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When the two arrived at the Gotham Jail, they were surprised to be greeted by Yin. So much for revealing things, Tabitha almost smirked to herself. Yin gave Bruce a slight look but gave Tabitha a warm smile.

“I knew you’d want to see him. Are you sure you’re ready?” she was genuinely concerned. She knew how close the two were, how much they loved each other; she didn’t know how the technician would take seeing her boyfriend in the state that he was. Tabitha blew out a shaky breath and nodded.

“Cocked, locked and ready to rock…”

Yin led the two towards the back and were greeted by two officers standing guard by a glass door. Inside was a laboratory; it looked as if they had to redesign the forensics lab to house a special cell for Ethan. Tabitha looked in slight horror at the grey glob of clay that paced angrily in the glass cell. She quickly turned to look at Bruce and Yin.

“Is that… Ethan?!”

“Yes.” Yin sighed, “Maybe you’ll be enough to calm him down a little.” it was a subtle way of telling her to approach the glass. Her heart thumped as she did and it grabbed the glob’s attention. He stopped pacing and simply stared at Tabitha. He went through numerous emotions in a matter of seconds: surprise, embarrassment, relief, hurt and finally love; it was a mixture of the last two as he saw her eyes water.

“Ethan…” she half-whispered. She placed her hand on the glass. A part of his clay body did the same, Tabitha assumed that it was his hand. His once whiskey brown eyes were sunken into the clay, forming green orbs but they still showed emotion: he wanted to touch her once again. The desperation in his eyes were enough to make her tears fall; she wanted to touch him as well. She wanted to let him know that everything would be okay and that it wasn’t totally his fault for the things that happened to him. She wanted to let him know that she still loved him… and still wanted to be with him. She turned to Yin, “Let me in.” she demanded through her tears. The guards who were at the door were now inside and immediately showed their dissatisfaction with her request. However, Yin stepped forward.

“He won’t hurt her; go ahead.” she ordered. One of the officers unlocked the glass door and almost shoved Tabitha in, locking the door immediately behind her. She found herself alone with the glob that was once Ethan and found herself slightly afraid. When his clay hand reached out to her, she stiffened a bit.

“Tabitha…” his voice was gargled and hoarse. He saw that she was slightly uncomfortable in his presence and quickly turned around, “I… I didn’t want you to see me like this…”

“Then… let me see you the way you want me to see you.” she told him. He looked at her finally and immediately transformed to his former self. Coming towards her, the two embraced and shared a passionate kiss. She was surprised that he felt the same and marveled at how quickly he learned to adapt to his new form.

“After everything you heard… you came back to me…” he wanted to cry. She slightly smiled.

“That don’t matter. Told you that I’d come back to you; I love you, Ethan.”

“I love you, too. You… didn’t have to cut your trip short for me. I know that your mom…”

“Ethan…… I lied…” she couldn’t take telling him another lie. On their way to visit him, Bruce had told her the entire story… and she felt awful that it was mainly because of her that Ethan had transformed; had she not lost her cool with The Penguin, Joker would not had known who Nikki Strykher really was.

Ethan gave her a puzzled look, wondering what reasons she would have to lie to him.

“You weren’t in Tennessee this whole time…? I don’t understand…”

“… Do you know where Watchtower is?” she took a shaky breath before speaking. He nodded slowly, “I was there.”

“I still don’t understand; why would you tell me…” he was clueless. She felt that the only way to tell him would be to show him. She looked back at Yin and Bruce; the woman’s face was as puzzled as Ethan’s while Bruce just stared at her. She was about to reveal her identity in front of Yin and had hoped that she was willing to deal with the consequences of doing so.

Tabitha stepped away from Ethan, took another deep breath and yanked her t-shirt head wrap off of her head, letting her snow-white hair drop messily around her face. Both Yin and Ethan stared wide-eyed at her.

“The lightning woman! Did you know?” Yin threw an accusing eye towards Bruce. He put on his best surprised look.

“N-no; this is all new to me! No wonder she was good at what she did…”

“Bat’s sidekick…” at least he got the answer finally to why she always wore that head wrap. Tabitha didn’t want to look at him but did and saw that he was frozen in place. He didn’t attack her or even yell at her; she wanted to take that as a good thing, “Why didn’t you tell me before…?”

“I… I wanted to but… I didn’t know how. I’m sorry…”

“Why…” he approached her slowly. He didn’t know how he felt about it; all he knew was that for some reason, he wasn’t upset. He also finally put two and two together; why Joker was so adamant about her coming to save him. He didn’t understand at first; he didn’t know what she would be able to do to save him. As he stared at her hair, remembering the first night he had seen her, he understood completely. What made him shake his head and almost smile was that… he should’ve went with his first instinct that the lightning woman was indeed his Tabitha.

“I wanted to make your life easier. I thought that… if I could catch Batman or at least show that he wasn’t bad then maybe… maybe Rojas would’ve cut you some slack.” it was the first time Bruce had heard the reason behind her playing super heroine in Gotham. Even Yin had to lightly smile at her reasoning, “So… you ain’t mad at me…?” Tabitha tried. He responded by cupping her face and giving her a light kiss on the lips.

“No! Baby… you did all of that for me. I’m a bit upset that you didn’t tell me earlier…”

“You would’ve talked me outta it…”

“I would’ve!” he laughed and hugged her. Ethan had to admit that it was thrilling to know that his girlfriend was the lightning woman; the very one who tried her best not to hit himself and his former partner with her ability the first time they seen her. The very one… who was always with Batman. It made him slightly smile, leaning as close to her ear as possible, “Do you know who Batman is?” he whispered. It made her think about the conversation in the cafeteria as well as the ride to the jail. Bruce had made up his mind and was going to tell his good friend. However, she knew that with Yin and the other officers in the room, Bruce couldn’t confess. She didn’t see a problem with it being her instead of him telling Ethan; he took her news pretty well.

“Yeah. It’s… Bruce…” she whispered back. He stopped hugging her and looked dead into her eyes with a hint of a smile. Was she joking, he wondered. Although he was a former detective, he could still tell when someone was lying; her eyes didn’t flinch as he studied her. Ethan’s expression changed to a confused one.

Yin may not have caught it but Bruce did; the two were whispering to each other. He had a feeling about what; it started to burn into his stomach as Ethan slowly glanced at him. He was studying him, he knew for a fact. Tabitha had taken the liberty in telling him herself who Batman was. He didn’t know if he was grateful for it; he didn’t like how Ethan stared at him. Bruce swallowed hard and started to approach the glass cell.

Before anyone could blink, Ethan transformed back to his clay form. She had opened her mouth but an appendage wrapped around her neck before a sound came out. He had forgotten that she was in the room with him as she was slammed hard into the glass wall; he simply glared at Bruce.

“You! You were supposed to be my friend! How could you?!” he raged; all the while the appendage wrapped around Tabitha’s neck started to harden, making her gag for air.

“Open the door!!” Yin yelled at the fear-frozen officers. One finally rushed to do so while Yin and the other officer raised their weapons, “Tabitha, shock him!!” she had hoped that the woman was conscious enough to do so. However she didn’t move except to try to claw the appendage away from her throat. She had made a promise… and no matter what was happening to her, she wasn’t going to break it.

As Ethan emerged from the door, the officers and Yin fired on him; Bruce was glad that the guards had been equipped with special weapons that would stop him in his tracks. As the bullets entered his clay form, they began to freeze him. He had to act fast; Bruce ran into the glass cell and pried Tabitha out of his grasp: with the bullets quickly freezing Ethan, he had become distracted long enough to loosen his grip on his girlfriend. Bruce had her out of the cell and her head wrap back around her head just as other officers flooded the room. He looked at her as she tried to get her breathing back to normal.

“What were you thinking; why didn’t you shock him? He could’ve killed you…” he half whispered. Tears welled up in her eyes as she shook her head.

“I… I wasn’t going to hurt him… ever again…”

The End

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