A New Life 1.3Mature

She had immediately bragged about yet another extraordinary use for her powers to Jamila and she suggested to experiment with all types of fabric. Cotton was, by far, the best material however Tabitha found out that she was able to make any material indestructible. She had to put her “hobby” to the side to prepare for a special project: the best of Columbia’s art students were being featured in a local article for The Daily Bugle, a well-known newspaper. Her professor had volunteered Tabitha immediately and stressed that she make her best design. She decided on a structure that represented the Lindsey family.

A reporter from The Daily Bugle made her way on campus with her photographer as the art students laid their pieces on display by the main fountain. While Tabitha was doing the finishing touches on her iron structure, she felt someone standing behind her.

“Very impressive.” she heard the guy say. She took her protective goggles off, looked back and smiled at him. There wasn’t really anything impressive about the dark brown-haired guy except for the fact that he was showing a true interest in the statue. His blue eyes were even unnoticeable through his glasses.

“Thank you.”

“It’s a family… isn’t it?”

“How’d you know?” she was actually shocked. The guy pointed towards one of the perfect curves in the statue.

“That curve right there; it looks like an arm. And those three squiggly lines…” it made Tabitha laugh a bit; they did look like squiggly lines, “The curve is supporting them. That’s a mother and her children. This other curve…” he pointed to the bulky one that seem to hover above the four, “That’s the father. He’s protecting them.”

“Wow! You’re good!”

“Well… not as good as this. Do you mind… if I put in a good word for this to be the cover for the article?” he asked. That was when she noticed the camera that dangled from his neck; he was the photographer from The Daily Bugle.

“R-really? No shit?!” she let the words slip out. She covered her mouth quickly but the guy laughed.

“It’s okay! Pretty sure I’m old enough to hear that!” he said. The guy stuck his hand out, “I’m Peter, by the way. Peter Parker.”

“Tabitha Ly… Lindsay.” the two shook hands.

“So… you sculpted this all by yourself?”

“Yeah. I’m not done, actually. Just one more small adjustment…” she already put her goggles back on and secured a metal rod at the bottom of the statue. Seconds later, she stood back to admire and mentally critique her work.

“Wow; this is a beautiful piece!” a woman in a light grey two piece suit approached them; Tabitha figured that she was the reporter, “What does it represent?” she asked. Tabitha studied the statue once more before turning to the woman with a smile.

“… Family.”

The End

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