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It was a bad night to be out and about but superheroes couldn’t be picky; they had an unwritten job to do regardless of the weather. The rain threatened to drench anyone unlucky enough to be in it but Tabitha didn’t mind it; she stayed on the rooftop, calmly scanning the city as she always did. She was actually waiting on Spider-Man; it was where they had agreed to meet up at every night, seeing that it was the same rooftop where they had first met. She couldn’t help blushing at that fact.

“Didn’t think you’d be out in this…” his voice almost startled her. She turned and smiled at him.

“I’m made of lightning; a little rain won’t hurt me!”

“Good! I think I have a lead, then. Follow me.”

“Wait.” she got half the nerve to say. She wished that she could see his face expressions at least but his mask concealed everything, “There’s something I’ve always wanted to try.” she smiled. Before he could respond, she wrapped her arm around his waist, “Won’t be needing your webs tonight! Where we heading?”

“The docks.”

“Hold on tight!” she warned him and immediately used Lightning Cloud. The two were at the docks in a little over ten seconds.

“Wow… that was a rush!”

“Take me out on a swing one night and we can call it even!” she winked.

“It’s a date.” his words made her turn away, slightly flustered. It also reminded her of how she teased Peter with those words; it put her in stitches to see his face slightly redden whenever she said it, “So, there’s another cargo load coming in and there’s word out the White Hairs will be here for it.” he continued to explain. Before she could nod in agreement, she spotted someone. There was something not right about the guy. Even from afar, she could see that he wasn’t dressed properly for the weather (the same could be said about herself but she was a super heroine; she had a legitimate excuse); there was a brisk chill in the air but he had on a sleeveless short and pants.

The guy looked her way and started to smile. When he started to approach them, Tabitha put a hand on Spider-Man’s arm, drawing his attention.

“Spider senses not tingling, yet?” she asked, still looking at the man.

“… They are now…” he said. As the man finally came into view, it made Tabitha tense up. Rage started to build inside of her and she really wanted to focus. However, she couldn’t: she was staring right at Alpha. He smiled as currents flowed over her in quick, angry spurts.

“… Sergeant…?” Spider-Man tried but she had fallen deaf. On top of his ability to warn him of someone or something dangerous nearby, he could also feel the heat of her built up rage; it was enough to make him back away from her.

“Well, well, well; if it isn’t Sgt. Lyght! Looking really good for a dead soldier.” he teased her. Despite being raged, she could tell that he had… transformed. His once salt and pepper hair was jet black and his skin was bronzed, giving him a metallic look. The dull yellow shirt showed off muscles that she would have never thought he had, even in the uniform.

Spider-Man was slightly taken aback; the two acted like they knew each other… very well. The man didn’t hesitate to call her by her super heroine name; he realized that it may be her actual name. The two never talked about their personal lives or even shared with each other how they came to be; their main priority was to stop crime. He had a feeling that Alpha did play a part in the reason how Sgt. Lyght came to be but he always wondered why she was more powerful than the other White Hairs.

She didn’t respond verbally to his cruel taunt; she had every intention to respond physically. She charged up with all her might and threw a massive surge of lightning towards him, every bit of her energy put into it. The attack engulfed Alpha, knocking him a few feet back. There was no way Spider-Man or anyone else could’ve stopped her; she was enraged and wouldn’t have listened to begin with. It still didn’t make it right; she killed him with ease, without even thinking… and it was the most terrifying feeling Spider-Man ever felt.

It had to be the most energy she had ever released since becoming a mutant and it not only left her slightly exhausted but snapped her out of her enraged state. The only thing she remembered was becoming upset when she saw his face; next thing she knew, she was watching as the surges pulsated around his body. She admitted that it left a bit of satisfaction in her heart to see him dead; it was what he deserved, really. The feeling was short-lived as she realized that there was no familiar scent of charred flesh… and that Spider-Man was probably giving her a disapproving look underneath his mask.

“Sgt. Lyght!” his tone changed to a moralizing one. He couldn’t condone killing anyone, regardless of what they had done. It was one thing to accidentally kill someone but she had done it blatantly. When he thought about it, he really couldn’t put the entire blame on her; she had become blinded with rage.

Before he could continue to show his disappointment, he noticed that the surges that had covered Alpha’s body started to bounce off his body and dissipate. His body started to slightly shake but not because he had just been electrocuted; he was… laughing. He slowly got up, still laughing. Tabitha’s eyes widened.

“What the hell…” she thought out loud.

“That… should’ve killed him…” even Spider-Man was in shock. Part of him was glad that he wasn’t dead but it didn’t make the situation less confusing.

“Gaddamn excellent, sergeant! Whew; that actually felt good! Now… it’s my turn…” he gave her an evil grin. She couldn’t move as she saw that he was charging up.

“Wha…” before she could finish, a ball of red energy engulfed her. It was the most painful thing she ever felt in her life; the excruciating pain gave her no choice but to drop down in agony. She could barely lift her head up but knew she had to retaliate. When she tried to, however, nothing flowed out of her arms or hands. Alpha smiled more as he calmly made his way towards her. She looked up at him, the pain still slowly coursing its way throughout her body, “H-how…”

“Did you really think that I would have a unit full of supercharged teenagers and not do anything to make them think twice about turning against me?”

“Leave her alone!” Spider-Man immediately went towards him. A streak of red zipped by, narrowly missing his head.

“This has nothing to do with you; soldiers!” Alpha bellowed. To Tabitha’s disgust, a large group of White Hairs appeared instantly, almost double what she had to fight off. She tried yet again to throw out lightning towards the group, trying to distract them but nothing came out. Alpha shook his head at her, “That won’t work; at least for a short while. Afraid I’ve nullified your powers for the time being.”

“W-what… did you… do…?” she managed; the pain was so great, it hurt her to even speak! She tried to turn her head towards the White Hairs who were throwing their lightning towards Spider-Man; she had hoped that he was trying to fight them off or at least evading their attacks. The grumbling of frustrated teens told her that he was indeed invading them.

“No time for a full explanation; just know that I’ve created an antiserum and overdosed on it. I’ve become… ionized; your lightning powers are useless against me, now.” he halfway explained. He easily picked her up from the ground. Before he could carry her away, he felt a swift kick in his back and dropped her.

“She’s not going anywhere, pal!” Spider-Man told him and gave him another kick to his face. Alpha immediately retaliated with a red stream but Spider-Man dodged it, “Won’t work on me; I’m not made of lightning…” he told him as he came at him with a series of punches. The pain was finally starting to reside from her body as she couldn’t do anything but watch the fight between the two. She was able to move a bit and did so, trying to push herself off of the ground.

Out of nowhere, a small streak of lightning hit Spider-Man, causing him to stop his assault on Alpha. The White Hairs approached him, coming to the aide of their leader. He became overwhelmed as they started to deliver light shocks to him.

“S-Spidey!!” she could finally yell with little pain. The urgency to move outweighed the pain and she was finally standing upright. While she was glad that Alpha had completely forgot about her, she had to stop the onslaught of shocks the White Hairs were giving her partner.

She tried one more time to use her lightning ability and was elated that they were finally back. She quickly threw a few streams towards the group and was glad that a few turned their attention to her. She started charging up and motioned for them to come after her. They did so, as she expected and without warning, she did a Lightning Cloud towards the first White Hair. She ended up behind him and released all the energy she was charging up on his back. She went towards the next victim, grabbed him by his neck and shocked him as well with all of her might. She had learned her lesson from the last time she went against the White Hairs; she couldn’t afford to waste time on attacking them. Her number one priority was to reach Spider-Man and get him to safety.

Alpha took over with the torture of Spider-Man; he lifted him up and threw him against a container. From where she was, Tabitha couldn’t tell if he was conscious or not; she knew that she would be able to withstand the shocks however, she had no idea if his suit was able to absorb most of the hits. Alpha gave him a hard jab to his face and a powerful ray of red to his chest; if he wasn’t unconscious before, he was definitely unconscious now, Tabitha winced.

“Although you’re not made out of lightning, it’s still very painful… isn’t it? Now… to see who Spider-Man really is!” it put a smile to his face. She didn’t make it over to him in time; Alpha unmasked him and it made her stand frozen in her spot, in complete awe.

“…P…?!” she couldn’t help it. No way, she repeatedly thought. Alpha gave him a disappointed glare and so was caught off guard when he felt the sting of electricity on the back of his neck. Before he or any of the other White Hairs could retaliate, Tabitha had grabbed Peter’s mask and Peter, and did a Lightning Cloud to somewhere safe.

She was glad that she remembered that Peter kept the window unlocked in what was now the extra bedroom in his Aunt May’s home. She was weary but sighed as she knew that he was in a definite safe spot as she laid his limp body in the bed. She continued to look at him in disbelief and slowly shook her head.

“… P is Spider-Man…” she thought she had said it low enough. He stirred and moaned slightly, making her debate on whether she should stay there. She quickly decided against it, put his mask back on and went out of the window. She secretly waited and watched until he slowly came to, sitting up and holding his head. When he became familiar with his surroundings and looked out the window, he barely missed as she did a Lightning Cloud back to the dorms.

The End

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