A New Beginning 1.3Mature

“Hmm… Alfred, take a look at this.” he summoned. Alfred Pennyworth, Bruce’s longtime guardian and butler approached the large screen his master was looking at; the two were at the Batcomputer. Being broadcasted was a picture of a young woman in military uniform along with numerous documentations. It wasn’t like him to not do a background check immediately before hiring new personnel however he was highly impressed with her work. It wasn’t until he made the decision that he would want to promote her yet again that he realized he needed to do a background check on her, “Tabitha Lyght: she’s from where she says she’s from. She never mentioned that she was in the military…” it actually explained her toned physique. He was curious as to why she never mentioned it before.

“Is that a problem, sir?”

“Actually… no. She got an honorable discharge so everything’s fine there. The problem is that she said she knows a bit about electronic engineering. Looking under her name, I find nothing; no classes taken, no degree or anything like that: just that she was in the Army. But, under her social…” he typed it in. More documents appeared on the screen, “She dropped out of Columbia University… under the last name Lindsay.” he finished explaining. Alfred looked at the documents and thought.

“Maybe the young lady was married at the time…”

“There’s no record of it.”

“What if the marriage was annulled? There would definitely be no record of it.”

“… You’re right. But… why keep the last name?”

“Matters of the heart, Master Bruce…” it sounded like he was teasing him. Bruce rolled his eyes and sighed a little, “A current suspect?”

“No; a current employee. The best electrician I’ve ever seen, really. I shouldn’t be mad about not finding any degree or certification for electronic engineering; she knows what she’s doing. It’s just that…now that I’m digging, there’s something about her…”

“Be careful that she is not out to sabotage any equipment, sir.”

“She wouldn’t do that. She didn’t even know who I was when we first met! Besides, I check behind her work; it’s perfect. She’s literally made everything indestructible! There’s just something about her; something that she’s hiding…”

The End

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