Not So Little Green Men 1.3Mature

She was given an informal tour of the Batcave as the two sat at the Batcomputer. After she had calmed down and he tended to her wounds, the two shared on how they became to be. His story was shorter than hers and he simply stared at her when she had finished.

“Does Ethan know?” it actually worried him. If he had known who she was then it was a no-brainer that he knew who Batman was.

“No.” she sighed to his slight relief, “I ain’t found the heart to tell him. I don’t know how he’d take it, really. I don’t want him hating me…”

“He wouldn’t hate you.” he slightly smiled. He knew his good friend; both of them. While Ethan would be slightly upset that she didn’t tell him sooner, he would see that she was out to protect the city. If anything, he would have to fight to keep his mouth shut, trying not to brag that he was dating Batman’s sidekick, Bruce smiled wider at that thought, “You know after what happened tonight… we definitely need to talk…”

“I know…” she sighed. He turned towards the Batcomputer and prepared the teleportation pad.

“Have you ever heard of the Justice League?” he knew it was a dumb question; everyone had heard of them. Her slight shrug made him give her an amused look.

“I remember Ethan talking about ‘em vaguely.”

“What do you mean, vaguely?”

“I try not to follow things like that…” it was enough to make him laugh and widen his eyes. She narrowed her eyes at him, “He said that you were a part of ‘em… and that some guy named Superman was the leader…” she tried to hide a smile. She wasn’t lying; Ethan did tell her that. After finding out who Batman was, she knew that it would rub him the wrong way.

“Right…” his laughter immediately stopped. He didn’t dislike Superman or any of the others; he was just tired of being overshadowed by the ones who had superpowers. He glared at her when she snorted, “Superman… and myself…” he wanted to deter the twinkle in her eye; she was on the verge of laughter, “along with five others founded the Justice League. I told them about you and…”

“You told them about me…?”

“Yes. They’re willing to help you out.” he finished. She folded her arms and looked the other way.

“Just what I needed… therapy…” she huffed.

“It’s really for your own good, Tabitha. You’re a great super heroine; you really are. Your heart is in the right place. I’m just worried about your mind. Until you get control over that rage, nights like this will continue to happen.” he thought sadly. Before he could say anything else, three figures had formed on the teleportation pad, making Tabitha jump away from the port.

When they came into view, she could do nothing but awe at their presence. The man in the front was Superman: the red S on his chest was a dead giveaway; it had a red border with a yellow fill. His outfit was blue with long sleeves highlighted with red boots, red trunks with a gold band and a red flowing cape; all accentuated his bulging muscles. His jet black hair was cut short and curly; she thought that the small curl that laid on his forehead was slightly kiddy and cute. He was a few inches taller than her, a mere inch taller than Bruce, but his wide shoulders made it seem as if he towered over her. He didn’t give her an intimidating look; his blue eyes just plainly looked at her.

The next character she noticed was a woman, who flanked Superman’s left side. She noticed that the woman and she shared the same build, being lean and tone. She looked just as tall as the men however Tabitha saw that she was wearing red with gold stripes high heeled boots; she could’ve been the same height as herself. A golden tiara with a red star did nothing to hold back her black wavy locks. She seemed to smirk at Tabitha, her own blue eyes sparkling as she did (Tabitha wondered did all superheroes have the same trait or were they somehow related with their black hair and blue eyes…). Her attire was very seductive; she wore a red corset with two golden bands that seemed to have curved around the top of her breasts (looking closely, it seemed that they formed two curvy Ws). At her waist was a thick gold belt where she kept a glowing golden rope coiled up to the side of her. Her blue and white star trunks highlighted the muscles in her thighs and legs. Tabitha concluded that she was some sort of royalty.

Then her attention slightly stayed on the last member in the trio. He was Martian, she knew that for certain by the green skin and the common beetle brow that they were always depicted with. However, he was nowhere near what she had expected if she ever came across a Martian. He towered over everyone in the room; he was easily over 6’5, she figured. The only thing that was non-human about him was the protruding brow and the green skin; his other physical qualities were human. His blue cape was secured around his neck by a loose gold rope. Red straps crossed each other near his incredible abs, forming a belt with a gold, round buckle above his blue trunks and his feet were covered by blue boots; his whole attire did nothing to hide how muscular he was. Finally, she almost smiled, no black haired, blue eyed superhero; he was bald and his blood red eyes stayed on her. It made her blush when she admitted to herself that he was impressive!

She took her attention away from the three and glared at Bruce.

“You know, a warning would’ve been nice: ‘Tabitha, you may need to back up from that spot’…” she did her best to imitate him. It was enough to get a slight snort out of the woman, a smirk from Superman, an eye roll from Bruce and a light chuckle from the Martian.

“This is Superman, Wonder Woman and Martian Manhunter… don’t let the name fool you.” he quickly added when her pupils widened and she stopped smiling at the mention of his name. She calmed down enough to shake their hands, “Martian Manhunter is going to help you with your problem.”

“She would be more comfortable if we thought of it as treatment.” his deep voice actually sent chills throughout her body; she wasn’t expecting for him to have a voice like that, let alone speak! It made her blush even more as he looked back at her.

“Uh… it won’t… hurt… will it…?” the only thing that ran amok in her mind was the stereotypical probing that all the movies claimed aliens did to humans. She wanted to hot tail it out of there!

“Yes, it will… a lot…” Bruce couldn’t help himself. Everyone’s laughter calmed her down a little; she then blushed even more as she realized that she just may had insulted the Martian with her silly question.

“I assure you it will not hurt.” Martian Manhunter slightly smiled at her. She nodded.

“So, we’re doing it here; right now?” she wondered. Whatever the Martian was going to do to her, she was pretty sure that Bruce had the equipment to do it with.

The thought made Bruce slightly smile; he couldn’t help it. His main priority was to get his good friend some help, especially if she insisted on fighting crime. However, the thought of where she would be going and for how long would mean that he would no longer have a sidekick… something that he had preferred in the first place.

“We think that it’s best for you to go to Watchtower and go through your treatments there.” he said to her.

“… Watchtower…?” the same wide-eyed look that Bruce had given her earlier was being shared by Superman and Wonder Woman.

“She’s never heard of us…?” Wonder Woman directed her question towards Bruce. He laughed and shook his head.

“She doesn’t bother with ‘minor’ details…”

“H-Hey; never said they were minor!” she glared at Bruce yet again, “Why are you giving me shit in front of them?!” she immediately covered her mouth after the words escaped. Wonder Woman raised her eyebrows at the white-haired woman and laughed.

“I like her, already…”

“Watchtower is our base. The majority of the Justice League call it home.” Superman explained. Tabitha nodded.

“So, I’m leaving. What about… Ethan…?” she realized. Yet again, she blushed; for some reason, it made her flustered to admit that she had a boyfriend in front of the Martian.

It was something that Bruce had overlooked. It either meant that Tabitha would have to swallow her pride and let him know about the real her or lie. When he gave her a look, she understood what needed to be done. She couldn’t tell him right then and there; it was still too soon for her. She had to get up the nerve and lie to the man.

The End

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