For Every Action, There's A Reaction 1.3Mature

“… Amazing. Simply amazing. I can’t believe she’s really real…” Wyatt half mumbled while still looking at Tabitha’s recent sample through an electron microscope. Tabitha was expecting to see the typical scientist, a pasty-faced man with thick glasses, adult acne and slightly socially inept. She was in complete awe still, even after gazing into the hazel sultry eyes of Dr. Wyatt Rivera. His skin was lightly bronzed as if he spent some time in the sun and muscles seemed to bulge out of his beige polo shirt. He looked awkward leaning his 6’6 frame low enough to look through the microscope but he didn’t complain.

“Just a friend, huh?” she mumbled low enough for Jamila to hear. She gave her a surprisingly sharp nudge before Wyatt turned around and looked at the two.

“I can’t tell you enough how amazing this really is. Every forensic analyst has always wanted to take a look at DNA like this. And, you’re giving me the honor to do so…” he smiled at Tabitha. She slightly blushed as Jamila rolled her eyes.

“You gonna hit on her or you gonna do some actual work?”

“I’ll hit on you…” he quickly drew his attention to his friend. She narrowed her eyes at him as he gave her an approving look. Tabitha’s eyes widened at the two but they both shared a laugh.

“What did you find out?”

“Kinda got some bad news for your friend. After looking at the old sample and this sample… it looks like this mutant strand is trying to fuse.”

“That… does sound bad. I thought you said that it wouldn’t hurt me?” Tabitha looked at Jamila, holding back tears.

“Hold on. Only reason why I say it’s kinda bad is… well, it depends on how you look at it. The human body simply can’t host two DNA strands; how your body is doing it is beyond amazing. Anyway; your mutant strand is starting to fight to be the only one. Once that happens, your powers will be permanent.  Bad news if you don’t want that to happen. It doesn’t look as if it’ll affect anything major.”

“How long does it look like it’ll take for the mutant strand to fuse?” Jamila asked for Tabitha.

“It’s fighting very slowly. Two years at the least? To be one hundred percent sure, she’ll have to give us samples almost every week.” the idea made her cringe.

“Can it be stopped?”

“I think I can come up with something that can reverse the process; make your original strand fight off the mutant strand…” he started to mumble and went to his workstation. Tabitha looked back at Jamila.

“So… if I do nothing, I’ll be like this forever. But, if he can find something and I give him the go ahead…”

“Looks like you’ll be back to normal. It’s your call, Tabs.”

That’s a no-brainer; I wanna be normal, again! Will it turn my hair back to normal?”

“Afraid not. From the looks of it and all that Mila’s told me, the color’s been totally stripped. But with the mutant strand gone, you’ll be able to dye it whatever color you want. If you ask me, though… that color suits your face.” he gave Tabitha an approving smile, making her blush again. Jamila glared at him.

“Would you stop molesting her!!” she warned. Wyatt gave her a shocked look and threw his hands up in defense.

“I haven’t touched her! Now, once she gives me permission…”

“It’s a miracle you’re still employed, pervert…” Jamila couldn’t hide her smile. She shook her head and slightly laughed, “So, when can we start working on this?”

“Are you two doing another experiment?” a guy’s voice made the three of them turn towards the door of the lab. Tabitha could tell that the guy wasn’t wanted; Jamila grabbed some random sheets of paper and headed towards the workstation, joining Wyatt as he made himself busy.

“Yes, Sean. And as always, you would want to join in?” Wyatt, now with a more professional tone asked. He hadn’t bothered to look up from his “work” as he asked. The intruder pushed his glasses back on the bridge of his nose and smiled a little. His attention went from the two professors to Tabitha and his smile grew. She suddenly felt uncomfortable and slightly shifted her weight from one foot to the other.

“You know me too well, professor! Is this a new student? You’re a little late for the semester…”

“… Oh! Um… well…” she tried; she didn’t want to give him the blatant cold shoulder that the two professors had given him but then she never thought that he would speak to her.

“She’s my niece; she’s visiting from North Carolina.” Jamila stated without missing a beat.

“Hmm. Nice hair; is that a trend in North Carolina?” Sean asked her. He approached her and for a split second, Tabitha had the sudden urge to give him a small jolt; she was beginning to see why he was Jamila and Wyatt’s least favorite student. He looked at her as if she was the first female he had ever encountered and it was beginning to creep her out.

Jamila noticed the tension between the two first and abruptly stood between the two; as much as she secretly admitted that she would have liked to see his reaction from being shocked, she knew that it would probably be a bad idea!

“May I remind you that you’re not allowed in this lab after school hours? What is that you want?” she snapped. Sean cleared his throat and put his attention back to her.

“Extra credit, Dr. Linz…”

“I’m not handing out extra credit at this time. If you would’ve paid attention in class as much as you’re paying attention to my niece right now, you wouldn’t need to be here begging for extra credit. And I don’t believe that Dr. Rivera can help you out, either…” she added sternly when he turned to look at Wyatt.

“But… what about this experiment? If I can help…”

“Sorry, Sean but this experiment isn’t part of the school curriculum. It’s petty, anyway.”

“So, nothing to do with DNA testing or any applied physics?”

“Afraid not. Now, if you don’t mind, we’ve got some work to do here. Good evening, Sean.” Wyatt answered and went back to his papers. Sean gave Jamila a desperate look but she turned and rejoined Wyatt at the workstation.

“Tabitha, could you show Sean out?” she asked. Tabitha gave him a fake smile and led him out of the lab. He stared at her before she started to close the door. She shrugged.

“Sorry…” she apologized and closed the door. Sean stared at the door for a moment before making his way to the parking lot. As he started across the lot, he was abruptly pulled away and slammed against a building before he could even blink. He was about to scream until the guy’s hand covered his mouth.

“Sshh… quiet now. I won’t hurt you. You have some information that I want.” the man hissed. He slowly let his hand down but kept Sean painfully pinned to the building, “That white-haired girl. Know her?”

“N-n-n-n-n-n-n-not r-really. She’s from… North Carolina. T-t-t-the professor’s… niece.”

“Niece, huh?” the man chuckled at that thought, “Interesting. Did you get her name?” the guy suddenly wrapped his hand around Sean’s throat. He wheezed slightly.


“Very nice. I thank you for your information.” he smiled. Before he could do anything, Sean felt as if he had been split in half. As the currents faded from his hand, the man dropped the student, leaving him burnt and still smoking on the ground.

The End

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