Enter Lyght 1.1Mature

An Army Reservist is accidentally transformed into a lightning elemental mutant due to a military experiment gone wrong. A DC/Marvel fanfic; more DC and OC-centric.

Staff Sergeant Tabitha Nicole Lyght was never an ordinary individual, although she felt like she was. Nothing extraordinary ever happened to her; she just tried to live life day-by-day, to the best of her ability. While she always tried to be the best at everything that she did, she didn’t really try to stick out in a crowd. Everyone else that she surrounded herself with always felt that she was special.

She was born and raised in Chattanooga, TN along with her four brothers. Being the only girl and the middle child was somewhat challenging for her, especially seeing that she always wanted to do what her two older brothers did. Many of her childhood friends had older sisters to talk to; the only other female in the household was her mother, Olivia Lyght. Tabitha had no other choice but to try and follow in her brothers’ footsteps until the time she graduated high school. Being a black family living in the south, her parents tried to instill the values of a great education into their children; they were all expected to go to college. She had made decent grades in school but wasn’t ready to go to college like her older brothers done. Instead, she enlisted into the Army a mere three days after graduation.

She had been outspoken throughout her high school years and because of that, was leader material from day one of boot camp; her squad leader role continued into Advanced Individual Training, where she learned her supply clerk trade. After all of her required training, she was quickly promoted to Sergeant when she arrived at her Reserve unit and was immediately volunteered for Drill Sergeant School; soldiers who were listed in the top ten percent of their job class were automatic candidates when they reached the sergeant rank. After graduating from that school, Tabitha alternated three months as a drill sergeant and three months working at her unit.

She was barely twenty-three when she found herself a staff sergeant. She actually liked the military and had made the decision to make it into a career. She made sure that she exceeded any task that was given to her, which was leading up to her “retiring” as a drill sergeant and about to take on the job as a recruiter and warehouse supply instructor. In the meantime, she reported to her unit for weekend drill on the first weekend of the month. To keep herself busy, she took part-time work at a popular cab company in the city.

It was a different day for her however, as she patiently waited at the drive-thru of McDonald’s. It was the second weekend of the month but yet she was dressed in her Army combat uniform (or ACU) on a late Friday morning. Her unit’s commanding officer had called last night and told her of a very important and mandatory meeting. As she grabbed her breakfast and zoomed off, she wondered if she was up for yet another promotion. It didn’t made sense, she thought as she sped through a yellow light; only six months had passed since her father, Curtis Lyght did the honors of pinning her staff sergeant chevrons on her uniform: it was way too early to become a sergeant first class!

Tabitha arrived in the parking lot in record time, parking beside a tan Lexus GS. The tinted window slowly rolled down and she was looking into the dark brown eyes of her best friend, Sergeant Tony Williams. He turned his stereo system down, which, not to her surprise, was blasting the latest hip hop CD and shook his head at her. She climbed out of her black Hyundai Elantra and smirked at him.

“What?!” her southern accent rang out. The two had been best friends ever since the 7th grade and had become inseparable. It didn’t surprise anyone that the two decided to join the Army together, both going Reserves to stay closer to their families. What did surprise everyone was that the two never dated. Tony never understood why he never tried to be more than friends with the nearly six foot tall woman; she was beautiful even when she was going through her tomboy stage throughout the majority of her school years! She was a tanned brown; he often joked with her, saying that she was the color of a lion! Her almond-shaped, whiskey brown eyes would always narrow at his teasing but then dance with laughter.

She slid into the passenger side of his car and offered him a breakfast sandwich which he refused. He was used to seeing thin women, especially military women. But, Tabitha was a different kind of thin. Slim, he thought to himself; and most definitely toned. Army training had given her a more defined frame.

“It’s a miracle you’ve never gotten a ticket, the way you drive…”

“Shut up! I’m never late, right?”

“By the grace of God…” he winked at her. She laughed as she finished her sandwich. He sighed and looked at the time, “So, this meeting… you’re up for promotion again, aren’t you?”

“Yeah, right! I ain’t been staff for a year yet!”

“Wouldn’t surprise me one bit if you are. They know a motivated soldier when they see one…”

“Hooah…” she joined him in the Army’s signature motivational chant. She blushed slightly as he laughed.


“I can’t help that I found something that I enjoy doing… and it’s something that I’m actually good at…”

“You’re good at a lot of other things, Tabby…”

“Yeah? Like what?”

“Cheerleading…” he added with a smirk. Tabitha snorted slightly and gave Tony a light shove, “The girl who always wore her brother’s jeans becomes captain of the cheerleading squad!” he continued. She looked out at the building that housed their unit, sipping her drink.

“I wasn’t captain and you know that…”

“Should’ve been; you were hot…” he half-heartedly teased. It was the truth, he admitted to himself: Tabitha Lyght, with her long legs, semi curvy frame and gorgeous smile was one of the most attractive cheerleaders on the squad.

“’Were’?” she gave him a look. Tony shrugged slightly.

“Well, you know what happens when you get older; looks are the first thing to go…” he said with the straightest of faces. Her eyes widened as he burst into laughter.

A man walked towards the Lexus and the two immediately took notice. Both stopped what they were doing, hopped out of the car and saluted the older man. He returned the salute with a slight smile.

“Sgt. Williams, Sgt. Lyght; formation in five minutes.”

“Yes, sir!”

“Thank you, sir.” Tony added.

“Sir… do you know what the meeting’s all about?” Tabitha tried. Their commanding officer, Captain Warren Reed smiled at the staff sergeant.

“Are we a bit anxious, Lyght?”

“… curious is more like it, sir…”

“I’m not at liberty to discuss it at the moment. Don’t worry; you’re not getting promoted again… yet! See you in formation soldiers.” the captain said and strolled off. Tony waited until the officer was out of sight and earshot before he turned his attention towards Tabitha.

“What was that all about? You got something going on with the captain? That’s fraternization, soldier!” he told her. She gave him another shocked look and pushed him fully, almost knocking the latte colored man completely off his feet.

“Are you fucking crazy?!

“Like a fox! Aw, come on; you know I was kidding! Let’s get this over with…” he suggested as the two made their way towards the front of the building.

The End

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