Special Teens AcademyMature

Students that have a disability sometimes go to special schools but what about when it is a cover for something els???

I walk down stairs and hear my mom in the kitchen. She is rummaging around with some paper.

"Get anything good?" I ask.

Her hearing isn't as good as mine, so she jumps a little and turns when she hears my voice.

"Just some bills so far. Why don't you make some breakfast?"

"Kay, waffles okay?"


I start mixing the batter together as my mom finishes the mail. When the waffles are almost done, I hear her gasp. I go to her and place a hand on her shoulder.

"What is it?" I ask he softly.

"You got invited to  boarding school. It is for students with disabilities."

"Sounds cool, what does it cost?"

""You got a full scholarship because of your grades before, and we qualify for financial support. Are you interested, Jazzmyn?"

"Sounds good, lets go on-line and check it out." I say, already walking over to the monitor.

"ON. Open Internet Explorer and search for Special Teens Academy." I say into the computer. It starts reading about th setup and dorm options. The more I hear, the more I want to go. And if it is free, well then. Why not?

The End

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