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It racked her brain for the longest. Tabitha was in total disbelief; why had it never occurred to her that Peter Parker was Spider-Man? Well, for one: Peter was often soft-spoken and shy, not wanting to really be around too many people. The only people he actually hung out with were Mary Jane, Harry Osborn; his friend from high school, and herself. He avoided confrontation at all costs. She had never seen his frame and realized that he almost always wore double layers of clothing, even in the warmer months. Or, his clothes seemed to try to fall off of him.

Spider-Man, on the other hand, was the complete opposite: brave and scrappy with a nice physique. He was cocky and always quick with a brash comeback of some sorts. He was willing to protect those who needed protecting. She tried her best to try to find something to compare the two, something that should’ve given it away that Spider-Man was Peter; she considered him her best friend and it slightly angered her that she hadn’t caught on. His voice, maybe? She thought about it: the only thing different was the tone that Spider-Man used. It made her immediately think about another important thing; she never tried to disguise her own voice. For all she knew, Peter already knew who she was; how many southerners lived in New York?

She had a dilemma; would she let him know that she knew who he was? That made her think about another dilemma: what if he really didn’t know that she was Sgt. Lyght? If she confessed to him, it would also be confessing who she was. They had been good friends for almost a year now and superhero partners for a few months; maybe it was high time that she went ahead and fessed up.

She had overslept and rushed to meet Peter at the diner. The two had lucked up and were finally taking a class together; he insisted that the two studied at their favorite spot over coffee. She really needed a few cups; she had foolishly taken a break from crime fighting and attended a party with Samantha.

As she rushed inside, almost knocking over a customer, Peter looked up and smiled at her. She sat down and started pulling out her books from her book bag.


“Overslept! Alarm clocks are shit…” she started and he laughed. The waitress placed Tabitha’s coffee on the table and she prepped it with creamer and two sugars, “Okay, I’ll admit; I went to a party with Sammie last night…”

“Tabby Cat…”

“What?! She forced me! Something about I needed to loosen up or something like that…”

“Well… I see nothing wrong with the Tabitha Lindsay in front of me, now…” he smiled. She gave him a smirk.

“I’m telling MJ…” she warned and it was enough to send him into a laughing fit. She took a long sip of her coffee and decided to go ahead and confess. She would had rather to have done so in the comfort of his Aunt May’s house but he had insisted to be at their favorite hangout. She knew that if she didn’t do it now, she wouldn’t get the nerve to do so any time soon.

He looked up at her and was about to mention that she had a thick strand of hair falling out of her signature t-shirt head wrap; he was going to simply excuse it as her being in such a rush that she didn’t put on her wrap tightly enough. It wasn’t until he saw the color of the strand that made him stare: it was a perfectly snow-white strand of hair… just like a White Hair…

She sighed and looked up at Peter who she noticed was giving her a weird look.

“What’s up?” she simply asked. He blinked a couple of times, leaned over and grabbed the strand.

“Your… hair…” he couldn’t believe it; it really was white. Was she really a White Hair, he wondered. She was older than them; there was no way. Then, it felt as though his eyes were going to pop out of their sockets. Tabby Cat… is Sgt. Lyght, the thought thundered in his head.

She wanted to cry as she tried to stuff the hair back in the head wrap; this wasn’t how she wanted to tell him! She bit her lip and pulled him out of his seat.

“We’ll be right back…” she told the confused waitress as they made their way outside. She pulled him around the corner out of sight from anyone.

He couldn’t let her know that he knew exactly who she was; he had to pretend that he had no clue.

“Are you... are you a White Hair?” he tried. She let out a heavy sigh and pulled her head wrap completely off. Working with Sgt. Lyght, of course he had seen it in the moonlight and under street lamps; her hair had mesmerized him if anything. But, now it was attached to his best friend; he couldn’t help but to look in awe. To be able to put a full face to everything else was almost mind blowing. Then again, it was actually a relief; for all those months, he didn’t have some strange, new super heroine on his side: his best friend was his sidekick, “Whoa, Tabby Cat… wait… you’re Spidey’s sidekick?!” he had to act surprised; for all he knew, she still had no clue that he was Spider-Man. She found it cute that he was acting like he wasn’t. All she had to do was simply say: I know who you are. However, if he wanted to pretend that he wasn’t Spider-Man, she figured that he had a good reason not to confess at the moment. She would tell him later.

“… Yeah.” she sighed. She took the time to tie the t-shirt around her hair properly… and tightly as the two made their way back into the diner. They sat in silence, not wanting to look at each other.

“… Why didn’t you tell us from the start?” he silently asked. Maybe had she told them, he would’ve automatically told her who he was. She shrugged and almost laughed as another thought came to her: Mary Jane knew that he was Spider-Man. She had probably known from the start. It made sense to her now; the remark about if she was ever in need, Spider-Man would save her: she knew that Peter wouldn’t hesitate to help out his best friend.

“I… because admitting it out loud would mean to… tell you how it happened. I… wasn’t ready to do that…” she admitted, looking away. He nodded sympathetically. He had a feeling, just like the other night, that Alpha had a major part of it but he wanted to really hear it from her mouth. He gently grabbed her hand.

“I’m here to listen…” he tried. She looked at him and slightly sighed. He was her best friend… and her crime fighting partner; maybe he needed to know.

She lowly explained everything to him, starting from the experiment to the last encounter with him; she left out the part that he unmasked Peter. When she started talking about what Alpha had done to him, he noticed with a heavy heart that her eyes moistened. Yet again, she had been too slow to prevent things from happening… and it really angered her. She couldn’t let things like that happen ever again; she couldn’t risk losing another friend.

He didn’t let go of her hand as she explained everything. It almost made him sick to his stomach that someone like that was allowed to become a general, was even allowed to be able to walk the streets freely. He may had accidentally turned Tabitha into what she was now… but Peter saw that he had no remorse, especially seeing how he was turning impressionable teens into nearly the same thing. They were more dangerous than Tabitha ever would be; they didn’t care who they hurt. Tabitha on the other hand…

It made him think about the other night. He knew that she wouldn’t usually hurt anyone; all the times that they worked together, she either gave people light shocks or showed off her abilities in a way to where they would give up, not wanting to feel the shock that she could produce! It was very different with Alpha; she wanted him dead, no doubt about it. After learning the entire story, he felt a bit guilty admitting that he really didn’t blame her. However, it wasn’t the way he did things… and he didn’t want her resorting to it.

“Tabby… wait, that is your real name, right?” he asked. She laughed a little.

“Smart ass! Yeah… but my last name is actually Lyght…”

“Ly…” he couldn’t help but to laugh, “Wow; that really suits you…”

“Yeah; that damn general thought so, too…” she looked away. He sighed, feeling bad that he even brought it up.

“Tabby Cat, listen to me; it’s horrible what he’s done to you. I would sleep so much better at night knowing that you and Spidey got him off the streets. But… I don’t think you need to get over your head on this. You don’t know what’ll happen if you’re too enraged at him. You might… end up hurting others instead.” he remembered the massive attack she gave Alpha. What would have happened if she didn’t have full control over that huge amount of lightning; it could’ve hit someone else.

“P, I’m good. He just needs to pay for everything he’s done… to me, to the others… and to Spidey…” she looked dead at him.

“He’ll pay for it the right way… I’m sure of it…”

The End

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