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Peter finally came to with a slight headache. He moaned slightly as he sat up, feeling a bit dizzy. Once the feeling left and he focused, he realized what happened. He immediately put his mask back on and looked around the area. Of course, she was nowhere to be find: Alpha and the White Hairs had taken her.

To where was the big question. They had to have a hideout, he thought as he began to swing through the city. And, he knew that he would keep her alive; she was way more valuable alive than dead. The White Hairs Alpha had created were powerful… but watered down versions of Tabitha; he would want to clone her.

How was he going to find her? She could be anywhere, he thought. When his spider-senses started to tingle, he perked up. It was a longshot; his senses were never honed onto a certain person, just overall imminent danger. However, he didn’t want to risk not following it. They started going haywire as he got closer to a building that looked abandoned. Peter didn’t think that it was a coincidence that there were a few White Hairs roaming around outside the building. He waited until they went inside before he quickly scoped the three-story building out.

The first floor was wide; it seemed to look like a warehouse area. It looked as though it was made for training. Scaling the side of the building, Peter made his way to the second floor and looked through the various cloudy windows; there were a few rooms used for sleeping, a kitchen area and another room that looked it was for training as well. It was the third floor where he was glad he found his answers: it was separated into two large rooms, both looked like elaborate labs. Peter was about to crawl into one of the open windows until he looked in and immediately saw Tabitha. She was in a hospital gown and strapped into a gurney bed, her vitals being monitored by two medics, a man and a woman. Peter watched as she finally came to and noticed that she was covered in something; he didn’t know what it was.

Her eyes focused and she noticed that she was being restrained when she tried to move. She charged up and yelled out in slight pain as the shock cascaded over her; it grabbed the attention of the two medics. The man went back to his business, tending and tracking the monitors as the woman looked at Tabitha with sympathetic green eyes. She opened her mouth to say something but was interrupted as Alpha walked in.

“Status.” he coolly ordered. She reluctantly went back to the monitors.

“Stable. Heart rate is elevated… but that’s normal…” Cheryl mumbled her last few words. He ignored her and approached Tabitha. When she saw him, she writhed more furiously and tried her ability once more, only to shock herself, again.

“Ah, ah, ah… the last thing we need is for you to hurt yourself…” it sounded as if he really was concerned. She tensed up in her restraints and glared at him.

“Let… me… go…” she struggled. He smiled at her.

“In due time. Oh, just a reminder…” he placed his hand on her arm and applied his own power to her. She was painfully reminded that it may not be a good idea to cross him as she cried out, “If you try anything when you’re released, I won’t hold back.” he returned her glare, “Now… I know that you have a few questions for me; like how you’re unable to use your powers. You are... but who would’ve thought that something simple as hydrogel would make them only hurt you?” he smiled at her. She wondered why she felt slightly weird, as if she was weighed down; the mad man covered her in the gel so she would absorb her own lightning powers. To make matters worse, she couldn’t do anything but grit her teeth in pain as the red energy flowed over her, “Let’s see; any other questions you may have… oh; what do I want from you. It should be obvious; you’re my greatest creation and I wish to… duplicate you. Cooperating will keep you alive; I would rather have you that way.” it sounded like a warning. She still couldn’t move as he gently wiped the hydrogel off of her, “My current batch of soldiers are nothing compared to you. Their powers last longer than your friend’s did but they still have to get the serum injected into them. But, you? Why, you’re perfect. No serum, just raw ability. And to think; those two professors wanted to get rid of it…” he finished wiping her down. Alpha looked at the two medics, “Have her ready in ten minutes. Don’t worry, love; this won’t hurt you at all.” Alpha caressed her cheek before leaving. She could barely move her head but was glad that she did; she looked up and saw Peter in the window. She wanted badly to try to get out of her restraints but the dull ache made her paralyzed. As soon as Alpha left the room, Peter saw his chance to save his best friend. He went through the window and landed silently besides her. It still made the medics perk up and when they approached him, he covered their mouths with his webs.

“Ssh; let’s just make this simple and quiet as possible…” he slightly warned them. Peter immediately undid the straps and picked up his friend who was slightly shaking. She was glad that Alpha didn’t apply as much power as he did the last time she felt his sting; she was slowly recuperating. Peter noticed that she was trying out her lightning ability and carefully put her down, “Think you can walk?” he asked. She steadied herself for a moment and then nodded. After that, however would be a blur. She thought about what Alpha had told her; how he wanted to duplicate her. It almost made her sick to her stomach to think that he actually wanted to make people like her. It angered her that it seemed that he had no remorse whatsoever about how he treated her. Just like when she faced Tony, her body became numb and her vision started to fade to black. The general was going to pay for all the hurt he did to her.

Peter had to jump back quickly as waves of currents erupted all over her body. Before he could stop it, Tabitha had painfully clawed away at the webs around the medics’ mouths and had both dangling in the air by their throats.


“Who dumped me?” she hissed. When they didn’t respond, she tightened her grip around their necks, “Who… dumped me?!” she tried, again. She was quickly losing all reasoning and she knew that it didn’t matter what they had responded.

“W-We had no other choice…” Cheryl tried to explain. However, it was the last thing she heard before she finally succumbed to her rage; Tabitha charged up both arms and sent electrical currents to their throats.

“Tabitha, no!!” Peter tried again. He had seen it unfold and couldn’t move. Her brown eyes seemed void; she was now on autopilot. Tabitha dropped the two and stormed out the room. Peter looked down at the two and knew that there was nothing he could do for them, the stench of burnt flesh already filling the room. At first, his objective was to get Tabitha to safety and worry about Alpha and the White Hairs later. Now, his goal was to stop her.

He left the main lab room and saw that she was nowhere to be found. Peter went down to the second floor and saw that she was being approached by two White Hairs. She did a Lightning Cloud towards the two and slammed them against the wall. They were in too much disbelief to attempt to shock her.

“Where… is Alpha…” she growled.

“We don’t know; we don’t know!” the girl’s shaky voice rang out through the hallway. Tabitha gave them a sinister grin.

“Wrong answer…” she immediately sent powerful waves of electricity through their bodies.

“Tabitha, stop!!” Peter yelled after her but she had long fallen deaf from rage, at least she had fallen deaf if it didn’t concern finding out where Alpha was. Others who heard the commotion came out to fight her but she immediately shocked them, using all of her energy. Peter had hoped that they had some serum in their system; if not, they were definitely dead.

She did a Lightning Cloud to the bottom floor and saw Alpha surrounded by a few White Hairs.

“Alpha!!!” she yelled out. Before everyone could turn around, she sent a massive wave of lightning towards the group; at that point, she cared less who got in the way: as long as she had hit Alpha. In her enraged state, she had forgotten that Alpha was the only one safe from her attacks; he looked down at the dead and unconscious teens and looked at her in surprise.

“Out-fucking-standing…” he smirked. She did a Lightning Cloud towards him and was face-to-face with the old general. She charged up, placed her hands on his face and let all of her energy loose. The attack sent him flying across the room. Before he could land, she met him with another Lightning Cloud and gave his face a roundhouse kick as hard as she could, sending him flying to the other side of the room. She was in his face yet again before he could hit the wall and punched him in the face.

When he finally got his grounding, Alpha backhanded her as hard as he could; it was enough to draw blood from her mouth. She spat at him, clasped her hands together and swung at his face, putting him on his back. She started to kick him, lightning striking his sides with every blow. Peter was not that amazed that he was actually being stunned by her attacks; he may have been able to absorb lightning but he doubted that Alpha was able to not feel the actual blows. Out the corner of his eye, he saw a couple of White Hairs coming to and immediately threw webbing at their hands and feet, just to make things fair.

She was about to unleash another fury of attacks to his side when Alpha suddenly caught her foot. He sent a bright flash of red to it and the energy cascaded through her body, making her drop to the floor in pain. He wrapped his hand around her neck and sent another painful wave into her body.

“Nice try, girl. I didn’t escape from stockade just to get overwhelmed by a mistake! And, this is the reason why I overdosed on that serum!” he picked her up by her throat and threw her across the room, “I was trying to be nice… but I see it’s impossible with you! You could’ve had all of this; you could’ve became the true alpha of everything!!” he started to rage. Peter swung over and kicked him in the face before he could attack her yet again. He quickly wrapped him up with his webs and rushed over to Tabitha. Before he could scoop her up in his arms, Alpha freed himself using his own powers and sent a streak of red towards the two, hitting Peter. He went over and lifted him up by his neck, “Stop interfering!” he flung him across the room. Tabitha looked up wearily only to be met with another flash of red. Peter recovered quickly and threw a web at his hand before he could attack Tabitha again. He swung over for another attack, his foot landing on Alpha’s jaw. Out of frustration, he threw a stream of red in Peter’s direction, narrowly missing him. He came up with a small plan, one that would keep Alpha away from Tabitha.

He swung back over, quickly kicked Alpha in the back and retreated towards the wall, triggering another discouraged stream of red his way. He smiled underneath his mask.

“What’s the matter, pal; can’t kill a spider?” he taunted. He went across the other side of the room in hopes that he would be followed. Irritated, Alpha sent stream after stream of red energy towards him, missing him by a wider margin than the last. It was working, Peter realized; he was getting tired. To make matters worse for Alpha, he jumped and crawled all over the room, every now and then coming in close range for an attack.

Alpha finally let out an infuriating growl and started to charge up. Peter landed on a wall and waited for the attack, slightly laughing.

“Eh… charge up all you want; it’s just going to go to waste…” he knew that it was enough to put him over the edge. Alpha released a massive sea of red streams towards him and Peter was lucky that he jumped out the way in time. He hadn’t realized that he was covering a mirror and watched in astonishment as the streams ricocheted off and went flying back towards Alpha. The surges engulfed him, making him yell out in pain. When he finally collapsed, Peter wrapped him up in a large web and went over to help his friend.

“Tabby Cat…” he sighed; she was barely moving. When he picked her up, she wearily smiled at him.

“Now… that’s what I call a web-slinging ass whooping![1]” she managed and he laughed.


[1] Taken from Marvel: Rise of the Imperfects video game. Actual quote is: “You know what we call that? We call that a web-slinging ass-kicking!”

The End

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