Just put your pants on !!!!Mature

" Toby don't lick the bowl" Annika said

" I'm a doggy" Toby answered

Annika fought the urge to roll her eyes and took Toby's bowl from his hands. " I think your done" She said

" Fuck off! I was still eating that!"

" Toby it's time to get dressed" Annika said patiently

Toby got up and knocked down his chair. He started to knock off his empty cereal bowl. Ofcourse it couldn't be simple. Would his meds EVER kick in. Annika grabbed his arm and put it at his side. She looked at his as she picked up the chair.

" What was the point of that? Am I going to give you yougurt know?" Annika said letting her frustration show.

" I don't want to get dressed"

" Unfortunately you can't go to school naked" Annika muttered

She took the dishes filled them with water. She would wash them later. Annika quickly learned no cleaning would be done around hurricane Toby. Absently she heard Toby run from the table exhaling hard. She slowly followed him to his bedroom. Running after him made it worse.

He had his house coat off and was jumping on his bed...naked. He jumped aound in circles  and apparently had found time between getting up and breakfast to color his bum...Annika was ready to throw him in the bath tub or out the door but it was Eight and school started at eight thirty.

Annika still got startled everytime Toby striped. She was still get use to the idea that he was a little boy not a pervy man. Because of the Sensory perception disorder Toby spent most of his time naked or relcuntly in his skull print  house coat.

" Are you going to wear underwear today?'

" No way!" Toby screeched and wailed as he continued jumping.

" I put some in your bag in case you change your mind. Are you going to wear socks today?'

" No way!' Toby said

Annika ignored his blantnt attention seeking and went to his closet. She pulled out two pair of track pants. A navy blue pair and a black pair Toby would only wear track pants. He could not stand the feel of any other materials. It was not a choice for him.

The End

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