Taking the Bull By the Horns 1.2Mature

The professor decided to surprise Tabitha and visit her before the holiday break. She walked down the hall of the dorm and was surprised at how little it had changed since the last time she was there. She lightly knocked on the door and was somewhat confused when it was opened slightly.

“Doc!!” it was Tabitha, alright but she had on some sort of mask. Jamila tilted her head.


“Are you alone?”

“… Yeah. Tabs, wha…” she was about to ask but was immediately pulled inside the room. She almost dropped the gifts she was bearing and carefully put them on a bed, “What the hell?! What’s…” she turned around and saw that Tabitha was dressed in some sort of costume. The ACU pants that had been sent to her were altered to fit tightly on her and the brown undershirt was now exposing a very slim waist and tight stomach. She wasn’t wearing her patented t-shirt head wrap; in its place was a mask that stopped short at her jawline. Her snow-white hair flowed past her shoulders as she smiled. Jamila stifled a snort, “A little late for Halloween?” she tried not to laugh. It only made the young woman huff.

“You don’t like it?”

“What… or who are you supposed to be…?”

“A superhero!”

“A super… it’s a super heroine in your case but…”

“Nah; sounds too much like the drug!” she shook her head. The professor finally laughed a little.

“Okay, seriously; what’s the occasion? Was I supposed to come dressed up, too? We got time to go look for a costume for me…?”

“Oh, my God; doc! This is for real!”

“… Wait… really?” she asked and sat down on the bed.

“Yes, really! A few weeks ago, I had an epitome…”

“You mean, an epiphany?”

“Whatever! So, there’s this superhero named Spider-Man…”

“You’ve seen him?” Jamila perked up. Tabitha blinked a couple of times at the professor.

“You know of him?”

“I’m a mother of a set of five year old triplets; superheroes are their life!”


“So, what about him?”

“Well… I was gonna go through this whole speech about how he helps the city out… but you already know that, I guess. Anyway; he can’t do it by himself. He needs a sidekick!”

“Ah! You’re his new sidekick?! That is sick!” she looked at her. Tabitha shrugged and untied her mask, flinging it on her bed.

“Yeah… about that… I’ve actually never seen him in person. But…” she saw the look her friend gave her and sat down beside her, “I know I can help him! I have powers, too. And… I wanna use ‘em for good.”

“Tabs… this ain’t no comic book; you could seriously get hurt…”

“I know, I know. But… the last time I felt like this, I joined the Army. I know I can do this; getting hurt is a risk I’m willing to take. Besides… ain’t much that can hurt me, right now!” she winked at Jamila. The woman could only sigh; she knew she was right. Tabitha was faster and stronger than a regular human; the fact that she could shoot lightning at will was a plus as well!

“I guess… if he sees you falling, he can shoot a web out and catch you or something…” she noted. Tabitha almost squealed and gave her a huge hug, “Merry Christmas!”

To show her support, Jamila went out and retrieved staff sergeant insignia patches for Tabitha to sew on the sides of her sleeves; she knew that it wasn’t the best looking outfit but for her very first try, it wasn’t bad at all. The professor told her that if she ended up liking the “job” in the long run, the two would get together and design a better outfit for her.

The End

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