Taking the Bull By the Horns 1.4Mature

It was too cold to study at her usual spot by the fountain so Peter found Tabitha in the cafeteria, eating a bagged lunch. He gave her a look but sat down beside her.


“You made your own lunch?”

“I’m on a diet, remember?”

“A diet? For what?!” he couldn’t help looking at her slim and toned frame. She playfully poked at her stomach.

“You see that flabby stuff? It’s got to go!” she said. He sighed and laughed. He handed her The Daily Bugle; he knew that she was steadily looking for somewhere to stay and promised he would at least provide her the paper so that she could look.

She smiled and was about to go to the classifieds until another article caught her eye.

“Found something?”

“Yeah. It’s about a lot of robberies that happened.”

“Typical.” Peter shrugged. She continued to scan the article.

“‘The suspects are believed to be high school-aged children with phenomenal lightning powers. Police are asking those who witness any suspicious behavior involving any white-haired teens to report it immediately’. What?” she looked at Peter. Of course, she knew who the “white-haired” kids were; at least she knew who was responsible for them.

“Looks like more people with powers causing trouble, again…”

“I don’t like the sound of this.”

“It tends to happen every now and then. This is a bit different, though.”


“Yeah. It’s usually only one or two villains causing trouble for Spider-Man… not a whole group. I hope he can handle this…” he had a surprising look of worry on his face. She smirked at him.

“Didn’t think you were a superhero fan, ‘specially seeing that the guy’s saved MJ twice…” she teased.

“What can I say; it’s a guilty pleasure of mine! To be honest? I think I’m his biggest.”

“What; you got Spider-Man underwear or something? Got pictures of him on your wall?” she continued her teasing. Peter laughed and lightly pushed her.

“Someone saves the one that you love twice and tell me you wouldn’t be a fan!”

“I’d be mighty suspicious of why my significant other is always getting into trouble like that…”

“Of course.” he sighed, “Anyway! I have to cancel our dinner plans for tonight.”

“Midterms.” she said along with him and the two lightly laughed, “No probs. I gotta do the same; chemistry’s kicking my ass!” she lied.

“Come by Aunt May’s tomorrow; she’s really been asking about you.”

“Really? Guess it’s a date!” she winked at him. Peter got up to leave.

“See you, then.”

“Looking forward to it. Later, P.”

She couldn’t tell him the truth about her moonlighting as a superhero; not yet, anyway. It wasn’t a trust issue with him; he was the nicest person she had met in the city. She just didn’t know how he would handle being good friends with a super heroine. In the meantime, she pushed that thought aside as she used her new ability (she decided to name it Lightning Cloud) to patrol the city. She kept a watchful eye out for any of the white-haired children and their leader; she didn’t want to get outsmarted by them, again.

Tabitha looked up at one building and decided to experiment. Lightning Cloud could carry her across water, no problem; she wondered if it would be able to carry her upwards. She was amazed that within seconds, she was on the rooftop… and a few feet away from the one and only Spider-Man. He perked up and turned suddenly, looking at her. She was in too much shock to move; she simply stood there and stared as if meeting a celebrity.

“Spider-Man…” she slightly whispered and smiled. He tilted his head slightly, studying her.

“Hmm; white hair. And let me guess; you have lightning abilities?” he asked. She lightly smiled and gave him a preview, letting the electrical currents travel all over her body before they dissipated, “Impressive. But, I see you’re different from the other ‘White Hairs’.”

“How so?”

“Well… you haven’t made a move to attack me. You’re the one who’s been helping me out, aren’t you?” he asked her. She blushed slightly.

“You’ve noticed…”

“I have; thank you. Why are you helping me?” he simply asked. She shrugged.

“You’re only one… spider…” she smiled wider.

“You’re right. Seems to me that you’re a rogue ‘White Hair’; I could use your help and knowledge on handling them. Willing to join me?” he decided to not beat around the bush. Tabitha fought a hard battle with herself to keep her girlish squeal in her mind.

“Cocked, locked and ready to rock!”

“I’m… guessing that means yes! So, what do you go by?” he asked. She thought she had prepared for everything when she made the decision to go into crime fighting until that question popped up. Of all things to forget, she had forgotten the most important thing: her super heroine name!

What should she go by? The only nickname she had were the three plays on her name: Tabby, Tabby Cat and Tabs. She could do something with that but a quick look at her outfit deterred that thought. That’s when it dawned on her.

“… You can call me… Sgt. Lyght…”

The End

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