Closure 1.2Mature

A week had passed since she went through the procedure however she knew that something wasn’t right. Dr. Castillo insisted that she stayed in the hospital for almost around the clock observation. The pins and needles feeling was gone, which made her very hopeful. Unfortunately, it was the only thing that had left.

Dr. Castillo walked into her room with her all familiar smile. No matter the situation, she always tried to look optimistic about things.

“Miss Lyght, can you charge up for me?” she simply asked, closing the door. She wasn’t surprised to see the flow of currents form around her hands. Tabitha sighed and looked at the doctor.

“I don’t get it. You cured those kids, how come I’m not cured? Or… is this a slow-going process?”

“Tabitha… the procedure that I used on those children… it’s pretty much useless on you. Your strand is far more advanced which means a different procedure needs to be done. Which means…”

“More research…” she huffed out. Dr. Castillo slowly nodded.

“I’ll admit, the original procedure was not easy. So, this won’t be a walk in the park. You’ll have to stay here longer, let us run even more tests…” she explained further. Tabitha thought about her words. She knew not to ask how much longer; it had taken them a week to come up with the original antidote. She started debating if it would be worth staying in the hospital. It wouldn’t; she really needed to be home.

“Well… I guess that’s that, then.”

“Okay. I wasn’t sure if you would’ve been willing to…”

“I’m… not staying…” she decided. Dr. Castillo looked at her.

“You changed your mind about being cured?”

“No. I wanna get cured but… I need to see my family. I miss ‘em and… I gotta be with ‘em. They’ll just have to see me like this. They gotta know the truth about what happened to me. I got about a little under a year to get cured; I can put it on hold for a little bit.” she explained. Dr. Castillo sighed but nodded.

“If that’s how you really feel, Tabitha; I have no right to stop you. I’m pretty sure that Peter’s going to miss you.”

“Yeah. Do me a favor, doc: don’t tell him that the procedure didn’t work. Just… tell him that everything went fine and I just left early. I don’t need him worrying about things; I’ve done enough…”

The End

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