I'd just finished dinner. It was delicious; carbonara with no bacon. It was one of my favourite meals and my mum never ever cooked it for some reason. I had to clear up the table, but first I had to do my stupid injection. I picked it up, opened it and pulled out the pen angrily. I opened the lid off of the pen and twisted a needle onto it. I rolled my sleeve up to the top of my shoulder so I could slowly inject insulin into my upper-arm.

 It hurt like hell... But I can take pain. A lot of pain. Once, I'd broken my foot, and I didn't even scream, shout or cry. I didn't really make much noise.

 "You have to do a control test, Dane." My mum called. I rolled my eyes and did the blood test. 12.5.

 "It's twelve point five, mum!" I shouted back before collecting the mail. There was only one letter, and it was addressed to me. I frowned and opened it. It was an invitation to boarding school...

 "MUM!" ...

The End

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