The meds kick in...Mature

They were barely seated in Annika's Neon and Toby was already ripping open his school bag. Contents flew on to the floor. Toby remained oblivious. Annika clenched her hands on the stearing wheel. He better not wreck his scribblers already. And that pencil case he just had to have better be intact.

Toby Grinned widely " Alright Donuts!"

" Would you please put everything back in your bag now?"

Toby nodded and started to neatly arrange his back pack. Finally his meds were kicking it. Toby remained quiet and methodical as he lined up his scribblers in his bag. Everything went back in it's place.

He was also quiet as he realized how close they were getting to school. Toby was shy. It was hard to believe but Toby was deadly shy at school. He never talked to the adults, even if they spoke to him. Well sometimes he had outbursts...but usually he was forgetable.

" Are you nervous about school?" Annika asked

Toby shrugged his shoulder and started playing with the air conditoner vent. He pointed the cold air towards his feet and then on his face.

" Are you going to join any sports this year?"

Toby shrugged and started moving the the vent back and forth up and down but never in the same place for long.

Annika's forhead crinkled up. If Toby were a normal child she would have squeezed his hand and reassured him everything was going to be alright. But he wasn't.

The Neon pulled into a parking spot. Toby let out a breath. For a second all they did was just sit there. Annika watched Toby perched on the edge of his seat. His back straight and full of tension. Annika rubbed his back hard. Toby liked the pressure. He stared at her face through the rear view mirror. She tired to smile reassuringly. This year would be better than last year...

Last year Toby's teacher tried to insist that Toby look her in the eye. It took a lot of education on everyone's part to know what Toby could and couldn't do. At the time Annika was furious at the teacher but now Annika knew the teacher was just trying to do the best she could with what she knew.

Annika took of her seat belt. She watched Toby slowly release his. Annika got out of the car and Toby sloly followed. They started walking slowly leisurely into the school.

" Remember, your going to the daycare today. I'll be finished work around 4:30 or five no later. And remember Lulu isn't at the daycare anymore. "

Toby stopped walking and started moaning " Where's Lulu?"

" I told you, she took a higher position. She's a manager or something now"

" Who's my teacher then?" Toby whined

" I think her name is Kristie. And I'm sure she will be as nice as Lulu"

Toby would talk to Lulu.

The End

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