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As if he didn’t have enough on his plate; Ethan and the rest of GCPD had to deal with yet another vigilante on their watch. A woman who could conjure up lightning. Whether she was wearing a suit that produced the lightning abilities for her or she was just another mutant didn’t matter; Chief Rojas was not tolerating two vigilantes in the city.

He thought about the encounter as he made his way towards the Financial District. He guiltily admitted to himself that the lightning girl looked great in her snug, black outfit. He absentmindedly compared her to his Tabitha; they were shaped the same for sure… were they? He blew out a quick breath and laughed at himself; no way, he thought. He would’ve picked up on the fact that his girlfriend was a super heroine; a lightning-toting one at that. Ethan tried to come up with contrasts of the two. The lightning woman had pure white hair for one; Tabitha’s hair was…

He stopped at a traffic light and thought. He had yet to see her hair, not even a strand of it; she always wore that t-shirt head wrap.

“N-no. No! What am I thinking; that’s definitely not Tabitha!” he tried to reassure himself. He decided to call her.

She turned her TV down and smiled at the number displaying on her phone.

“Good evening, detective…” she tried her best to sound sleepy.

“Sweetheart, I didn’t wake you, did I?”

“Mmm hmm…” she was glad that she really had to stretch; it made her story more believable, “Long night?”

“Like you wouldn’t believe! I’m in the area. Can I…” he was about to ask but was interrupted by her light laugh.

“Don’t you know you ain’t gotta ask no more? Just stop by, goof!”

He debated on knocking but went with his instinct and simply opened the door. Only the glare from the TV gave light to the living room. He saw her sprawled out on her loveseat, wrapped in a thick blanket. She lazily looked up at him and smiled.

“Man… if you’re naked underneath that blanket, you’re going to make my whole week!” he smiled. She snorted.

“Just like a man to think that…” she showed him that she was fully clothed. He pretended to be disappointed but sat down beside her. She immediately embraced him and he gave her a passionate kiss. Before he knew it, he was studying her hands and fingers, remembering the shock he felt when the lightning woman hit his weapon. She eyed him strangely.

“Everything okay?” she asked, snapping him out of his trance. When he realized that her skin and hands were normal, he tenderly kissed them and let out a sigh.

“Yeah; just a long day. We came across The Batman tonight.”

“Oh! So you got ‘em?” she asked. Ethan slowly shook his head.

“No. He had… a sidekick.”

“You know, you guys are gonna be out of jobs soon…” she mentioned with a slight smile. He had to laugh; he knew that she was trying to make him lighten up about the situation. Many a night, he had to tell himself that he would not stress out in front of her. He knew for a fact that she always worried about him.

It was her turn to examine his hands. She grimaced and bit her lip; even in the dark, she saw it: the slight burn mark on the palm of his hand. She quickly turned her lamp on, just to make sure that she saw what she saw. She lightly traced the mark and looked at him.

“Baby, your hand…” her heart dropped a little. She didn’t want to hurt him; didn’t mean to. However, it was the only thing she could think of to make sure that they escaped. He shrugged and slightly smiled.

“It’s fine. Just a little burn.”

“What happened?”

“The Batman’s sidekick is a woman and… she did that to me.”

“Wait… what?” she looked dead into his eyes; she had to make sure that she sold her act. He laughed a little and gave her a quick kiss, “How?”

“It was… unbelievable. She… produced lightning from her hands.” he slowly remembered. She sat back and looked at him.

“Whoa… really?”

“Yeah. She hit Yin, too. Well, she didn’t actually hit us; I think she was aiming for our weapons. Pretty good shot…” he had to admit. Deep down, Tabitha was proud of the compliment; throughout her Army career, she always qualified as a sharpshooter on the rifle range, “Anyway, that’s where the burn mark came from; me holding my weapon when she hit it.” he shook his head. Had he not been there himself, he wouldn’t have believed it. Ethan had to remind himself that anything was possible in Gotham, especially when there were people like Joker running around.

She gently caressed his wound as he was deep in thought. She felt awful that she had hurt him, even if it wasn’t her fault that he held on to his weapon.

“I think I got some burn ointment somewhere.” she said as she got up.

“Tabby, I’m fine…” he threw his head back and laughed.

“Nope; don’t wanna hear it!” she said from her bathroom. As she rummaged through her medicine cabinet, Tabitha made a promise to herself: she would never throw lightning at him, ever again… no matter what.

The End

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