Not So Little Green Men 1.5Mature

In the same manner that the three Justice League members appeared in the Batcave, they were all transported onboard Watchtower, Tabitha in tow. Two things that she was dissatisfied with; one: no one told her how being teleported from one spot to another would make her absolutely nauseated; she had no idea how she was able to hold in the contents of her stomach as they materialized on the teleport pads (maybe part of it was that she really didn’t think that throwing up all over the Martian’s shoes would’ve impressed him…)! The other thing that made her purse her lips was the actual location of Watchtower… in space!

“Sooo sick of surprises…” she mumbled once her stomach felt like it was back in its usual spot. It made the Martian lightly chuckle and look at her.

“You will get used to it. Welcome to Watchtower.” he announced and let her look around a bit. They were in the control room and where she thought Bruce’s Batcave was impressive, this room alone took the cake! She became slightly lightheaded as she tried to keep up with everything that was going on, along with everyone that roamed around. She was surprised to see regular people and assumed that they were mere civilian workers; they had on blue uniforms. Everyone else that walked through were definitely superheroes and she was surprised to see that they came in all different shapes, sizes, gender and even species. Her eyes wondered all over the room; from the massive control center with its large monitors to the teleportation pads that they had recently stepped away from. Her eyes finally landed on Martian Manhunter and she felt her cheeks flush as he slightly smiled at her; why did he have that effect on her?

“This is… incredible, Mr. Manhunter…”

“Please; call me J’onn J’onzz.” he liked her politeness. She gave him a look.

“… J’onn…?”

“J’onzz.” he repeated. She stifled a laugh.

“Okay… Mr. J’onzz….”

“Just… J’onn, if you don’t mind.” he corrected her. She gave him a small smile and a nod, “This way, Tabitha.” J’onn guided her through the control room. Leaving the room, they reached a long hallway; one side mostly wall with an occasional opening for a room of some sort, the other side a large window. No one else paid it any mind; she knew that they were used to being in space. She, however, couldn’t help but to stop and gaze every few steps.

“This… puts you closer to home?” she asked before she thought about it. J’onn was ahead of her and she hoped that he knew the question was directed towards him. When he flinched slightly, she bit her lip; she offended him yet again, she felt, “Uh… never mind; sorry…” she apologized and decided to just walk behind him, not saying a word.

The nearly ten minute walk was eerily silent and she was relieved that they had stopped in another corridor; this one had numerous doors on both sides. Housing, she figured. To try to pass the time getting there, Tabitha thought about how it must have been for J’onn aboard Watchtower. From what she had seen, it seemed that he was the only Martian there. Must be pretty lonely, species-wise, she sadly thought.

J’onn picked a door, pressed in a code on the electronic keypad and waited until it beeped a green to give her a card.

“This will be your temporary room while you’re here.” he calmly announced. The door slid open and she took a quick mental tour of the room. It was standard; a full bed, a nightstand, a dresser with a mirror and a bathroom, “Keep that card in a safe place; the code is the key to get in your room. We’ll start the first phase of your treatment in an hour. Do you remember how to get back to the control room?” he asked. She slightly nodded; if she got lost, she figured that she could just ask around. J’onn gave her another warm smile and she looked away. She knew what the problem was; he was really handsome for an alien. His physique wasn’t bad, either; it was way nicer than anyone else’s she’d seen… ever, “Yes… being the only Martian in the world does get a bit lonely… but I’ve learned to manage and make friends.” he suddenly changed the subject. Tabitha blinked a few times at him.

“W-wait… how did you…” she stumbled. His smile widened but he turned away; if she hadn’t known better, she would say that it was his turn to blush!

“And, thank you for the compliment although I’m a Martian… not an alien.” he finished and left, leaving her totally and utterly flustered.

“Oh, dear Jesus; he fucking reads minds…”

She was glad that she remembered how to get back to the control room; from there she was led to a large conference room by J’onn. There was a large oval table with seven chairs surrounding it. All the seats were taken except for three. In the other seats were Superman, Wonder Woman and two men. The first was in all red; the one thing that made Tabitha smile was the yellow lightning bolt in the middle of his chest. His mask, like most of the superheroes she had seen roaming around, covered his face down to his nose, exposing his jawline; it formed around his head and what seemed like lightning bolts stuck out from the sides. A possible competitor, she thought happily; she couldn’t say that she was on good terms with others who had her ability. He had a wide smile on his face, his green eyes showing a slight excitement as he looked at her.

The other man donned a black suit highlighted by green that stretched across his shoulders. A green circular symbol was placed in the middle of his chest surrounded by a white circle. She had no idea what the symbol meant but she was already excited to be in his presence; of all the superheroes that she’s met and seen, he was the only one of color. He was also one of the few that didn’t wear any sort of mask; his face was rigid and his green eyes gave her an uninterested stare. Definitely military, she figured; it immediately made her want to stand at attention in his presence.

“I wanted you to meet the rest of the founding members, Tabitha. This is Green Lantern and The Flash.” J’onn introduced. That’s what that symbol is, she wanted to smack herself on the forehead. She simply nodded at the two, “Bruce has talked about you for quite some time now.”

“Only good things, I hope…” she blurted out. J’onn gave her a smile.

“You’re feeling a bit uncomfortable being here. However, you being here tells us that you are willing to be helped. We want to make things better for you. If you complete your treatment satisfactory… you will have the option of joining the Justice League.” J’onn announced. Her eyes widened and then she looked at everyone else for approval. Even Green Lantern was all smiles.


“Bruce mentioned that you’re very talented and skilled. You have a true willingness to help the ones who need help. Seeing that, we have no problem accepting you.”

“You have to get through your treatment first…” Wonder Woman winked. Tabitha smiled. She had a feeling that the small group really wanted her to pass her treatment.

“I gotta question before we begin.” she looked at J’onn, “How long you’ve been reading my mind?”

“Since meeting you.” he admitted.

“Oh, boy…” she mumbled.

The End

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