Not So Little Green Men 1.1Mature

She had to put things just as she found them when she left, even putting the hands of the clock back to where they should be. When she saw Bruce during the dinner party, she could do nothing but study his face. Why had it not dawned on her before; the jawlines were perfectly matched. She wondered did all superheroes have complete opposite demeanors between their “real” self and their “superhero” self. It was a dumb question, she realized; they all had to.

When she tried to think about why he would moonlight as Batman, she figured that it was another dumb question. It had to be for vengeance. He never mentioned if the guy who murdered his parents was ever caught; they could very well still be out there. Regardless of the reason he had to become a vigilante, the one thing that she wanted to know more than anything: why a bat?

She wondered if she would go with the same approach as when she debated on telling Peter she knew that he was Spider-Man. She thought against it; for her to confess meant for her to tell him exactly how she found out; Tabitha figured that he wouldn’t be a happy camper if he found out that the woman he had trusted with upgrading his home had snuck into his secret lair. Another thought crossed her mind; did Ethan know? Was he genuinely clueless as to Batman’s identity? If he had known, it made more sense as to why he was always at ends with himself; she didn’t know what she would’ve done had she been ordered to track down and bring in her best friend. However, if he didn’t know, she decided that it was not her place to tell him.

Having Nikki as a sidekick was great at first for Bruce. However, it had slowly began to take its toll on him. He knew that it would happen sooner or later; it was one of the reasons why he was against having a sidekick in the first place. She had started prolonging fights, ones that could’ve easily ended a little after they had begun. She wouldn’t listen to him when he had to tell her that enough was enough; Bruce didn’t know whether it was on purpose or if she simply lost control of her own body. Regardless, it was annoying and a potential hazard; her favorite to fight was Joker: with the way the two competed with one another (it was as if they were trying to see who could outlast the other), Bruce knew that all it would take was a quick throw of some type of Joker poison and she would be done.

Why couldn’t Nikki be more like Tabitha, he always wondered. The southern belle was a bit brazen but nonetheless polite, caring and willing to listen. She was cool, calm, collected and very talented. He even dared to admit that she was attractive as well; he knew what Ethan saw in her and found himself wondering if he would ever find someone like her.

Although her day job was less strenuous than her night one, Tabitha found that doing both was starting to take its toll on her. She knew what was happening; she had started to lose awareness of minutes passed when she battled, especially when she faced Joker. He taunted her, even laughed at her and she wasn’t having some freak show clown make fun of her. Every night, she would tell herself that she wouldn’t let him push her buttons. Unfortunately, that pep talk went out the window whenever she saw the smirk from his red lips.

She was exhausted as she quickly made her way back home. She was glad that she had stopped quickly across the street; she would have missed Ethan’s car parked in front of her building.

“Shit…” she whispered. A quick Lightning Cloud confirmed that he was in her apartment; fast asleep in the bed. She quickly and quietly maneuvered inside the building, opened the door as softly as she could and changed clothes in the middle of her living room. She was glad that she hadn’t washed clothes; she found a dirty uniform by the couch. She wrapped a t-shirt around her hair, took a deep breath and loudly opened and closed her door. When she heard him shift in the bed, she smiled to herself and made a loud yawning sound. As she made her way to her bedroom, undoing her top, she jumped as his sleepy eyes met hers.

“Hmm… late night, Miss Lyght…”

“Jesus! I swear… if you wasn’t a detective, I would’ve called the police on your ass! Don’t you know that breaking and entering is a misdemeanor…?”

“A felony actually…” he smiled as he watched her take her uniform off, “You’re just now getting off?”

“… Yeah. Goof on my part. Fucked up the wiring and I couldn’t leave until it was fixed. It was a bitch…” she sighed and climbed into the bed, still in her underwear. He immediately pulled her closer to him and gave her a kiss, “H-Hey… you’re naked!” she realized. He shrugged and began to fiddle with her underwear.

“So I am…”

The End

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