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She actually enjoyed being Bruce Wayne’s personal electrician. Along with dating his best friend, it made the two become good friends. It made her realize that she didn’t have his upbringing so she found it odd that the two were friends. She wouldn’t fit in with his other filthy rich associates. Then again, she had to realize that Bruce was definitely different from any rich bachelor she had seen portrayed in the movies.

Bruce Wayne was very different, despite what others thought of him. His forefathers actually were one of the first settlers in Gotham, which made him the actual prodigal son. His parents, however were brutally murdered in front of him when he was just a young boy and Alfred had a major part in raising him. She felt bad for him; he was really the last of the Waynes. Tabitha had always secretly hoped that the man would settle down and continue the name.

Despite the early tragedy, he had pulled himself together and made the decision that it wouldn’t be something that would completely ruin him. However, he didn’t let the fame and money get to his head. Tabitha saw that he was really a normal guy. Of course, he would dine in the finest restaurants, had the largest and most expensive home in Gotham (to his credit, Wayne Manor had been passed down generation after generation) and even attended the theatre for a night of opera on several occasions; these were the things that people expected for him to do.

Tabitha saw that those were very trivial things to him; the homey 50’s diner was where he was most comfortable if not at home. As she became his good friend, she saw what others didn’t; just about everything that the media and gossip columns “caught” him doing was a sham; a front to keep up with his rich, arrogant playboy tag. She didn’t understand why he did it… or why the media never caught on to it. Every time he was pictured with another beautiful woman (or sometimes women) on his arm, it was the same: they were all smiles, he looked… bored. The real Bruce Wayne was the one who sat and drank coffee with his technician and her detective boyfriend every other day in the diner, the one who looked happy whenever he contributed or gave back to Gotham.

When she finally got to take a look inside Wayne Manor, “impressed” was an understatement! She knew that the estate was large; she never imagined just how large. Tabitha had never been in a home as big as Wayne Manor and it puzzled her as to why a single man and his butler would want or even need so much space. When she thought about it, it made her wish she never took the job; she would be busy nonstop with upgrades to this massive home!

She didn’t know how she found the time to moonlight as a super heroine; even if Bruce was lenient and tried to cut her days short, she still wanted to spend as much (or as little) time with Ethan. Nevertheless; whenever their time was cut short, she would be out and about, attempting to help The Batman as much as she could. It seemed as though every night there was a different freak villain trying to defeat the man; they were just as adamant about taking him down as GCPD was! However, seeing that the city was filled with so many of them, it made her feel much better about being a mutant, herself!

Yet again, she had found The Batman having trouble with another villain. This one she recognized as Mr. Freeze, another genetically altered mutant. She knew that he was once a bank robber but old habits die hard; he had begun robbing the jewelry stores as of late. When she saw that he was encased halfway in a block of ice, Tabitha did a Lightning Cloud towards the two. Taking his attention off of The Batman, Mr. Freeze threw an ice blast towards her. She dodged it right on time and gotten a better look at the iceman, her first time ever doing so. He had what looked like a block of spiked ice protecting his head; the only thing she could see was a silhouette and glowing red eyes.

“Ah; the ‘lightning girl’ everyone’s been talking about. Hmm… I get to destroy two pests in one night!” it seemed like he was excited at the thought. Another ray of ice was sent her way and she had to do a Lightning Cloud to miss it. Tabitha was closer and noticed another useful detail about the robber.

“A suit…” she smiled. She sent a burst of lightning his way before thinking about it, shocking Mr. Freeze unconscious. She hoped that she hadn’t killed him, quickly checking on him as she made her way over to The Batman. She put her attention fully on him and almost couldn’t contain her smile, “Let’s see… I believe that’s seven in a row, pal! But, who’s counting?” she couldn’t help laying on some of Peter’s cockiness in her voice. He was too cold to even roll his eyes, shivering slightly.

Tabitha carefully applied lightning to the block of ice, hoping that she wouldn’t accidentally shock The Batman! When he saw that he was free, he tried to leave but was stunned as she immediately grabbed his wrist. He glared at her.

“What do you want?” he hissed. It only made Tabitha smile.

“Seems to me that we make a good team… especially seeing that I’ve definitely saved you on more than one occasion.” she told him. He sighed and snatched away from her grip.

“Thanks… again…”

“Oh, no, no, no… no; you’re not going to go ride off on your little motorcycle, again! I can help you out, you know…”

“I don’t need any sidekicks.”

“Really? You know… had I not shown up, you would’ve been ice cream by now!” she pointed a finger at him. He narrowed his eyes at her and turned to leave. Tabitha sighed and did a Lightning Cloud to face him, smiling at his surprised and irritated look, “See; not only did I prove that I’m stronger than you but I’m faster as well! You keep running away… and I’ll just end up chasing you…” she almost sang. Before he could glare at her yet again, a light was being flashed on the two. Tabitha squinted her eyes and looked in disgust at the flashing red and blue lights on top of the vehicle; the police, she rolled her eyes.

“It’s The Batman! Who’s that with him?” a familiar female voice asked. Tabitha closed her eyes in defeat. No; don’t tell me…

“I don’t know. Freeze, ‘Bats’!” Ethan ordered. Tabitha bit her tongue to keep from cursing out loud. She could think of only one thing to do; she sent two streaks of lightning towards the detectives. She had hoped for two things: one, they wouldn’t be quick enough to fire back at her and two, the lightning would not hit them. Tabitha sighed in relief as she saw that her aim was perfect, hitting their weapons instead of their bodies. She turned and saw that The Batman had catapulted himself up the building.

“Damn…” she huffed and followed him. As the two detectives tried to shake the uncomfortable feeling of being shocked from their hands, Ethan looked on in amusement at the quick streak of lightning that tailed the character.

“Was that… real…?” Yin asked. She looked on the ground where the two had dropped their guns; both had been melted into a pile of metal and rubber mess.

“It sure did feel like it! Who… or what is she?”

“I don’t know. Whatever she is, one thing is clear: she’s helping out The Batman…”

He put on a look of surprise yet again as the white-haired woman landed in front of him on top of the building. He sighed.

“Did you forget the conversation we just had? I have nothing else better to do in the morning; I can chase you all night! Faster than you…” she teased childishly. It was enough for Bruce to roll his eyes dramatically and place his head in his hand. She was right, he reasoned. She was lightning fast; she not only provided a distraction from Ethan and Yin but had caught up to him in no time. He also saw that she would keep her word and follow him effortlessly if he tried to escape again; he doubted that even if he used one of his smoke grenades, she would track him down sooner or later. A problem, a major one, especially if it led her to the Batcave.

He had to admit that she was helpful; she had thwarted many of villain away from him. That was something that he had appreciated; the nights were not as stressful and long for him. If he was to make her a sidekick, she would have to know the whereabouts of the Batcave… as well as his identity.

“Okay… fine…” he made the decision to give in.

“Okay?” she raised her eyebrow at him, trying not to smile.

“We can form a partnership. You… can be my sidekick…”

“Do I get to find out who you really are?” she tried.

“Do I…?” he retaliated. It was enough to make her laugh heartedly.

“That’s not just a no, but a hell no!”

“Hmm… something we agree on. Got a name?”

“Sg…” she stopped herself. Crap; not again, she wanted to moan out. Tabitha, yet again, had to come up with another super heroine name on the whim. She couldn’t use anything that had to do with her first or last name; not that she was well known but there was no telling who The Batman really was. If he was someone on the force, like she felt he was, then he knew who Detective Ethan Bennett was… and who his girlfriend was as well. Nothing was coming to her at the moment.

Tabitha slightly perked up; she couldn’t use her first or her last name… but no one knew her middle name! She giggled when the name formed in her head.

“Nikki. Nikki Strykher… at your service.” she slightly bowed and it produced a half smile from him.

The End

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