bed.

“How are you?” he asked. She shrugged; while it was a slow and painful process, she was learning to try to move on.

“A bit better, I guess. Wait…” she looked over at J’onn who stood by the wall and back at Bruce, “You told him…?”

“He needed to know why you couldn’t concentrate.” he explained. Tabitha could do nothing but nod.

“Guess you’re not here to give me some advice…” she hadn’t meant for it to be cruel. However, she had a feeling that although he had human features, there were just some situations that he would have no answer for.

Her unintentional snide remark only made him think of his past. He had to admit that she was right; he wouldn’t be able to give her any good advice. The Martian had indeed been married before with a child until the destruction of his race. He had only fallen in love once after that but had chalked that experience up to a mixture of being slightly brainwashed and lonely. The experience made him think more about his decisions as well as his trust in humans. He had concluded that he would never find anyone for him and was fine with that.

Bruce smirked at her words but knew that he would be even less helpful than J’onn. His track record in the love department was not any better. If anything, he tried to avoid falling in love. As he had seen with Tabitha and Ethan, it proved quite a distraction; she loved him so much that she was willing to die so that she wouldn’t hurt him.

“I wish I could…” J’onn actually tried to think of something to tell her.

“You know that none of this was your fault, Tabitha…”

“That don’t make it less painful…” she fought tears. Deep down, she knew that Bruce was just being nice. It was her fault; had she had better control of her rage, The Penguin would had never found out her true identity. Ethan would have not been kidnapped and they probably would have been engaged.

“It’ll leave; trust me. And then maybe… well, I know someone else will come along! Who knows; he could be right underneath your nose…” it made him smile. He immediately thought about how Wally had quickly grown attached to Tabitha. He knew that the man was quick to befriend people but she was different. Everyone saw that their bond was fast and special… as well as childish! The two raced each other whenever they had the chance (which was very, very often), even ignoring the warning glares J’onn would give them! The Martian was very reluctant in letting Wally train her in fear of the two not getting any training done. However, he did see that he was helping her with her speed. Both Bruce and J’onn saw that Wally had not been so genuinely happy before Tabitha arrived.

She thought nothing of his words at first, about to excuse it as Bruce trying to make her feel better. However, as the words sank in, she had to give him a slight look. Right underneath her nose; was he hinting at himself? The thought made her wonder how Bruce truly felt about her; she knew that they were friends and that they were willing to protect each other. As far as any romantic link between the two, she had never thought about it. Maybe it was because she was too wrapped up in Ethan to make some type of realization. It made her laugh a bit at the idea.

“Guess I’ll take your word for it! Thanks, Bruce…” she said. His words also made her think back to everything he had done for her: the on-the-spot job offer, getting the apartment, always inviting her to eat at the diner with him; even assigning her as his personal electrician. She was a complete stranger, a potentially dangerous one given her powers, and he didn’t hesitate in hiring her or even befriending her. She knew that she was pretty; she got enough compliments throughout her life to know this; however she knew and saw that it went beyond that with Bruce. What he just said had to be an obvious hint: Bruce Wayne really was in love with her! It made her blush and hug him.

“Anytime.” he returned the hug.

“In the meanwhile, I wanted to give you a slight rest. I don’t want to assign you to any major missions just yet, not until you’re comfortable enough to go on them. Would you mind looking at some of the electrical components around Watchtower?”

“You putting me on house arrest…?” it actually bothered her that it felt as if he was trying to babysit her. However, the Martian shook his head.

“I don’t want to exclude you from all missions; only the large ones. It’s only temporary.” he tried. She thought about what he said. She had to admit that she was distracted by her heartbreak. J’onn was only looking out for her well-being and she figured that it was the only way he knew to show that he actually cared about her. She gave him a slight nod and a smile.

“Actually… that sounds good…”

The End

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