So, Statues do move.Mature

He just stood there, like a stone statue, never moving.

 Finally, after what seemed forever he spat out, "I'm glad to see you were excited that I was coming."

 He was hurt, I should have expected that.

 I didn't know what to say, I didn't know IF i should say anything at all.

 Sighing, Peter said, "You were in a coma. For two weeks. After  a while your parents got anxious. No one was sure if you were going to wake up or not."

 Seconds passed and my mom entered the room with a big smile on her face. "Here you go." she was saying as she handed me a tray of foods to salve my hunger. Then she turned to me and dropped her smile as her voice whispered into my ear, "I thought I lost my baby." I felt her tear crawl down my neck and melt into my skin. Then, she walked out without another word.

 After, I decided maybe not speaking was a better option.

 As I stuffed my face Peter returned to being Peter.

 "It turns out I’m going to live here. I've been going to your school and your parents even set up a blow up bed in your room. They said they'll get me a bed later but honestly they need to focus on you. I'm excited; I’ll finally get out of the cold Nevada weather and into slightly better California."

 Faking a laugh, I kept replaying the conversation me and Peter had in my dream. "I'll always be your best friend, no matter what."

 It was confusing, why would I have dreams of him saying that. Maybe I just felt bad from when we were younger.

 I got interrupted by my thought by the sudden silence in the room. Peter was staring at me.

 I gave him apologetic eyes and gestured for him to go on.

 "While you were sleeping. I...I said that." He gave me a wide eyed look.

 CRAP. Not bothering to hide my expression, I cursed myself for being so absent-minded.

 Trying to save myself, I cleared my throat, "I had a dream you said that."

 A smile grew on his face instantly, "OH, so now you’re dreaming about me."

 I couldn't help but laugh at that. But my mind was still on what just happened.

 That's normal right? To have dreams about conversations you heard while you were in a coma.

 I still couldn't remember saying the last part aloud though.

The End

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