Redemption 1.3Mature

She took a quick look around the room and took deep breaths before the program started. When it did, she saw that she was in Metropolis, according to what Superman had told her; the sign for The Daily Planet loomed high in the sky as she looked up. Tabitha figured that she would have to go up against Lex Luthor, a known enemy of Superman’s and thought that it would be unfair; as far as she had been told, he possessed no superhuman abilities whatsoever: she would have to take it easy on him. Then again, she reasoned, it was the simulation program; he would probably be injected with something that made him powerful.

Her thoughts were interrupted when a white-haired man appeared in front of her.

“We meet again, Tabby…” he spoke. She knew that it was just a simulation; it just shocked her that whoever was running it would throw Tony into it. She shook her head sadly; she should have never listened to Jamila and opened up fully to J’onn.

She was steadily approaching him until another surprise was thrown into the program; Tony dragged someone into the scene with them: Ethan. Another reason why she had been determined to go through the therapy; she would be back in his arms. She thought long and hard about things while up in Watchtower and made the decision that once everything was done, she would tell him the truth about herself.

“Your new boyfriend, huh? You know it should’ve been me; it will be me!” Tony surprised her. She gave him a confused look; what type of program was J’onn running? Before she opened her mouth to question it, Tony charged up and electrocuted Ethan. It seemed to have gone on in slow motion; she watched in fear as his limp body fell to the ground. The waft of charred human skin stung her nostrils.

NOOOOOO!!!” she cried, tears immediately running down to her cheeks. Something had snapped inside of her; she no longer thought of this as s simulation program. This hit her too close to her heart and she couldn’t move. What finally grabbed her attention was the laugh. It started as a low chuckle but finally erupted into a sick and sadistic cackle. She switched glances from what used to be her boyfriend to the man who stood above him, smiling at her, taunting her to make a move. Tears still streaking down her cheeks, she glared at him and did a quick Lightning Cloud towards him. She hit him with all of her might, sending him flying into The Daily Planet building. She followed him with another Lightning Cloud and kicked him in the back of the head.

Bruce raised his eyebrows at J’onn.

“That was a bit harsh…” he had to make his feelings known. It was one thing to bring her friend back from the dead so that the two could battle; it was another to make him kill her boyfriend.

“I needed her to forget that this is a program.” he simply replied. Bruce could only shake his head at the Martian; it was almost as if he wanted her to go through one of her rages. As she pummeled her former friend throughout the entire city of Metropolis, J’onn decided to up the difficulty to level 12. She wasn’t going through her rage just yet… but she was very near it.

She was surprised that Tony finally got up after a series of hard and brutal hits, actually laughing at her.

“You’ve gotten soft, girl. Maybe I should break both of your hands…” he smiled. She had enough. Her eyes misted over as she screamed at him and charged up. She hit him with a wave of lightning, knocking him back a few feet.

“And, there it is…” Bruce sadly noted. However, J’onn shook his head, checking her vitals through the monitors and going through her mind.

“She’s not raging. She’s simply… upset.” he almost smiled. She was on the edge but he was happy that she wasn’t letting herself go past it.

The white-haired man kept getting up after she hit him, laughing at her. It started to anger her; how could he sit there and laugh at her after all that he had done? He had killed Wyatt, he had threatened Jamila and then he had killed Ethan; it infuriated her that he had the nerve to laugh, not even fight back. As she grabbed Tony by the shirt and charged up to the maximum of her ability, that’s when it dawned on her. He wasn’t fighting back. Not once did he attack her. Her mind cleared and she looked down at him. He was a bloody mess; his clothes were torn, his right eye was swollen and blood seeped out wherever it could. Yet, he still smiled and laughed at her.

“Go ahead; do it, Tabitha. Hit me; kill me again!!” he almost insanely laughed. It was enough to make her stop charging up.

“N-no…” she weakly said. More tears streamed down her cheeks as she gathered him into her arms and hugged him, “No…” was all she could say. She buried her head into his chest and began to sob, finally coming to terms of what she had done.

“That’s enough…” Bruce had seen all that he wanted to see. The Martian had to admit that he had as well and stopped the program. They entered the room and looked at Tabitha dropped to her knees and continued to sob. J’onn approached her, laying a gentle hand on her shoulder.

“Tabitha…” he tried. She looked up at him, shaking from crying so hard.

“I… I killed him. I never meant to…”

“It’s okay…” Bruce answered for J’onn. It only made Tabitha shake her head.

“W-who kills their best friend? A-a-and children… oh, God; they were just kids! I can’t… I can’t bring them back…” she continued to cry. It was enough to make J’onn almost regret putting her through that program; the last thing he wanted to do was have her doubt her intentions of being a super heroine.

“Let’s… take a break…”

The End

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