A New Beginning 1.1Mature

She turned down the idea of becoming head of security (while deep down, she would’ve looked forward to giving Simon hell day in and day out); it wasn’t what Bruce Wayne wanted her to do, anyway. Tabitha was hired as the head electrician of Wayne Enterprises. While it wasn’t a glorious job, it paid a glorious salary. She liked the fact that Bruce understood her situation and helped her get an apartment in the Financial District; seeing that he owned the building, the two made an agreement that she would pay double rent when she received her first paycheck. The district overlooked the City Hall District and wasn’t as crime-filled as the areas surrounding the Upper East Side and points north. Via the city buses, it only took her around twenty minutes to report in to work every morning.

She didn’t know why he was so nice to her; instead of giving her a hassle about her head wrap, he let her keep it on as long as it was navy blue, the color of the uniforms the independent electricians had to wear. When he saw that she could do the work of six men, Bruce downsized his contractors and made Tabitha responsible for the upgrade and upkeep of any and everything electrical/electronic in Wayne Tower. After a month of living and working in Gotham, Bruce expanded her expertise to upgrade any building that had his name on it. The majority of the jobs were simple like the security tower one; she could upgrade roughly fifteen towers within an hour. Others were more complicated, like working on computer servers or even upgrading the lighting of an entire building.

She had just finished rewiring the lighting of her boss’s office. She turned to retrieve her toolbox only to see him holding it. She smiled at him.

“Evening, Mr. Wayne! Just finished up here.”

“You already finished the other job…?”

“Two hours ago. Figured that this room needed a bit of work done. Now, when you turn your lights on, they won’t be so dim!” she smiled. He could only shake his head in amazement and looked at the various lights in his office.

“And to think; I figured that I only needed new light bulbs…” he actually laughed.

“It took me a while but I just reconfigured the wiring so that it won’t burn so much electricity as well.” she told him. She slightly looked at Bruce with her toolbox, “Walking me to my next job, boss?”

“No… you’re done for the day.”


“I was wondering, Miss Lyght… have you visited the Fashion District yet?” he cut her off. She blinked a couple of times at him.

“Uh, no. I’ve been meaning to take a tour but, ah; I don’t wanna run into a bad neighborhood!”

“Good thinking! Well, I’m meeting a friend there; would you like to join me?” he asked. Did he just ask me out, she mused. Bruce Wayne was definitely a handsome man; it was the first thing that everyone took notice of. She had to admit that with that fact alone, she wouldn’t mind being seen in public with him.

It wasn’t the fact that he was really nice to her that made her really like her new boss. It was the fact that he was so down to earth to be the richest man in Gotham City; one of the richest people in the world for that matter. He had enough money to throw away but he always came to work almost casually dressed (although she had a feeling that one of his shirts cost more than her parent’s home). She had heard rumors of him being a party animal; the typical filthy rich bachelor that stayed up all night, partying or on a date with a different, beautiful, exotic model every week. She actually had a hard time believing it; in the daytime, he seemed as mild-mannered as Peter. Looks could be deceiving, she reminded herself. For all she knew, Bruce Wayne could’ve been nothing more but a gorgeous face with loads of money.


The Fashion District lived up to its name; it was one of the few areas that looked up-to-date. It was home to all of the modern fashion boutiques, fashion designers and supermodels who could afford to live there. It was why she almost gawked at the diner that the two walked inside of. It was a classic 50’s diner, complete with large windows, red and white squared linoleum and red leather retro seats.

He saw her face expression and smirked.

“This is one of my favorite places to eat.”

“Really!” it shocked her.

“Yes. It’s been here ever since I was a kid.” he nodded. She would’ve expected him to prefer one of the restaurants in her neighborhood; ones where she wouldn’t go in because she didn’t have the money or a date, “Just because I’m rich doesn’t mean that I don’t enjoy the simple things in life. Besides… the coffee’s great here.”


The two sat in a booth by one of the massive windows, talking, laughing and drinking coffee when she noticed who she believed to be an undercover police officer walk inside; the guy was still wearing his holster. He was striking, being tall and muscular with a chocolate brown complexion. His eyes matched her own whiskey brown color, as he immediately noticed her and quickly smiled.

Bruce noticed that Tabitha had reddened a bit and turned to look at who had grabbed her attention. He smiled at the officer.

“Ethan…” he greeted him as he made his way to the booth. He gave Bruce a quick handshake but put his attention back on the woman. Bruce chuckled, “Ethan, this is Tabitha Lyght. Tabitha, this is my good friend, Detective Ethan Bennett.” he introduced. She stuck her hand out and smiled, expecting a handshake. However, Ethan gently grabbed her hand and pressed his full lips on them, making her slightly flustered.

“A pleasure.” he smiled and sat beside her, “I’m curious as to what you’re doing here with this bum…” he tried; he knew that his friend was very popular with attractive women but had a feeling that she was different. Bruce rolled his eyes at his comment.

“She’s my new head technician. Actually… she’s about to be my only one.” he confessed. Ethan and Tabitha looked at him.

“Really?” Ethan asked for her, “It’s not too much for you to handle?” he asked her. She was surprised at what Bruce said; after only a month, he was promoting her. It warmed her that he had that much confidence in her so soon; she took a sip of her coffee and smiled.

“A piece of cake! Mr. Wayne wouldn’t put too much on my plate to handle.”

“Hmm… I really like that southern accent.” he actually looked deeper into her eyes. He cleared his throat when he saw that she tried to shy away from him, “You actually call him ‘Mr. Wayne’? He’s no one special! Seriously, Bruce is a good guy but he has this annoying habit of expecting a lot out of everyone…” he smiled at Bruce.

“Thanks…” he smirked.

The End

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