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She had to admit that all of her relationships were going great. Bruce and she were almost the best of friends; when he wasn’t trying to impress the media with a fake weekly fling and she wasn’t out with her boyfriend, the two were always seen together: she was surprised that the gossip columns weren’t filled with rumors about the two of them.

Then again, she had to give them credit; they knew that she was just his trusting and loyal head technician as well as Detective Bennett’s very steady girlfriend. Ethan and she were heavily in love; so much so that she seriously thought about asking him to move in with her. She knew that she would have to confess to him who she was and what she was capable of. Tabitha had hoped that it wouldn’t damage their relationship; she knew that he actually didn’t mind having another vigilante roaming around Gotham so her hopes were very high. It was finding the right time to tell him that was killing her.

Even Batman (he had told her to drop the formalities; he was simply known as Batman) was starting to tolerate her more. The two were making easy work of the freaks and other bad guys around town as well as avoiding GCPD as much as possible. Tabitha admitted to herself that had she not been in love with Ethan, she would have tried to put all of her attention on the Dark Knight.

Taking care of Wayne Manor was something she had looked forward to; she found a new room to “explore” almost every week. Being a multibillionaire had its perks; travel was one of them, she quickly learned. Her boss had been around the globe and had the artifacts and souvenirs to prove it. Seeing that geography was her favorite subject, she would always take the time to look at the various items, wondering where they came from and how Bruce had acquired it. Of course, Alfred seemed to always be a step or two behind her, as if watching her. The way he hounded her, she wondered if he either didn’t trust her completely or he was making sure that she didn’t go somewhere that was off limits. She really couldn’t blame him; the manor was filled with priceless items and heirlooms. With time, however, the elderly butler grew to trust her as much as his master did and seemed to delight in telling her about his many adventures around the world.

She had grown accustomed to Bruce’s numerous dinner parties in the manor so it wasn’t anything special as she tried to quickly finish her work before one started. As she placed the cover back on one of the lights in the living room (which her entire apartment was a mere fraction the size of), she saw her friend grab her toolbox; a sign that he made to signify the end of her work. She smirked at him but then her smile widened at who was behind him; Ethan and Yin. While Bruce was dressed in a classic tuxedo, the two detectives were in plain clothes exposing their holsters. Without thinking of that fact, Tabitha quickly made her way over to her boyfriend and gave him a soft kiss. When she saw that he had a look of embarrassment, she stepped away.

“Oooh… you’re on duty…”

“Unfortunately.” he finally smiled.

“The chief of police assigned us for security…” Yin almost mumbled, secretly rolling her eyes towards Bruce. Both Tabitha and Ethan tried to tell her that what the tabloids and gossip magazines reported about him weren’t true. However, Yin had already formulated a biased opinion on the billionaire and couldn’t for the life of her see what his best friend and his head technician saw in him. To her, he would always be the rich, spoiled, arrogant playboy. She drew her attention to the lights in the room and looked at Tabitha, “So… you really do all of this work by yourself?” she mused. Tabitha grabbed her toolbox from Bruce and smiled.

“Never met a wire I couldn’t handle! Can’t trust no one else to do the work that I do; and it takes too long to train ‘em so… I rather just do it myself. Need some upgrades in your home, detective?”

“… I don’t think I could afford your services…” it was a straight and blatant jab at Bruce, actually. Ethan winced at her boldness but Tabitha gave her a blank stare.

“What? You actually thought I’d charge you?! Nah… free for you and anyone else at the station!” she smiled. Yin returned the smile.

“Thanks. I think I’ll pass for the moment… but I’ll keep that in mind.”

“Okay. Guess I’m done here, huh, boss?”

“Stop calling me that!” Bruce laughed, “I wanted you to join the party. Guests won’t be arriving for another couple of hours; I know it’s a little last minute but better late than never, right?”

“I don’t think Tabitha has anything she could wear to something like this…”

“I don’t think Tabitha blah, blah, blah, blah!” she mocked her boyfriend and gave him a slight push, “How about you go patrol the grounds or something?!” she laughed. She slightly blushed at the fact that he was right; she had nothing in her wardrobe that wouldn’t make her feel underdressed for one of his dinners. She would have to go out and quickly buy something.

Ethan gave his girlfriend a quick kiss before the two detectives excused themselves to begin their security detail.

“Well?” Bruce looked at her.

“Okay; I guess. Let me run a quick check and then I’ll leave to get ready.”

“Good. If you can’t find me, just tell Alfred to rearm the security.” he told her and left. Tabitha went upstairs to a room she had done earlier that day to check on the wiring job. When everything was satisfactory, she started to make her trek back. The massive bookshelf in the study intrigued her; she went in to take a quick look at it. Something didn’t feel right about the whole room, now that she was inside of it. For it to be in the manor, it was dull and boring; not as elaborate as the other rooms. As if someone didn’t want to draw any attention to the room, she thought. None of the books on the shelf had any writing on the spines. Curiosity getting the best of her, Tabitha picked up a random book, opened it and saw that it was indeed blank.

“The hell… something’s here…” she half whispered. She put the book back and studied the scene a bit more. On the left side of the shelf was a grandfather clock. Had she not been looking for clues, she would’ve missed it altogether; the pendulum was out of sync with the ticks of the clock. It’s a fake, she gave the clock a curious look. What was he trying to hide here?

She got closer to the clock and noticed that there were two spots that were tanned in the face. It wasn’t by much but as close as she was, it was noticeable. She moved the hands of the clock to shadow the tanned spots: 10:48. No sooner had she done so, the clock gave way, making her gasp. A secret entrance, she realized. She quickly glanced around to make sure that no one was watching and quickly stepped inside. The door closed her in immediately and she was alone in the dark. She was glad that she had her toolbox and fumbled to retrieve her mini flashlight. Looking around, she saw that she was on a staircase that had been built into the wall. It spiraled down into the dark void below her but she didn’t hesitate to follow it. Flashing the light around slightly, she realized that she was in a cave and was immediately puzzled as to why her friend would have a secret entrance to a cave. Maybe it had something to do with the Wayne legacy; maybe more heirlooms were hidden there, she thought. A secret mine; she had a feeling that she would find out the origins of how Bruce really got his money!

A couple of feet from the end of the staircase stood a massive steel door. It surprised her as it easily gave way when she tried to pry it open and was reminded of two things: Bruce’s security system was turned off and she had super strength as it was! She traveled down a short corridor and encountered another huge door; this one was made of lead. Just as before, she had no problem opening it… and stood in a paralyzed shock at what laid in front of her. It was definitely an enormous cavern but modernized. In the middle was a computer system like no other she had seen before. Labs and workstations seemed to stretch out as far as the eye could see. As she finally found her legs, she walked around and noticed other areas; a training/gymnasium area, somewhat of a trophy case, an armory, even a harbor. It was there where she became frozen yet again; on the edges of the harbor were vehicles of all kinds… quite a few were noticeably variations of the Batmobile. On a wall next to the harbor were suits encased in glass… Batman’s suits to be exact.

“Holy… shit…” she couldn’t believe her eyes. She tried to reason that maybe, just maybe Bruce was a very avid Batman fan; he would be the only one who had enough money to get any of the patented items. However, that only explained the vehicles, the suits and the weapons. There was only one way to explain the other intricate things she found in the cave, “… Bruce Wayne… is muthafucking Batman!!”

The End

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