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Tabitha found herself standing in front of the six founding members, trying her best not to show any emotion. She was told that there were actually seven members however she wasn’t going to question why she never met the phantom member. J’onn stood up from his seat and looked at her.

“Tabitha Lyght; a month ago, you were brought here because of a problem with controlling your anger and rage. In response for going through your treatment successfully…” she almost cringed as the Martian put emphasis on that word, “… You were given a choice to be a part of the Justice League.” he looked at her. She wanted to cry; she knew that she could see the disappointment in his red eyes: she didn’t pass the final part of her treatment.

However, J’onn slowly smiled at the white-haired woman, the others following his lead, “Congratulations, Tabitha.” he announced. She couldn’t help it; she covered her mouth and let out a squeal, causing the others to slightly laugh. The rest of the members stood and gave her a round of applause.

“Seriously?!” for nearly two days, all she could do was worry about how her actions in New York was going to affect their decision. She had goofed, she knew she did; she had exposed her powers in front of the guards, was willing to kill with no remorse. When she returned to Watchtower, no one said a word to her, not even Bruce. She already packed her bags before she was summoned to the conference room.

J’onn had to admit that he was shocked at how close she had come to losing it; he was sure that they would have to intercept her attack. However, he couldn’t have been any prouder when she pulled herself out of the start of her rage, even doing the breathing techniques she was taught. It was a shaky situation but it was enough to convince J’onn J’onzz that Tabitha Lyght was now in full control of her emotions. The next step was to inform her of their findings about her mutant DNA strand. However, after last speaking with Dr. Lindsey, she had assured J’onn that she would tell her.

“Will you accept membership into the Justice League?” Superman asked. She gathered her composure long enough to answer, a huge smile on her face.

“Yes!” she nodded. It was exciting for her. Her take on superheroes had changed drastically in the past two years. She didn’t have anything against them; she just left the overexcitement of them to the younger children. Now that she willingly accepted to be a part of one of the major factions of superheroes out there, she wondered if they would still accept her when she found the antidote to make her normal. Thinking about it, she also wondered if she now could get the help that she needed.

“Give me a moment to log your access code in the system; it’ll give you access to any authorized room on Watchtower. Here is your communicator; you’ll always be able to get in contact with myself and anyone else. As a new member, you have mandatory training to go through. You can stay aboard if you like. If not, just make sure that you’re on time for your training.” J’onn explained, giving her a piece of equipment that looked like a small Bluetooth device.

“Thanks for putting up with me this past month. I do have a request, though.” she smiled but looked dead at The Flash.


“A race with The Flash…” she announced. He smiled and approached her as the other members showed their interest in her request.

“You can call me Wally, now that you’re a member. Are you sure?”

“I ain’t deaf; I’ve been hearing people wondering who’s faster!” she said but looked at Green Lantern. He gave her a smirk, “One lap around Watchtower?”

“This will be fun! Ready?”

“Always!” the words didn’t come out of her mouth fully before the two disappeared from the room, one leaving a blur of red, the other a streak of white. Twenty seconds later, Tabitha appeared back where they had started, with Wally appearing immediately after her.

“Wow…” Diana blinked.

“She beat him…” Green Lantern mused. Wally looked at Tabitha and smirked.

“You cheated…”

“W-what?! HOW?!”

“Best two out of three?”

“Let’s go!” she agreed and the two took off again. Bruce shook his head.

“We may have to watch out for those two, now…”

The End

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