Death Was a DreamMature

Death was a dream. It was a long and amazing dream that soared through my lifetime and took out every little mistake, leaving me with pure bliss.

 Then, it changed into a nightmare. My mother's tears created an ocean and my father's sobs was the thunder.

 That was then, when I realized the world I left behind. Mostly, the family I left behind.

 Guilt overcame me and I was no longer draped by the sweet blanket of death. It's cold and bitterness hit me all at once.

 Everything leaves a mark. I went crazy once, that doesn't mean all of the good times disappeared behind it or that it hid itself behind the good times. It just added to my collection.

 There was darkness in my dream for a second then I returned to the dark and depressing ocean.

 Peter stood there, his eyes blue as ever compared to the tears that filled the ocean. He and I walked towards each other as our gazes met.

 "Caroline, please come back." I noticed how his plead echoed inside my head.

 "What do you mean? I'm right here." I reached to grab his hands to comfort him but he pulled back almost immediately as tears started to flood his eyes.

 "NO CAROLINE, IT'S EXACTLY THAT! You're here i'm not." Peter's face started to fade in the midnight breeze as I heard him whisper his last words, "You'll always be my best friend, no matter what."

 "How much longer?"

 "I don't know miss, these things are always hard to say."

 I woke up. This means I never died.

 The words silently whispered in the back of my head, thank god I’m not dead.

 A familiar voice entered the conversation, "I just hope she isn't dead, I mean. When we were younger we made a bet."

 I saw as a sad thought passed his mind, making his face harden then change into a softer tone as he smiled again.

 Needing to make my presence clear, I sat up real quickly, making a sharp groan push past my lips.

 Everybody rushed past each other in a blur as they rushed toward me.

 My mistake.

 "How do you feel?"

 "Does this hurt?"

 "Did you sleep well?"

 After everyone was finished, my head had started spinning from hunger and a little because I had been shaking my head so much.

 After, the nurses and parents left to tend to my needs; all that was left was the very silent Peter.

The End

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