Sessi MichelMature

I turn and catch the ball, a furious expression on my face. "Knock it off" I sign to them and they laugh.

"I'm sorry, Sessi, I have no idea what your saying" my step-brother, Joshua jokes. I clench my jaw knowing full well he understands my sign language and him knowing full well it gets on my nerves when he points out how I clearly can't speak. Joshua shaded blotch moves towards me slightly unclear. "How about you just try and woof like a dog? Maybe then you'll be able to speak"

"I hate you, Joshua" I sign to him. He smiles and tries to touch my cheek but I slap his hand away almost missing in my fuzzy sight.

"Come on, Will" Joshua calls and walks straight past me. Will, my half-brother, follows spitting in my face as he past. I wipe the spit from my cheek and my eyes try to follow their disapearing blotches. I sigh when they're gone and lower my head. You'd think since Will is actually related to me he would understand but he doesn't. He's jealous for the fact I have both mothers and his fathers attention.

"Sessi!" My mum's voice calls. I turn and head towards the sound taking a steady, careful pace. "Ah, there you are. You have a letter"

"If its Catherine again, I don't want it" I sign.

"She was your best friend, Sessi. I bet she feels aweful" My mother sighs shaking her head making me slightly dizzy at the blotch, that I'm only able to see, moving.

"She should of thought of that before helping them make me fall down the hill in front of the whole school" I sign, my hands shaking furious.

My mother sighs. "Anyway, it isn't from her. Do you want me to read it?"

"Yes" I sign, an expression of pain sweeping across my face from the knowing I'd find it almost impossible to read anyway.

"Oh! Its braille" my mother says before handing it to me. I let my fingers skim across the letter reading quickly. I then jump knowing I look like I'm yelling with joy. "What is it, honey?"

"I've received a scholarship into a special school for disabled children. I'm gonna be attending boarding school, mum" I say then make the movement like I'm squealing in excitement. My mum pulls me into her arms and actually squeals. I'm gonna get to go to a school where I won't be totally different.

The End

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