A series of short's complimenting Ellegos' full length Star Citizen space opera epic: "Serenity's Edge."





            Senator Kenneth Aoznol sat at his desk, head in hands and shoulders sagging in apparent defeat. He sat there for a few moments, like a statue, before lifting up his head and staring into the camera feed. His once cheerful, rosy brown face seemed haggard and full of age lines; bags have slowly etched themselves under his eyes, awaiting to fully take over.

            “It’s happened…

            “I can’t believe it, but it’s finally happened. I told them this would happen! But they didn’t listen. Even had the nerve to call me a foolish child in their realm of power. The damn “high and mighty self proclaimed gods,” who only a couple decades ago were licking the boot of out great and lovely Lord Imperator!”

            Aoznol, visibly scowled, taking a sip of the imported ginger ale sitting on his desk. He sat the mug back down on his desk and shook himself free of his anger and frustration.

            “No. I shouldn’t speak ill like this. They are merely ignorant, naive conservatives, who’d rather be blinded by the illusions of wealth and Golden Age prosperity; they still believe us to be in. The pirate attacks couldn’t phase them, and the massacres registered only a little, but for some reason now, this…THIS has gotten them extremely on edge. One of our Bengal Carriers…the….the Intrepid, sent back some interesting reports. Interesting enough for a Special Investigative Tribunal to be formed and summoned, concerning these events. And…”

            Aoznol shook his head and arose from his seat. He turned partially about to his office window, and looked out at the beautifully serene scape of land and sky. He looked up, the camera tracking his movement.

            “And it seems things are already in motion. We’ve had to give a dreadful order, completely backed by the First Citizen himself, to have all unnecessarily involved completely taken out of the equation. Taken out; to avoid any type of public awareness from happening and so we can get a better grip on the situation. Its bad enough the Senate is in an uproar about what’s been discovered. If they got wind of what was truly in that report, and the sudden disappearance of the Intrepid. They’d…its good the First Citizen has declared this a Top Classified, Need to Know Only issue. If it is true what the Intrepid reported, then a major crisis will befall the United Empire of Earth, and with the cracks already showing, I don’t know if any of us will survive long enough…”.

            Aoznol turned back toward the camera and sat back down in his chair. His face contorted in thought, like that of a man who never betrayed his true intentions, but always enjoyed seemingly revealing his hand. With finger tapping on his temple, he thought aloud.

            “Though I am weary of voicing too much opposition to the old guard of asses, I am not too inclined to get in bed with them either. I know that something is going to happen, but this could just be another case of hodgepodge conspiracy BS. No…I think the key lies in the report, a special part, concerning the initial squadron sent to investigate the asteroid field. I’ll have to do my own investigating, but if I can just find them…then maybe the picture will become clearer.”

            Senator Kenneth Aoznol, activated a secondary terminal and his fingers began to fly across his board.

            “Hopefully the poor SoBs aren’t dead, or I just may find myself on the end of a gun barrel. End log entry.”

------END LOG ENTRY----


The End

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