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She was nearing the end of her treatment but felt like there was no improvement on her situation. While she hadn’t been put through anything to trigger her rage, she had this feeling that the daily sessions with J’onn, learning how to meditate, even talking with the other founding members was in vain. It saddened her whenever she thought about it; she had learned to like it up there in Watchtower, roaming around without her head wrap, getting to know the other League members. She had to get used to seeing them in their superhero outfits all the time; she learned that since no one knew when a mission would come through, it was the sure safe way of being ready when it happens.

The founding members had actually grown attached to Tabitha; each one really hoped that she completed her rehabilitation successfully: they all looked forward to having her as a team member. For Bruce to praise her, they knew that she was very talented (for him to have even took her in as a sidekick spoke volumes in itself). Only he, J’onn and Superman witnessed her go through one of her blackout phases and all three had to admit that she was nearly unstoppable when she reached that peak. J’onn really wanted to see her use that power and not go through a rage in order to achieve that level.

She was walking with J’onn to a training room. She had been around him for so long that she no longer blushed in his presence; she had gotten used to the Martian and his mannerism. While walking, she suddenly looked at him.


“Umm… I hate to tell you what to do…”

“I’m always up for suggestions.”

“It may be a good idea not to go through doc’s mind whenever you see her!” she advised. He quickly glanced at her but then back ahead.

“… I will have to agree with that…” his response made her stop dead in her tracks. She sighed heavily.

“So… you know…”

“I see why you are good friends with her; she is very loyal to you. However, her thoughts are… very provocative whenever I am around her…” he admitted. If the Martian wasn’t capable of blushing, Tabitha did it for him, “Her last thoughts had something to do with honey… I would rather not go into details…”

“Oh… my… God…” her cheeks ached, “I’m gonna kill her! No; not literally!” she saw that J’onn looked at her. He gave her a smile.

“It’s quite alright. She has done nothing wrong.” the two continued to walk.

“So… how I’m doing?” she wanted to change the subject.

“I don’t know; what do you think?” he looked down at her. She looked straight ahead and shrugged.

“I think… you’ve been wanting to send me back to Gotham since week one!” she admitted but he laughed a little.

“You’re too hard on yourself. I hope this will help loosen you up.” he said as they entered the room. She knew that there would be some sort of training involved in her treatment however she raised an eyebrow as she was face-to-face with Wonder Woman. She folded her arms and smiled at Tabitha.

“Well; I hope you’re ready!” she simply said. She could only blink back at the woman.

“Ready for……”

“Fighting me.”

“W-wait; say what now?! J’onn…” she turned around to face the Martian. He was against the wall.

“This is part of your final phase of your treatment.”

“B-but… I can’t…” she knew that she wouldn’t be able to talk her way out of it through him. She looked back at Wonder Woman, “Wonder Woman…” she tried but the woman shook her head.

“Call me Diana. And… if you’re going to be a part of the Justice League, this is one of the things you’ll have to do on a regular basis, anyway.” she took a fighting stance. However, Tabitha shook her head and looked down at the mat.

“Then, to hell with that; I ain’t hitting a Justice League member!” she proclaimed. In his mind, J’onn was proud of her and already passed her for this part of the treatment. He found it to be true; she would not fight someone innocent. He knew that she would have to get over it because Diana was right; training and sparring with one another was as vital as going on missions.

“Suit yourself.” Diana shrugged. Tabitha thought that was the end of that and turned to face J’onn. When she saw his faint smirk, she immediately turned back around and saw a fist closing in on her face. Thinking quickly, Tabitha grabbed Diana’s wrist and stepped behind her, holding her arm behind her back. She yanked her towards her but then pushed her away, hoping that the show of force would deter her from another attack.

She was wrong. Diana came after her with a kick this time around. She grabbed the red high heeled boot and flipped her onto the mat. One of the triplet’s favorite wrestlers came to mind as she cradled Diana’s back. She grabbed her wrists and pulled her arms towards her, trying to keep her in place.

“Diana, please; I don’t wanna fight you…” she tried. The reply was a swift kick to the back of the head. Tabitha immediately let go of her arms and rolled off, more in shock than in pain. She had to roll out of the way of a heeled boot coming down on her and knew that she wasn’t safe on the ground.

While Tabitha was busy being defensive, Superman, Bruce and Green Lantern had joined the Martian on the wall, watching the sparring match.

“She’s not fighting back…” Bruce noticed. J’onn finally let his smile come out.

“Yes. I know.”

“Does she know that this is what you wanted to see?” Superman asked. J’onn shook his head.

“No. She honestly doesn’t want to fight Diana. I told her to try to provoke her as much as she can. She hasn’t gone into a rage…” he was happy to see. The three saw that Diana was very persistent and Tabitha reluctantly threw a stream of lightning towards her. It wasn’t a potent one; she was still trying to ward the woman off. It was blocked by one of her gauntlets and Tabitha quickly sighed for relief. Diana finally landed a hard punch to her stomach, knocking the wind out of her slightly, and ended the attack with an uppercut to her face. The two blows were enough to put worry onto Bruce’s face; they were hard enough to knock her away. When Tabitha glared at her, the other two men held their breaths. She did a quick Lightning Cloud to be face-to-face with the woman and retaliated with a fierce punch to her face, adding lightning to her fist.

“Wow… that was… quick…” Green Lantern noticed. Bruce nodded.

“She threatened to follow me around all night before I agreed to make her a sidekick.”

“Seems as though she clearly has the advantage…” J’onn noted. Bruce didn’t know if he was making fun of him so he could only slightly glare at the Martian.

“I wonder who would win between her and Wally…” Green Lantern wondered aloud.

Regardless of how fierce the punch was, J’onn saw that Tabitha was actually sympathetic about hitting Diana. She grabbed Tabitha and threw her almost across the room. She landed on her feet and saw Diana charging after her yet again. She narrowed her eyes but took off in the other direction, running away from her. She did a Lightning Cloud off the wall, ricocheting herself to right in front of Diana, and gave her feet a quick sweep. Tabitha put all of her weight on Diana and started to charge up, despite Diana grabbing a hold of her wrists.

“That’s enough.” J’onn ordered. Not that he was worried that she was about to injure Diana; he was quite proud that she hadn’t shown any signs of blacking out. Diana smiled and released her hold on Tabitha. She helped Diana up but gave J’onn a sorrowful look.

“I’m… I’m sorry…”

“For what? That was very good.”

“Very good? But… I didn’t even fight back…” she looked down. He gave her a warm smile and placed his hand on her shoulder.

“That was the point…” he clued her in, “Now, are you ready for the second part of the final phase?”

The End

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