lets go to class...it will be fun reallyMature

Toby remained imobile at the front door. Annika gave him a gentle prodding. Toby held his ground. Annika sighed and rolled her eyes. She dropped to the floor and sat cross legged. Toby and everyone else looked at her like she was not right in the head.

" What seems to be the problem?" Annika asked

" I'm not going in" Toby muttered while looking at his sneakers.

Annika sighed and crouched on her tip toes. She looked at Toby closely at this level. Her stern face was inches from his now.

" Toby your in the second grade now. Big seven year olds don't have temper tanturms.  I'm going to leave anyway...crying isn't going to change a thing" Annika replied

" I'm not going in" Toby muttered again and again stared at his shoes.

" Fine By" Annika said breathlessly as she turned to leave.

" You can't fool me.  I know your not going to leave. You are just pretending. I'm to big to fall for th-"

Annika walked around the corner. Toby peered around to watch her walk out the door without looking back. Toby watched the door numbly. It did not open again.

A tall man put his hand on Toby's shoulder. He gently led Toby into the classroom. " Go find your seat Tobias" he said

Toby looked at all the desk until he found a lamnated school bus with his name on it. He looked around and saw all the same faces. Erik and Mathias waved to him. Jordana smiled at him.The mn wrote on the chalk board in big bold letters Mr. Nickarson.

The End

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