Not So Little Green Men 1.6Mature

The treatments had quite a few phases, she found out. While the Martian told her that they would consist for about an hour a day, the sessions could run longer. She would stay on Watchtower for about a month while J’onn tried to figure out the root of her problem. The treatments consisted of everything from her learning meditation techniques to just talking about things (seeing that J’onn read minds, she tried not to think about the really bad things and left those parts out). He even took samples from her, determined to study more about the mutant DNA strand.

Bruce walked into one of the numerous labs aboard Watchtower, finding J’onn looking through an electron microscope.

“How is she?” he didn’t mean to interrupt. However, the Martian had called him to the lab; Bruce figured that he had found something. He knew about the mutant strand running around inside of her, trying to take over her initial DNA. He almost hated that he let the Justice League take her; he wanted to take a look at the extraordinary strand, himself.

“In a manner of speaking, she’s fine. Perfectly healthy. She told me about the extra DNA strand that she’s carrying; the one trying to fuse with her actual DNA. Take a look.” he moved so that Bruce could take a look. Once he did, he popped up and looked back at the Martian.

“… It’s not trying, anymore… it’s already fused.” he had to shake his head. He knew that she wanted to try to become normal again. Now that the mutant DNA was permanent, he knew that there were very slim chances of that happening, “Is that the reason for her rage?”

“It’s very possible. I would like to speak with the doctor who first found out about that strand.”

“I’ll set up a visit.”



“Oh, shit… sorry!” Jamila quickly apologized as she looked at photo of the strand. She put it down and looked at the two Justice League members. She had been caught off guard when she came home and her husband told her that a Bruce Wayne and his assistant were there to talk to her. She had known about Bruce Wayne; that was Tabitha’s boss and close friend in Gotham as well as Batman (Tabitha figured that she could tell her best friend any and everything without any repercussions). When she led the two into the basement that she changed into a computer/study room, she jumped when the “assistant” transformed into a Martian, “Does she know?” she asked, grabbing the results of the tests that herself and Wyatt ran. She put the pictures side-by-side; a vast difference between the two.

“No.” J’onn shook his head. Jamila frowned up, running her hands through a few strands of dreads.

“What the hell…” she thought about what Wyatt had said; she had at least two years. She thought about how long ago that was and had to sadly admit that the time lapse was almost right.

Their attention went to the opening of the door up the stairs. Jamila was amazed at how quickly J’onn shifted back to the assistant. It was a good thing; her husband made his way down the stairs carrying a manila envelope.

“This just came. Hope I’m not interrupting anything…”

“No…” the professor sighed, grabbing the envelope, “Just found out that Tabs can’t be normal; that DNA already fused…”

“What?! No…” her husband shook his head. Jamila slowly nodded but noticed the address on the envelope.

“Huh; talk about perfect timing…” she immediately opened the envelope, “These are the results back in New York. Tabs was supposed to be cured there but the geneticist said that the formula didn’t take. She said that her strand was far more advanced than the kids she cured; long story…” she realized that none of the men knew the whole story, “Anyway; when she told me, I asked her to give me a photo of the sample she took.” she took the papers out of the envelope. When she got a good look at them, it was enough to make her slump down on the couch, “No…”

“What is it?” J’onn asked, going over to her. Jamila showed him the photo.

“It’s the same. It was already fused back then. That was… almost a year ago. But, what made it…” as soon as she wondered, it hit her. Jamila held back her tears for her best friend, “She wasn’t supposed to use her powers. It sped up the takeover…”

“Is there any way the new strand could have an effect on her mood? As far as anger?” Bruce asked. She thought for a moment but then shrugged.

“It could be possible. Besides the powers, it’s a pretty good chance that the strand could alter something else in her. Why? She’s been angry lately?”

“It’s become noticeable that she has a problem with rage. But… only when she fights…” Bruce slowly looked at J’onn. Both he and the professor caught on.

“… I remember when she was fighting her best friend. She… blacked out; I could tell.” She remembered. The two Justice League members slightly nodded.

“I’m helping her trying to overcome her rage. Thank you for your help, Dr. Lindsey.” J’onn shook her hand.

“Anything for Tabs. Could you do me a favor? Don’t tell her that she’s stuck; she’ll be really heartbroken if you told her right now. Do what you need to do to her first… and then tell her.”

The End

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