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Sgt. Lyght finally met Spider-Man and she had to admit that he was more impressive… and toned in person than she ever imagined. Another thing that she also had to admit; she was infatuated with Spidey. She imagined that he was like her in a way; living a normal life in the day (sometimes not even then; he had been seen numerous times in broad daylight), trying his best to keep his true strength and abilities at bay. Spider-Man could be anyone in the city. She couldn’t wait until he gained even more trust in her, unmasking himself to her. In order for that to happen, she concluded, Tabitha had to change up her schedule and go on patrol every night.

As much as she wanted to squeal and confess to Peter and MJ that she had finally seen Spider-Man up close, she knew that she couldn’t. She didn’t want to sound like some crazed fan when all the time, she had been keeping her comments to herself. Questions would definitely be asked and the only way to answer them would be to lie. The three were close; she didn’t want to lie to them when it wasn’t necessary. She made the decision to keep her mouth shut for the time being and go on acting like everything was normal.

After numerous outings together, Spider-Man actually insisted that she become his sidekick. He admitted that she made the nights much easier on him; although their main objective was to hunt down Alpha and the “White Hairs” (this is what the media finally pinned on the supercharged kids), it didn’t cease other crimes from happening. She was glad to be his sidekick; she saw that they were actually a great team and made quick work of any criminal.

She was in the diner, sipping on coffee and studying when a newspaper was abruptly placed on top of her book. She looked up at Mary Jane first and then put her attention back to the newspaper. It was The Daily Bugle and on the front page was Spider-Man; that was no surprise. J.J. Jameson, editor-in-chief, had a personal vendetta against him; little did he know that regardless of the headline, putting Spider-Man on the cover every time he did something only made him even more popular.

It wasn’t until she saw who was beside him that surprised him; herself. From the looks of it, they were calling it a night and had been probably caught on camera by one of the photographers; Spidey throwing out his patented web string and she looked as if she was riding on a flash of light. It made her smile a bit; so that’s what it looks like slowed down! Her smile left when she saw the headline: “Spidey’s New Sidekick: A White Hair?!”

She looked back at Mary Jane as she sat down across from her.

“You’re showing me this because…”

“Don’t think I haven’t noticed your sudden interest in crime and Spider-Man!” she smiled. Tabitha put her attention back to the paper.

“A White Hair?” the picture actually did make someone pay more attention to her hair than anything else, “They’re joking, right? This is photo shopped like hell…”

“Actually, it’s not. If anything’s good about the Bugle is the integrity of their photographers. Don’t even bother reading the article; it’s wrong as always. She’s a good White Hair. She’s only been seen with Spidey… no one else.”

“How do you know?” she actually asked the question absentmindedly. She was more excited that she had been photographed and identified… sort of. All thanks to The Daily Bugle, people knew that Sgt. Lyght existed.

“Well… at least she’s not been seen with the other White Hairs…”

“She could be the leader of ‘em…”

“Possibly… but not likely.” Mary Jane tried to argue. Tabitha just smiled at the photo.

“So… a possible new superhero, huh?”

“Super heroine…”

“Oh, no thank you; I don’t do drugs…” she teased but kept her eyes on the paper. She couldn’t help but to laugh as Mary Jane roared with laughter, “What does P think about all this?”

“Oh, he’s thrilled about it! He said that the whole staff is, except for his boss.”

“Figures. Then again, bad news is good news to him. If she’s what she’s acting like she is, this could be promising.” she noted. Mary Jane nodded. She pointed at the white flash of light on the paper.

“See that?”

“Yeah… what is that…?”

“Lightning. She’s the only White Hair that can do it. She’s way different from them…” she confirmed. Tabitha only nodded and continued to study the picture. 

The End

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