The morning drags on...Mature

Annika raised her hands up in the air dramatically " Okay, do you want to wear the blue pair or the black pair?"

" Shorts!" Toby screeched

" Quick which pair?" Annika said

Toby ran to his drawer and picked a pair of black shorts. All of his pants were made of that track suit material. When it came to shirts Toby was more accomating. He just wouldn't wear wool.

Today Toby wanted to wear his new pirate shirt. Toby was obsessed with pirates. Other kids were gushing about the Jonas brothers and Toby was threaten to make them walk the plank.

Thank the lord Jesus. Toby was finally dressed. Annika pratically pushed him to thedoor. Toby fussed the whole way. As he but on his high top sneakers. Annika started going through his bag.

" Ok, your brush is on the side pocket. Remind your teacher every two hours. Extra clothes are in the first pocket. Second pocket school stuff and lunch. " Annika said.

" What's lunch anything good?"

" Ham and cheese sandwich and lots of other goodies" Annika said smiling

Toby tried to grab the bag out of her hand. Annika shuffled way and zipped up his back pack then gave it to him.

" Don't wreck the surprise" She said.

The End

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