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Another night of crime fighting, he thought. As he made his way to the rooftop of their usual building, he smiled underneath his mask at the sight of his friend. She smiled and approached him.

“Tonight’s slow. I have a feeling that we’ll run into Alpha and his crew of White Hairs tonight, though.” she stretched and cracked her fingers. It was enough to make him sigh a bit; it was as if she ignored his advice: she was still bent up on getting revenge on Alpha.

“Sergeant… I think you’re being a bit overzealous about Alpha.” he sighed out. She simply looked at him.

“What? What do you mean?”

“Every night, you expect to find him. You’re concentrating way too much on him.”

“So… we’re just gonna sit here and let him get away with everything he’s done?” she had been trying to disguise her voice until that point; it slightly offended her that he would suggest dropping the hunt.

“Believe me; I want to stop him, too. But we shouldn’t exhaust all our resources on him.”

“How can you be so calm about all of this?”

“Because… I’m not letting it take total control over me.” he felt that it was what she needed to hear. She widened her eyes at him.

“You think I don’t have any control?”

“I was there that night, remember? I’m just looking out for you, Lyght; that’s what partners do.”

“Yeah? Partners also trust each other. If you don’t trust me enough to have any damn control when I fight, then why the hell am I your partner?!” she actually surprised herself that she was getting really upset with Peter. He sighed yet again.

“You know, after that night… I don’t know what to expect out of you the next time we see him. That’s what worries me. I can’t let him render you powerless, again.”

“I… can take care of my fucking self!” she tried to choose her words wisely but they just flew out of her mouth.

“Really? So, tell me, then; what happens the next time he hits you with his ionization? You know what; you don’t have to answer that. I’ll tell you what will happen: you’ll be on the ground, paralyzed while I’m left to fight him and his White Hairs and tend to you!” it hurt him more than he wanted to admit to yell at her however, he didn’t know how else to put the point across to her.

“I don’t have time for this; fuck you, P! I ain’t gonna sit here and let you lecture me on some stupid shit! If you don’t like me going after Alpha, then I guess you’re gonna have to stop me!” she raged and did a Lightning Cloud off the rooftop. Peter took off after her; did he hear what he thought he heard? She already knew who he was…

He hadn’t realized how fast her ability actually made her until that moment; the only thing he could do was follow the random streaks of lightning that he barely saw in front of him. He found her at the docks, wreaking havoc on a random container bin.

“Tabitha!” he needed to stop her. He took a risk and grabbed her tightly around her shoulders. He was glad that she didn’t shock him… but she sure did know how to throw a vicious hit; her elbow landed hard on his nose. She turned around and stared at Peter rubbing his nose through his mask.

“Why won’t you let me fight…?” her voice quivered.

“Because you can’t… not against him… not now.” he told her softly. She slowly came back to her senses; he was right. Now that Alpha had powers, powers that nullified hers, there really wasn’t anything that she could do to hurt him. All he had to do was hit her… and she was done for.

“I’m sorry, P…” she said it before she could stop herself. He took his mask off and looked at her.

“How did you know? When did you figure out who I was?”

“You were knocked out… and Alpha unmasked you.” she confessed. He nodded and hugged her.

“So, you were the one who took me back home…” he finally had a definite answer. He had a feeling that she was responsible for getting him to safety; after feeling the horrible combination of Alpha’s powers and the White Hairs’ jolts, his body made him pass out and he remembered nothing else. It had dawned on him then; he should’ve figured out that Sgt. Lyght was Tabitha at that point; besides Mary Jane and Harry, she was the only other person who knew where his Aunt May lived.

He sighed, glad that she was willing to listen now. He was about to propose a compromise: he would take care of Alpha and she would take care of the White Hairs. All of the sudden, he felt that unwanted yet familiar sting take over his body. He dropped down to his knees and looked up at Tabitha, who was looking at him wide-eyed. He saw her open her mouth but then she was immediately engulfed by a red energy. She had to have yelled out in pain, he definitely saw her mouth moving. However, the whizzing of the red energy coupled with the snaps of electricity had drained all other sounds out. Peter tried to reach out to Tabitha but was knocked out cold by another deafening hit.

A smile crept on his face as his “soldiers” gathered around the two. One looked back at him.

“What do we do with the spider, boss?”

“Leave him.” Alpha ordered. He approached Tabitha and flung her over his shoulder, “I got what I wanted.” he gave her another powerful dose of his power to knock her out.

The End

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